SUBCHAPTER I—GENERAL PROVISIONS Sec. 540. Investigations and improvements; control by Department of the Army; wildlife conservation. 540a. Availability of appropriations for attendance by military personnel at meetings and for printing survey reports. 541. Board of Engineers for Rivers and Harbors; establishment; duties and powers generally. 542. Review by Board of Engineers of reports on examinations and surveys and special reports. 543. Employment of civil engineers on western and northwestern rivers. 544, 544a. Repealed. 544b. Employment of physicians to examine employees; fee or employment basis; validation of prior agreements. 544c. Minority group participation in construction of the Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway project; annual report to Congress. 545. Preliminary examinations and reports; surveys; contents of report to Congress generally. 545a. Discontinuance. 546. Investigation of stream flow and watersheds; surveys in connection with dams. 546a. Information as to configuration of shore line. 547. Reports as to local benefits of improvement and recommendations as to local cooperation. 547a. Inclusion of regional economic development benefits in economic analysis for purposes of computing economic justification of project. 548, 549. Omitted or Repealed. 549a. Review of navigation, flood control, and water supply projects. 550. Report on water terminal and transfer facilities. 551. Policy of Government as to terminal facilities for new projects. 552. Repealed. 553. Freight statistics. 554. Duty of shipowners and officers to furnish information to person in local charge of improvement; penalty. 555. Duty of shipowners and officers to furnish information required by Secretary of the Army. 555a. Petroleum product information. 556. Printing reports generally. 557. Payment of costs of printing. 557a. Publication of pamphlets, maps, brochures, and other material. 557b. Sale of publications, charts, or other material; deposit of proceeds. 558. Proceeds from sale or transfer of property acquired. 558a. Repealed. 558b. Exchange of land or property. 558b–1. Application to authorized works of flood control. 558c. Rights-of-way over United States land. 559. Disposition of rentals for Government plants. 560. Contributions from private parties; return of excess. 561. Advances by private parties; repayment. 561a. Contributions from local interests; reduction to meet lowered cost. 562. Channel depths and dimensions defined. 562a. Project depths for national defense purposes; waterways for general commerce. 563, 564. Omitted or Repealed. 565. River and harbor improvement by private or municipal enterprise. 566. Improvement by or under authority of State of New Jersey. 567. Navigation and flood control improvements by Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota. 567a. Flood and pollution control compacts between certain States. 567b. Pollution of Potomac drainage basin; control by State compacts. 567b–1. Amended compact. 568. Limitation on power of committee of Congress to consider projects. 569. Personal equipment for employees; use of funds for purpose. 569a. Temporary employment of experts or consultants; compensation. 569b. Contracts; architect and engineering services; surveying and mapping services. 569c. Services of volunteers. 569d. Safety award and promotional materials. 569e. Use of private sector resources in surveying and mapping. 569f. Debarment of persons convicted of fraudulent use of “Made in America” labels. 570. Default in contract; disposition of amounts collected. 571. Crediting reimbursements for lost, stolen, or damaged property. 572. Collection and removal of drift in Baltimore Harbor. 573, 574. Repealed or Omitted. 574a. Training funds. 575. Availability of appropriations for expenses incident to operation of power boats or vessels; expenses defined; certification of expenditures. 576. Revolving fund; establishment; availability; reimbursement; transfer of funds; limitation. 576a. Purchase of passenger motor vehicles by Corps of Engineers. 576b. Lease authority. 577. Small river and harbor improvement projects. 577a. Small-boat navigation projects; charter fishing craft. 577b. Cost of operation and maintenance of general navigation features of small boat harbor projects; applicable projects. 578. Disposal of surplus property for development of public port or industrial facilities. 579. Repealed. 579a. Project deauthorizations. SUBCHAPTER II—PAY AND ALLOWANCES; TRAVELING EXPENSES AND SUBSISTENCE 581. Hiring special means of transportation. 582. Repealed. 583. Payment of allowances, etc., incident to change of station of Engineer officers from appropriation for improvements. 583a. Payment of pay and allowances of officers of Corps of Engineers from appropriation for improvements. 584, 584a. Repealed. SUBCHAPTER III—ACQUISITION OF LAND AND MATERIALS 591. Condemnation, purchase, and donation of land and materials. 592. Condemnation of land in aid of person, company, corporation, municipal or private. 593. Condemnation of land in aid of State or State agency. 594. When immediate possession of land may be taken. 595. Consideration of benefits in assessing compensation. 595a. Compensation for taking or condemnation of property for public improvements; fair market value; partial taking; effective date. 596. Repealed. 597. Acquisition of lands for water resource development projects; information as to probable timing for acquisition; public meetings; regulations. 598. Resettlement of displaced families, individuals, and business concerns. SUBCHAPTER IV—PARTICULAR WORK OR IMPROVEMENTS 601. Mississippi River; regulation of reservoirs at headwaters. 602. Maintenance of channel of South Pass of Mississippi River. 603. Repealed. 603a. Removal of snags and debris, and straightening, clearing, and protecting channels in navigable waters. 604. Removal of snags, etc., from Mississippi River. 605. Operation of snag boats on Upper Mississippi River. 606. Removal of snags, and so forth, from Ohio River. 607. Removal of drift from New York Harbor. 607a. Appropriations; separate project. 608. Construction of fishways. 609. Sluices and other work in dams for development of water power. 610. Control of aquatic plant growths. SUBCHAPTER V—PROSECUTION OF WORK GENERALLY 621. By what methods river and harbor work may be authorized to be prosecuted. 622. Contracts, etc., with private industry for implementation of projects for improvements and dredging; reduction of federally owned fleet. 623. Repealed. 624. Limitation on improvement work by private contract. 625. Repealed. 626. Prosecution of work when appropriation insufficient. 627. Application of appropriation when separate works are included therein. 628. Expenditure for dredging within harbor lines. 629. Contract for hire of dredging plant. 630. Limitation on expenditure for purchase of dredges. 631. Transfer of property between projects. 632. Omitted. 633. Protection, alteration, reconstruction, relocation, or replacement of structures and facilities; contract standards; reasonable costs.


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