SUBCHAPTER I—IN GENERAL Sec. 401. Construction of bridges, causeways, dams or dikes generally; exemptions. 402. Construction of bridges, etc., over Illinois and Mississippi Canal. 403. Obstruction of navigable waters generally; wharves; piers, etc.; excavations and filling in. 403a. Creation or continuance of obstruction of navigable waters. 403b. Lighting at docks and boat launching facilities. 404. Establishment of harbor lines; conditions to grants for extension of piers, etc. 405. Establishment and modification of harbor lines on Potomac and Anacostia Rivers. 406. Penalty for wrongful construction of bridges, piers, etc.; removal of structures. 407. Deposit of refuse in navigable waters generally. 407a. Deposit of debris of mines and stamp works. 408. Taking possession of, use of, or injury to harbor or river improvements. 409. Obstruction of navigable waters by vessels; floating timber; marking and removal of sunken vessels. 410. Exception as to floating loose timber, sack rafts, etc.; violation of regulations; penalty. 411. Penalty for wrongful deposit of refuse; use of or injury to harbor improvements, and obstruction of navigable waters generally. 412. Liability of masters, pilots, etc., and of vessels engaged in violations. 413. Duty of United States attorneys and other Federal officers in enforcement of provisions; arrest of offenders. 414. Removal by Secretary of the Army of sunken water craft generally; liability of owner, lessee, or operator. 415. Summary removal of water craft obstructing navigation; liability of owner, lessee, or operator. 416. Appropriations for removal of sunken water craft. 417. Expenses of investigations by Department of the Army. 418. Provisions for protection of New York Harbor unaffected. 419. Regulation by Secretary governing transportation and dumping of dredgings, refuse, etc., into navigable waters; oyster lands; appropriations. 419a. Management practices to extend capacity and useful life of dredged material disposal areas. 420. Piers and cribs on Mississippi and St. Croix Rivers. 421. Deposit of refuse, etc., in Lake Michigan near Chicago. 422. Modification and extension of harbor lines at Chicago. 423. Establishment of pierhead and bulkhead lines in Wilmington Harbor, California. 424. Establishment of pierhead or bulkhead lines in Newport Harbor, California. 424a. Modification of harbor lines in Newport Harbor, California. 425. Omitted. 426. Investigations concerning erosion of shores of coastal and lake waters. 426–1. Coastal Engineering Research Center; establishment; powers and functions. 426–2. Board on Coastal Engineering Research. 426–3. Transfer of functions of Beach Erosion Board. 426a. Additional investigations concerning erosion of shores of coastal and lake waters; payment of costs; “shores” defined. 426b. Applicability of existing laws; projects referred to Board of Engineers for Rivers and Harbors. 426c. Report by Coastal Engineering Research Center. 426d. Payment of expenses. 426e. Federal aid in protection of shores. 426e–1. Shore protection projects. 426f. Reimbursements. 426g. Storm and hurricane restoration and impact minimization program. 426g–1. State and regional plans. 426h. Repealed. 426h–1. Definitions. 426i. Shore damage prevention or mitigation. 426i–1. Construction of shoreline protection projects by non-Federal interests. 426i–2. National coastal data bank. 426j. Repealed. 426k. Five year demonstration program to temporarily increase diversion of water from Lake Michigan at Chicago, Illinois. 426l. Protection of Lake Ontario. 426m. Collection and removal of drift and debris from publicly maintained commercial boat harbors and adjacent land and water areas. 426n. Technical assistance to States and local governments; cost sharing. 426o. Great Lakes material disposal. 426o–1. Great Lakes dredging levels adjustment. 426o–2. Great Lakes navigation and protection. 426p. Corps of Engineers. 427 to 430. Repealed. SUBCHAPTER II—OIL POLLUTION OF COASTAL WATERS 431 to 437. Repealed. SUBCHAPTER III—NEW YORK HARBOR, HARBOR OF HAMPTON ROADS, AND HARBOR OF BALTIMORE 441. Deposit of refuse prohibited; penalty. 442. Liability of officers of towing vessel. 443. Permit for dumping; penalty for taking or towing boat or scow without permit. 444. Dumping at other place than designated dumping grounds; penalty; person liable; excuses for deviation. 445. Equipment and marking of boats or scows. 446. Inspectors; appointment, powers, and duties. 447. Bribery of inspector; penalty. 448. Return of permit; penalty for failure to return. 449. Disposition of dredged matter; persons liable; penalty. 450. Liability of vessel. 451. Supervisor of harbor; appointment and duties. 451a. Harbors subject to this subchapter. 451b. Waters included within subchapter. 452. Taking shellfish or otherwise interfering with navigation in New York Harbor channels; penalty; arrest and procedure. 453. Regulations for navigation of Ambrose Channel; exclusion of tows and sailing vessels. 454. Consent of Congress to obstruction of waters by New York City. SUBCHAPTER IV—POTOMAC RIVER AND TRIBUTARIES IN DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA 461 to 464. Repealed. SUBCHAPTER V—NAVIGABLE WATERS OF MARYLAND 465. Authority to dredge; riparian rights of United States. SUBCHAPTER VI—WATER POLLUTION CONTROL 466 to 466g. Transferred. 466g–1. Controversies involving construction or application of interstate compacts and pollution of waters. 466h to 466n. Transferred or Repealed. SUBCHAPTER VII—DAM INSPECTION PROGRAM 467. Definitions. 467a. Inspection of dams. 467b. Investigation reports to Governors. 467c. Determination of danger to human life and property. 467d. National dam inventory. 467e. Interagency Committee on Dam Safety. 467f. National dam safety program. 467f–1. Lock and dam security. 467g. Research. 467g–1. Dam safety training. 467h. Reports. 467i. Statutory construction. 467j. Authorization of appropriations. 467k to 467m. Repealed. 467n. Recovery of dam modification costs required for safety purposes.


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