SUBCHAPTER I—RESEARCH AND RELATED PROGRAMS Sec. 1251. Congressional declaration of goals and policy. 1252. Comprehensive programs for water pollution control. 1252a. Reservoir projects, water storage; modification; storage for other than for water quality, opinion of Federal agency, committee resolutions of approval; provisions inapplicable to projects with certain prescribed water quality benefits in relation to total project benefits. 1253. Interstate cooperation and uniform laws. 1254. Research, investigations, training, and information. 1254a. Research on effects of pollutants. 1255. Grants for research and development. 1256. Grants for pollution control programs. 1257. Mine water pollution control demonstrations. 1257a. State demonstration programs for cleanup of abandoned mines for use as waste disposal sites; authorization of appropriations. 1258. Pollution control in the Great Lakes. 1259. Training grants and contracts. 1260. Applications; allocation. 1261. Scholarships. 1262. Definitions and authorizations. 1263. Alaska village demonstration projects. 1263a. Grants to Alaska to improve sanitation in rural and Native villages. 1264. Omitted. 1265. In-place toxic pollutants. 1266. Hudson River reclamation demonstration project. 1267. Chesapeake Bay. 1268. Great Lakes. 1269. Long Island Sound. 1270. Lake Champlain Basin Program. 1271. Sediment survey and monitoring. 1271a. Research and development program. 1272. Environmental dredging. 1273. Lake Pontchartrain Basin. 1274. Wet weather watershed pilot projects. SUBCHAPTER II—GRANTS FOR CONSTRUCTION OF TREATMENT WORKS 1281. Congressional declaration of purpose. 1281a. Total treatment system funding. 1281b. Availability of Farmers Home Administration funds for non-Federal share. 1282. Federal share. 1283. Plans, specifications, estimates, and payments. 1284. Limitations and conditions. 1285. Allotment of grant funds. 1286. Reimbursement and advanced construction. 1287. Authorization of appropriations. 1288. Areawide waste treatment management. 1289. Basin planning. 1290. Annual survey. 1291. Sewage collection systems. 1292. Definitions. 1293. Loan guarantees. 1293a. Contained spoil disposal facilities. 1294. Public information and education on recycling and reuse of wastewater, use of land treatment, and reduction of wastewater volume. 1295. Requirements for American materials. 1296. Determination of priority of projects. 1297. Guidelines for cost-effectiveness analysis. 1298. Cost effectiveness. 1299. State certification of projects. 1300. Pilot program for alternative water source projects. 1301. Sewer overflow control grants. SUBCHAPTER III—STANDARDS AND ENFORCEMENT 1311. Effluent limitations. 1312. Water quality related effluent limitations. 1313. Water quality standards and implementation plans. 1313a. Revised water quality standards. 1314. Information and guidelines 1315. State reports on water quality. 1316. National standards of performance. 1317. Toxic and pretreatment effluent standards. 1318. Records and reports; inspections. 1319. Enforcement. 1320. International pollution abatement. 1321. Oil and hazardous substance liability. 1321a. Prevention of small oil spills. 1321b. Improved coordination with tribal governments. 1321c. International efforts on enforcement. 1322. Marine sanitation devices. 1323. Federal facilities pollution control. 1324. Clean lakes. 1325. National Study Commission. 1326. Thermal discharges. 1327. Omitted. 1328. Aquaculture. 1329. Nonpoint source management programs. 1330. National estuary program. SUBCHAPTER IV—PERMITS AND LICENSES 1341. Certification. 1342. National pollutant discharge elimination system. 1343. Ocean discharge criteria. 1344. Permits for dredged or fill material. 1345. Disposal or use of sewage sludge. 1346. Coastal recreation water quality monitoring and notification. SUBCHAPTER V—GENERAL PROVISIONS 1361. Administration. 1362. Definitions. 1363. Water Pollution Control Advisory Board. 1364. Emergency powers. 1365. Citizen suits. 1366. Appearance. 1367. Employee protection. 1368. Federal procurement. 1369. Administrative procedure and judicial review. 1370. State authority. 1371. Authority under other laws and regulations. 1372. Labor standards. 1373. Public health agency coordination. 1374. Effluent Standards and Water Quality Information Advisory Committee. 1375. Reports to Congress; detailed estimates and comprehensive study on costs; State estimates. 1375a. Report on coastal recreation waters. 1376. Authorization of appropriations. 1377. Indian tribes. SUBCHAPTER VI—STATE WATER POLLUTION CONTROL REVOLVING FUNDS 1381. Grants to States for establishment of revolving funds. 1382. Capitalization grant agreements. 1383. Water pollution control revolving loan funds. 1384. Allotment of funds. 1385. Corrective action. 1386. Audits, reports, and fiscal controls; intended use plan. 1387. Authorization of appropriations.

The Federal Water Pollution Control Act, comprising this chapter, was originally enacted by act June 30, 1948, ch. 758, 62 Stat. 1155, and amended by acts July 17, 1952, ch. 927, 66 Stat. 755; July 9, 1956, ch. 518, §§ 1, 2,70 Stat. 498–507; June 25, 1959, Pub. L. 86–70, 73 Stat. 141; July 12, 1960, Pub. L. 86–624, 74 Stat. 411; July 20, 1961, Pub. L. 87–88, 75 Stat. 204; Oct. 2, 1965, Pub. L. 89–234, 79 Stat. 903; Nov. 3, 1966, Pub. L. 89–753, 80 Stat. 1246; Apr. 3, 1970, Pub. L. 91–224, 84 Stat. 91; Dec. 31, 1970, Pub. L. 91–611, 84 Stat. 1818; July 9, 1971, Pub. L. 92–50, 85 Stat. 124; Oct. 13, 1971, Pub. L. 92–137, 85 Stat. 379; Mar. 1, 1972, Pub. L. 92–240, 86 Stat. 47, and was formerly classified first to section 466 et seq. of this title and later to section 1151 et seq. of this title. The act is shown herein, however, as having been added by Pub. L. 92–500without reference to such intervening amendments because of the extensive amendment, reorganization, and expansion of the act’s provisions by Pub. L. 92–500.


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