SUBCHAPTER I—COAL LAND ENTRIES IN GENERAL Sec. 71. Entry of unappropriated or unreserved Federal coal lands; eligibility; application; acreage limitation; price per acre. 72. Preference right of coal mine entry; acreage limitation. 73. Presentation of claims. 74. Number of coal land entries; other entries upon noncompliance with conditions. 75. Conflicting claims upon coal lands; rules and regulations. 76. Reservation of rights upon coal lands; sale of certain mining lands. 77. Alabama coal lands; agricultural entry. SUBCHAPTER II—COAL LAND ENTRIES UNDER NONMINERAL LAND LAWS WITH RESERVATION OF COAL TO UNITED STATES 81. Rights of entrymen of lands subsequently classified as coal lands; disposal of coal deposits. 82. New or supplemental patents, in case of lands subsequently classified as noncoal. 83. Homestead or desert-land and other entries. 84. Applications for entry. 85. Patents for lands, with reservation of coal; disposal of coal deposits. 86. Disposition of lands in Indian reservations with reservation of coal; examination and appraisal of lands. 87. Statements in application; patents. 88. Disposition of coal by United States. 89. Disposition of proceeds. 90. Selection of coal lands by States; sale in isolated or disconnected tracts. SUBCHAPTER III—PETROLEUM, OTHER MINERAL OIL, OR GAS LAND ENTRIES UNDER MINING LAWS 101. Omitted. 102. Assessment work on contiguous oil lands, located as claims, of same owner. 103. Patents for oil or gas lands not denied because of transfer before discovery of oil or gas; acreage limitation; nonapplication to withdraw lands. 104. Agreements with applicants for patents as to disposition of oil or gas, or proceeds thereof, pending determination of title; Navy Petroleum Fund. SUBCHAPTER IV—HOMESTEAD ENTRY OF LANDS IN UTAH, WITHDRAWN OR CLASSIFIED AS OIL LANDS 111 to 113. Repealed. SUBCHAPTER V—AGRICULTURAL ENTRY OF LANDS WITHDRAWN OR CLASSIFIED AS CONTAINING PHOSPHATE, NITRATE, POTASH, OIL, GAS, ASPHALTIC MINERALS, SODIUM, OR SULPHUR 121. Agricultural entry or purchase of lands withdrawn or classified as containing phosphate, nitrate, potash, oil, or gas; reservations to United States; application. 122. Patents; reservation in the United States of reserved deposits; acquisition of right to remove deposits; application for entry to disprove classification. 123. Persons locating lands subsequently withdrawn or classified; patents to. 124. Agricultural entry or purchase of lands withdrawn or classified as containing sodium or sulphur. 125. Patents in North Platte Reclamation Project; mineral rights; subrogation. SUBCHAPTER VI—LOCATION OF PHOSPHATE ROCK LANDS UNDER PLACER-MINING LAWS 131. Omitted. SUBCHAPTER VII—PERMITS TO PROSPECT FOR CHLORIDES, SULPHATES, CARBONATES, BORATES, SILICATES, OR NITRATES OF POTASSIUM 141 to 152. Repealed. SUBCHAPTER VIII—BUILDING STONE OR SALINE LAND ENTRIES UNDER PLACER-MINING LAWS 161. Entry of building-stone lands; previous law unaffected. 162. Entry of saline lands; limitation. SUBCHAPTER IX—DISPOSAL OF ALABAMA LANDS AS AGRICULTURAL LANDS 171. Disposal as agricultural lands. 172. Certain Alabama lands subject to homestead entry.


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