40 U.S. Code Chapter 5 - PROPERTY MANAGEMENT

SUBCHAPTER I—PROCUREMENT AND WAREHOUSING Sec. 501. Services for executive agencies. 502. Services for other entities. 503. Exchange or sale of similar items. 504. Agency cooperation for inspection. 505. Exchange or transfer of medical supplies. 506. Inventory controls and systems. SUBCHAPTER II—USE OF PROPERTY 521. Policies and methods. 522. Reimbursement for transfer of excess property. 523. Excess real property located on Indian reservations. 524. Duties of executive agencies. 525. Excess personal property for federal agency grantees. 526. Temporary assignment of excess real property. 527. Abandonment, destruction, or donation of property. 528. Utilization of excess furniture. 529. Annual executive agency reports on excess personal property. SUBCHAPTER III—DISPOSING OF PROPERTY 541. Supervision and direction. 542. Care and handling. 543. Method of disposition. 544. Validity of transfer instruments. 545. Procedure for disposal. 546. Contractor inventories. 547. Agricultural commodities, foods, and cotton or woolen goods. 548. Surplus vessels. 549. Donation of personal property through state agencies. 550. Disposal of real property for certain purposes. 551. Donations to American Red Cross. 552. Abandoned or unclaimed property on Government premises. 553. Property for correctional facility, law enforcement, and emergency management response purposes. 554. Property for development or operation of a port facility. 555. Donation of law enforcement canines to handlers. 556. Disposal of dredge vessels. 557. Donation of books to Free Public Library. 558. Donation of forfeited vessels. 559. Advice of Attorney General with respect to antitrust law. SUBCHAPTER IV—PROCEEDS FROM SALE OR TRANSFER 571. General rules for deposit and use of proceeds. 572. Real property. 573. Personal property. 574. Other rules regarding proceeds. SUBCHAPTER V—OPERATION OF BUILDINGS AND RELATED ACTIVITIES 581. General authority of Administrator of General Services. 582. Management of buildings by Administrator of General Services. 583. Construction of buildings. 584. Assignment and reassignment of space. 585. Lease agreements. 586. Charges for space and services. 587. Telecommuting and other alternative workplace arrangements. 588. Movement and supply of office furniture. 589. Installation, repair, and replacement of sidewalks. 590. Child care. 591. Purchase of electricity. 592. Federal Buildings Fund. 593. Protection for veterans preference employees. SUBCHAPTER VI—MOTOR VEHICLE POOLS AND TRANSPORTATION SYSTEMS 601. Purposes. 602. Authority to establish motor vehicle pools and transportation systems. 603. Process for establishing motor vehicle pools and transportation systems. 604. Treatment of assets taken over to establish motor vehicle pools and transportation systems. 605. Payment of costs. 606. Regulations related to operation. 607. Records. 608. Scrip, tokens, tickets. 609. Identification of vehicles. 610. Discontinuance of motor vehicle pool or system. 611. Duty to report violations.


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