SUBCHAPTER I—STATEMENT OF FINDINGS AND POLICY Sec. 1201. Congressional findings. 1202. Statement of purpose. SUBCHAPTER II—OFFICE OF SURFACE MINING RECLAMATION AND ENFORCEMENT 1211. Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement. SUBCHAPTER III—STATE MINING AND MINERAL RESOURCES RESEARCH INSTITUTES 1221. Authorization of State allotments to institutes. 1222. Research funds to institutes. 1223. Funding criteria. 1224. Duties of Secretary. 1225. Effect on colleges and universities. 1226. Research. 1227. Center for cataloging. 1228. Interagency cooperation. 1229. Committee on Mining and Mineral Resources Research. 1230. Eligibility criteria. 1230a. Strategic Resources Generic Mineral Technology Center. SUBCHAPTER IV—ABANDONED MINE RECLAMATIONS 1231. Abandoned Mine Reclamation Fund. 1232. Reclamation fee. 1233. Objectives of fund. 1234. Eligible lands and water. 1235. State reclamation program. 1236. Reclamation of rural lands. 1237. Acquisition and reclamation of land adversely affected by past coal mining practices. 1238. Liens. 1239. Filling voids and sealing tunnels. 1240. Emergency powers. 1240a. Certification. 1241. Omitted. 1242. Powers of Secretary or State. 1243. Interagency cooperation. 1244. Remining incentives. SUBCHAPTER V—CONTROL OF THE ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACTS OF SURFACE COAL MINING 1251. Environmental protection standards. 1251a. Abandoned coal refuse sites. 1252. Initial regulatory procedures. 1253. State programs. 1254. Federal programs. 1255. State laws. 1256. Permits. 1257. Application requirements. 1258. Reclamation plan requirements. 1259. Performance bonds. 1260. Permit approval or denial. 1261. Revision of permits. 1262. Coal exploration permits. 1263. Public notice and public hearings. 1264. Decisions of regulatory authority and appeals. 1265. Environmental protection performance standards. 1266. Surface effects of underground coal mining operations. 1267. Inspections and monitoring. 1268. Penalties. 1269. Release of performance bonds or deposits. 1270. Citizens suits. 1271. Enforcement. 1272. Designating areas unsuitable for surface coal mining. 1273. Federal lands. 1274. Public agencies, public utilities, and public corporations. 1275. Review by Secretary. 1276. Judicial review. 1277. Special bituminous coal mines. 1278. Surface mining operations not subject to this chapter. 1279. Anthracite coal mines. SUBCHAPTER VI—DESIGNATION OF LANDS UNSUITABLE FOR NONCOAL MINING 1281. Designation procedures. SUBCHAPTER VII—ADMINISTRATIVE AND MISCELLANEOUS PROVISIONS 1291. Definitions. 1292. Other Federal laws. 1293. Employee protection. 1294. Penalty. 1295. Grants to States. 1296. Annual report to President and Congress. 1297. Separability. 1298. Alaskan surface coal mine study. 1299. Study of reclamation standards for surface mining of other minerals. 1300. Indian lands. 1301. Environmental practices. 1302. Authorization of appropriations. 1303. Coordination of regulatory and inspection activities. 1304. Surface owner protection. 1305. Federal lessee protection. 1306. Effect on rights of owner of coal in Alaska to conduct surface mining operations. 1307. Water rights and replacement. 1308. Advance appropriations. 1308a. Use of civil penalty funds to reclaim lands. 1309. Certification and training of blasters. 1309a. Subsidence. 1309b. Research. SUBCHAPTER VIII—UNIVERSITY COAL RESEARCH LABORATORIES 1311. Establishment of university coal research laboratories. 1312. Financial assistance. 1313. Limitation on payments. 1314. Payments; Federal share of operating expenses. 1315. Advisory Council on Coal Research. 1316. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER IX—ENERGY RESOURCE GRADUATE FELLOWSHIPS 1321. Fellowship awards. 1322. Fellowship recipients. 1323. Distribution of fellowships. 1324. Stipends and allowances. 1325. Limitation on fellowships. 1326. Fellowship conditions. 1327. Authorization of appropriations. 1328. Research, development projects, etc., relating to alternative coal mining technologies.


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