SUBCHAPTER I—GENERAL PROVISIONS Sec. 141. Short title; Congressional declaration of purpose and policy. 142. Definitions. 143. Saving provisions. 144. Separability. SUBCHAPTER II—NATIONAL LABOR RELATIONS 151. Findings and declaration of policy. 152. Definitions. 153. National Labor Relations Board. 154. National Labor Relations Board; eligibility for reappointment; officers and employees; payment of expenses. 155. National Labor Relations Board; principal office, conducting inquiries throughout country; participation in decisions or inquiries conducted by member. 156. Rules and regulations. 157. Right of employees as to organization, collective bargaining, etc. 158. Unfair labor practices. 158a. Providing facilities for operations of Federal Credit Unions. 159. Representatives and elections. 160. Prevention of unfair labor practices. 161. Investigatory powers of Board. 162. Offenses and penalties. 163. Right to strike preserved. 164. Construction of provisions. 165. Conflict of laws. 166. Separability. 167. Short title of subchapter. 168. Validation of certificates and other Board actions. 169. Employees with religious convictions; payment of dues and fees. SUBCHAPTER III—CONCILIATION OF LABOR DISPUTES; NATIONAL EMERGENCIES 171. Declaration of purpose and policy. 172. Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service. 173. Functions of Service. 174. Co-equal obligations of employees, their representatives, and management to minimize labor disputes. 175. National Labor-Management Panel; creation and composition; appointment, tenure, and compensation; duties. 175a. Assistance to plant, area, and industrywide labor management committees. 176. National emergencies; appointment of board of inquiry by President; report; contents; filing with Service. 177. Board of inquiry. 178. Injunctions during national emergency. 179. Injunctions during national emergency; adjustment efforts by parties during injunction period. 180. Discharge of injunction upon certification of results of election or settlement; report to Congress. 181. Compilation of collective bargaining agreements, etc.; use of data. 182. Exemption of Railway Labor Act from subchapter. 183. Conciliation of labor disputes in the health care industry. SUBCHAPTER IV—LIABILITIES OF AND RESTRICTIONS ON LABOR AND MANAGEMENT 185. Suits by and against labor organizations. 186. Restrictions on financial transactions. 187. Unlawful activities or conduct; right to sue; jurisdiction; limitations; damages. 188. Repealed. SUBCHAPTER V—CONGRESSIONAL JOINT COMMITTEE ON LABOR-MANAGEMENT RELATIONS 191 to 197. Omitted.


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