SUBCHAPTER I—HAZARDOUS SUBSTANCES RELEASES, LIABILITY, COMPENSATION Sec. 9601. Definitions. 9602. Designation of additional hazardous substances and establishment of reportable released quantities; regulations. 9603. Notification requirements respecting released substances. 9604. Response authorities. 9605. National contingency plan. 9606. Abatement actions. 9607. Liability. 9608. Financial responsibility. 9609. Civil penalties and awards. 9610. Employee protection. 9611. Uses of Fund. 9612. Claims procedure. 9613. Civil proceedings. 9614. Relationship to other law. 9615. Presidential delegation and assignment of duties or powers and promulgation of regulations. 9616. Schedules. 9617. Public participation. 9618. High priority for drinking water supplies. 9619. Response action contractors. 9620. Federal facilities. 9621. Cleanup standards. 9622. Settlements. 9623. Reimbursement to local governments. 9624. Methane recovery. 9625. Section 6921 (b)(3)(A)(i) waste. 9626. Indian tribes. 9627. Recycling transactions. 9628. State response programs. SUBCHAPTER II—HAZARDOUS SUBSTANCE RESPONSE REVENUE
Part A—Hazardous Substance Response Trust Fund

9631 to 9633. Repealed.
Part B—Post-closure Liability Trust Fund

9641. Repealed. SUBCHAPTER III—MISCELLANEOUS PROVISIONS 9651. Reports and studies. 9652. Effective dates; savings provisions. 9653. Repealed. 9654. Applicability of Federal water pollution control funding, etc., provisions. 9655. Legislative veto of rule or regulation. 9656. Transportation of hazardous substances; listing as hazardous material; liability for release. 9657. Separability; contribution. 9658. Actions under State law for damages from exposure to hazardous substances. 9659. Citizens suits. 9660. Research, development, and demonstration. 9660a. Grant program. 9661. Love Canal property acquisition. 9662. Limitation on contract and borrowing authority. SUBCHAPTER IV—POLLUTION INSURANCE 9671. Definitions. 9672. State laws; scope of subchapter. 9673. Risk retention groups. 9674. Purchasing groups. 9675. Applicability of securities laws.


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