30 U.S. Code Chapter 22 - MINE SAFETY AND HEALTH

Sec. 801. Congressional findings and declaration of purpose. 802. Definitions. 803. Mines subject to coverage. 804. Interim Compliance Panel. SUBCHAPTER I—GENERAL 811. Mandatory safety and health standards. 812. Advisory committees. 813. Inspections, investigations, and recordkeeping. 814. Citations and orders. 815. Procedure for enforcement. 816. Judicial review of Commission orders. 817. Procedures to counteract dangerous conditions. 818. Injunctions. 819. Posting of orders and decisions. 820. Penalties. 821. Entitlement of miners to full compensation. 822. Representation of Secretary in civil litigation by Solicitor of Labor. 823. Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission. 823a. Principal office in District of Columbia; proceedings held elsewhere. 824. Authorization of appropriations. 825. Mandatory health and safety training. 826. Limitation on certain liability for rescue operations. SUBCHAPTER II—INTERIM MANDATORY HEALTH STANDARDS 841. Mandatory health standards for underground mines; enforcement; review; purpose. 842. Dust concentration and respiratory equipment. 843. Medical examinations. 844. Rock dust and gas hazards; controls. 845. Dust standards in presence of quartz. 846. Noise standards; promulgation of new standards; tests; procedures; protective devices. SUBCHAPTER III—INTERIM MANDATORY SAFETY STANDARDS FOR UNDERGROUND COAL MINES 861. Mandatory safety standards for underground mines. 862. Roof support. 863. Ventilation. 864. Combustible materials and rock dusting. 865. Electrical equipment. 866. Trailing cables. 867. Grounding of equipment. 868. Underground high-voltage distribution. 869. Underground low- and medium-voltage alternating current circuits. 870. Trolley wires and trolley feeder wires. 871. Fire protection. 872. Maps. 873. Blasting and explosives. 874. Hoisting and mantrips. 875. Emergency shelters; construction; contents; implementation plans. 876. Communication facilities; locations and emergency response plans. 877. General safety provisions. 878. Definitions. SUBCHAPTER IV—BLACK LUNG BENEFITS
Part A—General Provisions

901. Congressional findings and declaration of purpose; short title. 902. Definitions. 903. Field offices. 904. Repealed.
Part B—Claims for Benefits Filed on or Before December 31, 1973

921. Regulations and presumptions. 922. Payment of benefits. 923. Filing of notice of claim. 924. Time for filing claims. 924a. Repealed. 925. Procedure for the determination of claims during transition period.
Part C—Claims for Benefits After December 31, 1973

931. Benefits under State workmen’s compensation laws. 932. Failure to meet workmen’s compensation requirements. 932a. Appointment of qualified individuals to hear and determine claims for benefits. 933. Duties of operators in States not qualifying under workmen’s compensation laws. 934. “Fund” defined; liability of operators to United States for repayments to fund; procedures applicable; rate of interest. 934a. Repealed. 935. Utilization of services of State and local agencies. 936. Regulations and reports. 937. Contracts and grants. 938. Miners suffering from pneumoconiosis; discrimination prohibited. 939. Authorization of appropriations. 940. Applicability of amendments to part B of this subchapter to this part. 941. Penalty for false statements or representations. 942. Miner benefit entitlement reports; penalty for failure or refusal to file. 943. Black lung insurance program. 944. Statement of reasons for denial of claim. 945. Repealed. SUBCHAPTER V—ADMINISTRATIVE PROVISIONS 951. Studies and research. 951a. Health, Safety, and Mining Technology Research program. 952. Training and education. 953. Assistance to States. 954. Appointment of administrative personnel and inspectors; qualifications; training programs. 955. State laws. 956. Applicability of administrative procedure provisions. 957. Promulgation of regulations. 958. Annual reports to Congress; contents. 959. Study of coordination of Federal and State activities; report. 960. Limitation on issuance of temporary restraining order or preliminary injunction. 961. Functions transferred under 1977 amendments. 962. Acceptance of contributions and prosecution of projects; cooperative programs to promote health and safety education and training; recognition and funding of Joseph A. Holmes Safety Association; use of funds for costs of mine rescue and survival operations. 963. Technical Study Panel. 964. Scholarships. 965. Brookwood-Sago Mine Safety Grants.


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