29 U.S. Code § 2936 - Administrative adjudication

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(a) In general
Whenever any applicant for financial assistance under this chapter is dissatisfied because the Secretary has made a determination not to award financial assistance in whole or in part to such applicant, the applicant may request a hearing before an administrative law judge of the Department of Labor. A similar hearing may also be requested by any recipient for whom a corrective action has been required or a sanction has been imposed by the Secretary under section 2934 of this title.
(b) Appeal
The decision of the administrative law judge shall constitute final action by the Secretary unless, within 20 days after receipt of the decision of the administrative law judge, a party dissatisfied with the decision or any part of the decision has filed exceptions with the Secretary specifically identifying the procedure, fact, law, or policy to which exception is taken. Any exception not specifically urged shall be deemed to have been waived. After the 20-day period the decision of the administrative law judge shall become the final decision of the Secretary unless the Secretary, within 30 days after such filing, has notified the parties that the case involved has been accepted for review.
(c) Time limit
Any case accepted for review by the Secretary under subsection (b) of this section shall be decided within 180 days after such acceptance. If the case is not decided within the 180-day period, the decision of the administrative law judge shall become the final decision of the Secretary at the end of the 180-day period.
(d) Additional requirement
The provisions of section 2937 of this title shall apply to any final action of the Secretary under this section.


(Pub. L. 105–220, title I, § 186,Aug. 7, 1998, 112 Stat. 1048.)
References in Text

This chapter, referred to in subsec. (a), was in the original “this title” meaning title I of Pub. L. 105–220, Aug. 7, 1998, 112 Stat. 939, which enacted this chapter, repealed sections 1501 to 1505, 1511 to 1583, 1592 to 1735, 1737 to 1791h, 1792 to 1792b, 2301 to 2314 of this title, section 211 of former Title 40, Appendix, Public Buildings, Property, and Works, sections 11421, 11441 to 11447, 11449, 11450, 11461 to 11466, 11471, and 11472 of Title 42, The Public Health and Welfare, and sections 42101 to 42106 of Title 49, Transportation, enacted provisions set out as notes under sections 1501, 2301, and 2940 of this title and section 11421 of Title 42, and repealed provisions set out as notes under sections 801 and 2301 of this title and section 1255a of Title 8, Aliens and Nationality. For complete classification of title I to the Code, see Tables.
Prior Provisions

Provisions similar to this section were contained in section 1576 of this title prior to repeal by Pub. L. 105–220.


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