SUBCHAPTER I—GENERAL PROVISIONS Sec. 851 to 852b. Repealed or Omitted. 853. Power to settle claims. 853a to 853o. Repealed. 853o–1. Credit of service as deck officer or junior engineer and certain other active service for retirement and retirement pay. 853p to 854. Repealed. 854a. Service credit as deck officer or junior engineer for promotion purposes. 854a–1. Temporary appointment or advancement of commissioned officers in time of war or national emergency. 854a–2. Pay and allowances; date of acceptance of promotion. 854b to 857–12. Repealed. 857–13. National Advisory Committee on Oceans and Atmosphere. 857–14. Membership. 857–15. Reports. 857–16. Compensation and travel expenses. 857–17. Interagency cooperation and assistance. 857–18. Authorization of appropriations. 857–19. Biennial report. 857–20. Coordination. 857a to 872. Repealed or Omitted. 873. Extra compensation for instrument observers, recorders and other Federal employees for oceanographic, seismographic and magnetic observations. 874. Repealed. 875. Powers of officers as notaries. 876. Fees for notarial acts; prima facie evidence of authority. 877. Appropriations; advances from. 878. Appropriations; purchases from. 878a. Contract for development of a major program; costs; Major Program Annual Report for satellite development program. 878b. Safety and health regulations for scientific and occupational diving. SUBCHAPTER II—SURVEYS 881 to 883. Repealed. 883a. Surveys and other activities. 883b. Dissemination of data; further activities. 883c. Geomagnetic data; collection, correlation, and dissemination. 883d. Improvement of methods, instruments, and equipments; investigations and research. 883e. Agreements for surveys and investigations; contribution of costs incurred by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. 883f. Contracts with qualified organizations. 883g. Repealed. 883h. Employment of public vessels. 883i. Authorization of appropriations. 883j. Ocean satellite data. 883k. Acquisition of land for facilities. 883l. Contracts for surveying and mapping services. 884. Power to use books, maps, etc., and to employ persons. 885 to 890. Repealed or Omitted. SUBCHAPTER III—NOAA FLEET MODERNIZATION 891. Definitions. 891a. Fleet replacement and modernization program. 891b. Fleet replacement and modernization Plan. 891c. Design of NOAA vessels. 891d. Contract authority. 891e. Restriction with respect to certain shipyard subsidies. 891e–1. Shipyards located outside of the United States. 891f. Use of vessels. 891g. Interoperability. 891h. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER IV—NOAA HYDROGRAPHIC SERVICES 892. Definitions. 892a. Functions of the Administrator. 892b. Quality assurance program. 892c. Hydrographic Services Review Panel. 892d. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER V—RESEARCH, DEVELOPMENT, EDUCATION, AND INNOVATION 893. Ocean and atmospheric research and development program. 893a. NOAA ocean and atmospheric science education programs. 893b. NOAA’s contribution to innovation. 893c. Workforce study.


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