Sec. 2201. “Secretary” defined. SUBCHAPTER I—COST SHARING 2211. Harbors. 2212. Inland waterway transportation. 2213. Flood control and other purposes. 2214. General credit for flood control. 2215. Feasibility studies; planning, engineering, and design. 2216. Rate of interest. 2217. Limitation on applicability of certain provisions in reports. 2218. General applicability of cost sharing. 2219. Definitions. 2220. Rivers and harbors and other waterways projects for benefit of navigation, flood control, hurricane protection, beach erosion control, and other purposes. 2221. Cost limitations on projects. 2222. Use of other Federal funds. SUBCHAPTER II—HARBOR DEVELOPMENT 2231. Studies of projects by non-Federal interests. 2232. Construction of projects by non-Federal interests. 2233. Coordination and scheduling of Federal, State, and local actions. 2234. Nonapplicability to Saint Lawrence Seaway. 2235. Construction in usable increments. 2236. Port or harbor dues. 2237. Information for national security. 2238. Authorization of appropriations. 2238a. Estimate of harbor maintenance needs. 2239. Repealed. 2240. Emergency response services. 2241. Definitions. 2242. Remote and subsistence harbors. SUBCHAPTER III—INLAND WATERWAY TRANSPORTATION SYSTEM 2251. Inland Waterways Users Board. SUBCHAPTER IV—WATER RESOURCES STUDIES 2261. Territories development study. 2262. Survey of potential for use of certain facilities as hydroelectric facilities. 2263. Study of Corps capability to conserve fish and wildlife. 2264. Deauthorization of studies. 2265. Columbia River/Arkansas River Basin transfers. 2266. Canadian tidal power study. 2267. New York Bight study. 2267a. Watershed and river basin assessments. 2268. Marine technology review. 2269. Tribal partnership program. SUBCHAPTER V—GENERAL PROVISIONS 2280. Maximum cost of projects. 2281. Matters to be addressed in planning. 2282. Feasibility reports. 2282a. Planning. 2283. Fish and wildlife mitigation. 2283a. Status report. 2284. Benefits and costs attributable to environmental measures. 2284a. Benefits to navigation. 2284b. Scenic and aesthetic considerations. 2285. Environmental Protection and Mitigation Fund. 2286. Acceptance of certain funds for mitigation. 2287. Continued planning and investigations. 2288. Review of cost effectiveness of design. 2289. Urban and rural flood control frequency. 2290. Flood control in Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands. 2291. Federal Project Repayment District. 2292. Surveying and mapping. 2293. Reprogramming during national emergencies. 2293a. Reprogramming of funds for projects by Corps of Engineers. 2294. Office of Environmental Policy. 2295. Compilation of laws; annual reports. 2296. Acquisition of recreation lands. 2297. Operation and maintenance on recreation lands. 2298. Impact of proposed projects on existing recreation facilities. 2299. Acquisition of beach fill. 2300. Study of Corps capabilities. 2301, 2302. Omitted. 2303. Historical properties. 2304. Separability. 2305. Use of FMHA funds. 2306. Reports. 2307. Control of ice. 2308. Campgrounds for senior citizens. 2309. Great Lakes Commodities Marketing Board. 2309a. Project modifications for improvement of environment. 2310. Cost sharing for Territories. 2311. Report to Congress covering proposals for water impoundment facilities. 2312. Comments on certain changes in operations of reservoirs. 2313. Collaborative research and development. 2313a. Engineering and environmental innovations of national significance. 2313b. Support of Army civil works program. 2314. Innovative technology. 2314a. Technical assistance program. 2315. Periodic statements. 2316. Environmental protection mission. 2317. Wetlands. 2317a. Cooperative agreements. 2317b. Wetlands mitigation. 2318. Flood plain management. 2319. Reservoir management. 2320. Protection of recreational and commercial uses. 2321. Operation and maintenance of hydroelectric facilities. 2321a. Hydroelectric power project uprating. 2322. Single entities. 2323. Technical assistance to private entities. 2323a. Interagency and international support authority. 2324. Reduced pricing for certain water supply storage. 2325. Voluntary contributions for environmental and recreation projects. 2326. Regional sediment management. 2326a. Dredged material disposal facility partnerships. 2326b. Sediment management. 2326c. Dredged material marketing and recycling. 2327. Definition of rehabilitation for inland waterway projects. 2328. Challenge cost-sharing program for management of recreation facilities. 2329. International outreach program. 2330. Aquatic ecosystem restoration. 2330a. Monitoring ecosystem restoration. 2331. Use of continuing contracts for construction of certain projects. 2332. Flood mitigation and riverine restoration program. 2333. Irrigation diversion protection and fisheries enhancement assistance. 2334. Innovative technologies for watershed restoration. 2335. Coastal aquatic habitat management. 2336. Abandoned and inactive noncoal mine restoration. 2337. Property protection program. 2338. Reburial and conveyance authority. 2339. Assistance programs. 2340. Revision of project partnership agreement; cost sharing. 2341. Expedited actions for emergency flood damage reduction. 2342. Access to water resource data. 2343. Independent peer review. 2344. Safety assurance review. 2345. Electronic submission of permit applications. 2346. Project administration. 2347. Coordination and scheduling of Federal, State, and local actions. 2348. Project streamlining.


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