SUBCHAPTER I—GENERAL PROVISIONS Sec. 3001. Commissioned officer corps. 3002. Definitions. 3003. Authorized number on the active list. 3004. Strength and distribution in grade. 3005. Number of authorized commissioned officers. SUBCHAPTER II—APPOINTMENT AND PROMOTION OF OFFICERS 3021. Original appointments. 3022. Personnel boards. 3023. Promotion of ensigns to grade of lieutenant (junior grade). 3024. Promotion by selection to permanent grades above lieutenant (junior grade). 3025. Length of service for promotion purposes. 3026. Appointments and promotions to permanent grades. 3027. General qualification of officers for promotion to higher permanent grade. 3028. Positions of importance and responsibility. 3029. Temporary appointments and promotions generally. 3030. Temporary appointment or advancement of commissioned officers in time of war or national emergency. 3031. Pay and allowances; date of acceptance of promotion. 3032. Service credit as deck officer or junior engineer for promotion purposes. 3033. Suspension during war or emergency. SUBCHAPTER III—SEPARATION AND RETIREMENT OF OFFICERS 3041. Involuntary retirement or separation. 3042. Separation pay. 3043. Mandatory retirement for age. 3044. Retirement for length of service. 3045. Computation of retired pay. 3046. Retired grade and retired pay. 3047. Retired rank and pay held pursuant to other laws unaffected. 3048. Continuation on active duty; deferral of retirement. 3049. Recall to active duty. SUBCHAPTER IV—SERVICE OF OFFICERS WITH THE MILITARY DEPARTMENTS 3061. Cooperation with and transfer to military departments. 3062. Relative rank of officers when serving with Army, Navy, or Air Force. 3063. Rules and regulations when cooperating with military departments. SUBCHAPTER V—RIGHTS AND BENEFITS 3071. Applicability of certain provisions of title 10. 3072. Eligibility for veterans benefits and other rights, privileges, immunities, and benefits under certain provisions of law. 3073. Medical and dental care. 3074. Commissary privileges. 3075. Authority to use appropriated funds for transportation and reimbursement of certain items. 3076. Presentation of United States flag upon retirement.


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