SUBCHAPTER I—GENERAL PROVISIONS Sec. 181. Lands subject to disposition; persons entitled to benefits; reciprocal privileges; helium rights reserved. 182. Lands disposed of with reservation of deposits of coal, etc. 183. Cancellation of prospecting permits. 184. Limitations on leases held, owned or controlled by persons, associations or corporations. 184a. Authorization of States to include in agreements for conservation of oil and gas resources lands acquired from United States. 185. Rights-of-way for pipelines through Federal lands. 186. Reservation of easements or rights-of-way for working purposes; reservation of right to dispose of surface of lands; determination before offering of lease; easement periods. 187. Assignment or subletting of leases; relinquishment of rights under leases; conditions in leases for protection of diverse interests in operation of mines, wells, etc.; State laws not impaired. 187a. Oil or gas leases; partial assignments. 187b. Oil or gas leases; written relinquishment of rights; release of obligations. 188. Failure to comply with provisions of lease. 188a. Surrender of leases. 189. Rules and regulations; boundary lines; State rights unaffected; taxation. 190. Oath; requirement; form; blanks. 191. Disposition of moneys received. 191a. Late payment charges under Federal mineral leases. 191b. Collection of unpaid and underpaid royalties and late payment interest owed by lessees. 192. Payment of royalties in oil or gas; sale of such oil or gas. 192a. Cancellation or modification of contracts. 192b. Application to contracts. 192c. Rules and regulations governing issuance of certain leases; disposition of receipts. 193. Disposition of deposits of coal, and so forth. 193a. Preference right of United States to purchase coal for Army and Navy; price for coal; civil actions; jurisdiction. 194. Repealed. 195. Enforcement. 196. Cooperative agreements; delegation of authority. SUBCHAPTER II—COAL 201. Leases and exploration. 201–1 to 201b. Repealed or Omitted. 202. Common carriers; limitations of lease or permit. 202a. Consolidation of coal leases into logical mining unit. 203. Additional lands or deposits. 204. Repealed. 205. Consolidation of leases. 206. Noncontiguous coal or phosphate tracts in single lease. 207. Conditions of lease. 208. Permits to take coal for local domestic needs without royalty payments; corporation exclusion; area to municipalities for household use without profit. 208–1. Exploratory program for evaluation of known recoverable coal resources. 208–2, 208a. Repealed. 209. Suspension, waiver, or reduction of rents or royalties to promote development or operation; extension of lease on suspension of operations and production. SUBCHAPTER III—PHOSPHATES 211. Phosphate deposits. 212. Surveys; royalties; time payable; annual rentals; term of leases; readjustment on renewals; minimum production; suspension of operation. 213. Royalties for use of deposits of silica, limestone, or other rock embraced in lease. 214. Use of surface of other public lands; acreage; forest lands exception. SUBCHAPTER IV—OIL AND GAS 221 to 222i. Omitted. 223. Leases; amount and survey of land; term of lease; royalties and annual rental. 223a. Repealed. 224. Payments for oil or gas taken prior to application for lease. 225. Condition of lease, forfeiture for violation. 226. Lease of oil and gas lands. 226–1. Extension of noncompetitive oil or gas lease issued before September 2, 1960. 226–2. Limitations for filing oil and gas contests. 226–3. Lands not subject to oil and gas leasing. 226a, 226b. Repealed. 226c. Reduction of royalties under existing leases. 226d to 227. Omitted. 228. Prospecting permits and leases to persons of lands not withdrawn; terms and conditions of; fraud of claimants. 229. Preference right to permits or leases of claimants of lands bona fide entered as agricultural land; terms and conditions. 229a. Water struck while drilling for oil and gas. 230 to 233. Repealed. 233a. Permits or leases of certain lands in Oklahoma; retention of royalties. 234 to 236. Repealed. 236a. Lands in naval petroleum reserves and naval oil-shale reserves; effect of other laws. 236b. Existing leases within naval petroleum reserves not affected. 237. Omitted. SUBCHAPTER V—OIL SHALE 241. Leases of lands. 242. Oil shale claims. SUBCHAPTER VI—ALASKA OIL PROVISO 251. Leases to claimants of withdrawn lands; terms and conditions; acreage; annual rentals and royalties; fraud of claimants. SUBCHAPTER VII—SODIUM 261. Prospecting permits; lands included; acreage. 262. Leases to permittees; survey of lands; royalties and annual rentals. 263. Permits to use or lease of nonmineral lands for camp sites, and other purposes; annual rentals; acreage. SUBCHAPTER VIII—SULPHUR 271. Prospecting permits; lands included; acreage. 272. Leases to permittees; privileges extended to oil and gas permittees. 273. Lease of lands not covered by permits or leases; acreage; rental. 274. Lands containing coal or other minerals. 275. Laws applicable. 276. Application of subchapter to Louisiana and New Mexico only. SUBCHAPTER IX—POTASH 281. Prospecting permits for chlorides, sulphates, carbonates, borates, silicates, or nitrates of potassium; authorization; acreage; lands affected. 282. Leases to permittees of lands showing valuable deposits; royalty. 283. Lands containing valuable deposits not covered by permits or leases; authority to lease; acreage; conditions; renewals; exemptions from rentals and royalties; suspension of operations. 284. Lands containing coal or other minerals in addition to potassium deposits; issuance of prospecting permits and leases; covenants in potassium leases. 285. Laws applicable. 286. Disposition of royalties and rents from potassium leases. 287. Extension of prospecting permits.


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