GENERAL PROVISIONS Sec. 701. Findings; purpose; policy. 702. Rehabilitation Services Administration. 703. Advance funding. 704. Joint funding. 705. Definitions. 706. Allotment percentage. 707. Nonduplication. 708. Application of other laws. 709. Administration. 710. Reports. 711. Evaluation. 712. Information clearinghouse. 713. Transfer of funds. 714. State administration. 715. Review of applications. 716. Carryover. 717. Client assistance information. 718. Traditionally underserved populations. SUBCHAPTER I—VOCATIONAL REHABILITATION SERVICES
Part A—General Provisions

720. Declaration of policy; authorization of appropriations. 721. State plans. 722. Eligibility and individualized plan for employment. 723. Vocational rehabilitation services. 724. Non-Federal share for establishment of program or construction. 725. State Rehabilitation Council. 726. Evaluation standards and performance indicators. 727. Monitoring and review. 728. Expenditure of certain amounts. 728a. Training of employers with respect to Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.
Part B—Basic Vocational Rehabilitation Services

730. State allotments. 731. Payments to States. 732. Client assistance program.
Part C—American Indian Vocational Rehabilitation Services

741. Vocational rehabilitation services grants.
Part D—Vocational Rehabilitation Services Client Information

751. Data sharing. SUBCHAPTER II—RESEARCH AND TRAINING 760. Declaration of purpose. 761. Authorization of appropriations. 762. National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research. 762a. Research and demonstration projects. 763. Interagency Committee. 764. Research and other covered activities. 765. Rehabilitation Research Advisory Council. SUBCHAPTER III—PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT AND SPECIAL PROJECTS AND DEMONSTRATIONS 771. Declaration of purpose and competitive basis of grants and contracts. 772. Training. 773. Demonstration and training programs. 774. Migrant and seasonal farmworkers. 775. Recreational programs. 776. Measuring of project outcomes and performance. SUBCHAPTER IV—NATIONAL COUNCIL ON DISABILITY 780. Establishment of National Council on Disability. 780a. Independent status of National Council on the Handicapped. 781. Duties of National Council. 782. Compensation of National Council members. 783. Staff of National Council. 784. Administrative powers of National Council. 785. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER V—RIGHTS AND ADVOCACY 790. Repealed. 791. Employment of individuals with disabilities. 792. Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board. 793. Employment under Federal contracts. 794. Nondiscrimination under Federal grants and programs. 794a. Remedies and attorney fees. 794b. Removal of architectural, transportation, or communication barriers; technical and financial assistance; compensation of experts or consultants; authorization of appropriations. 794c. Interagency Disability Coordinating Council. 794d. Electronic and information technology. 794e. Protection and advocacy of individual rights. 794f. Establishment of standards for accessible medical diagnostic equipment. SUBCHAPTER VI—EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES FOR INDIVIDUALS WITH DISABILITIES
Part A—Projects With Industry

795. Projects With Industry. 795a. Authorization of appropriations.
Part B—Supported Employment Services for Individuals With the Most Significant Disabilities

795g. Purpose. 795h. Allotments. 795i. Availability of services. 795j. Eligibility. 795k. State plan. 795l. Restriction. 795m. Savings provision. 795n. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER VII—INDEPENDENT LIVING SERVICES AND CENTERS FOR INDEPENDENT LIVING
Part A—Individuals With Significant Disabilities

subpart 1—general provisions

796. Purpose. 796a. Definitions. 796b. Eligibility for receipt of services. 796c. State plan. 796d. Statewide Independent Living Council. 796d–1. Responsibilities of Commissioner.
subpart 2—independent living services

796e. Allotments. 796e–1. Payments to States from allotments. 796e–2. Authorized uses of funds. 796e–3. Authorization of appropriations.
subpart 3—centers for independent living

796f. Program authorization. 796f–1. Grants to centers for independent living in States in which Federal funding exceeds State funding. 796f–2. Grants to centers for independent living in States in which State funding equals or exceeds Federal funding. 796f–3. Centers operated by State agencies. 796f–4. Standards and assurances for centers for independent living. 796f–5. “Eligible agency” defined. 796f–6. Authorization of appropriations.
Part B—Independent Living Services for Older Individuals Who Are Blind

796j. “Older individual who is blind” defined. 796k. Program of grants. 796l. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER VIII—SPECIAL DEMONSTRATIONS AND TRAINING PROJECTS 797 to 797b. Repealed.


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