SUBCHAPTER I—COMMUNITY ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT Sec. 9801. Statement of purpose. 9802. “Community development corporation” defined. 9803. Repealed. 9804. Advisory Community Investment Board.
Part A—Urban and Rural Special Impact Programs

9805. Statement of purpose. 9806. Establishment and scope of programs. 9807. Financial assistance requirements. 9808. Federal share; amount; availability; ownership of property acquired with Federal financial assistance.
Part B—Special Rural Programs

9809. Statement of purpose. 9810. Financial assistance to low-income families, local cooperative associations, and local public or private nonprofit organizations or entities; amount, purposes, etc. 9811. Limitation on assistance.
Part C—Development Loans to Community Economic Development Programs

9812. Development loan fund. 9812a. Interest rates payable on certain rural development loans; assignment of loan contracts. 9813. Model Community Economic Development Finance Corporation; establishment; functions.
Part D—Supportive Programs and Activities

9814. Training and technical assistance. 9815. Small Business Administration and Department of Commerce economic development programs; regulations. 9816. Department of Housing and Urban Development programs. 9817. Department of Agriculture; Rural Development Administration programs. 9818. Coordination and eligibility. 9819. Evaluation of programs; implementation and funding, etc.; research and demonstration projects; implementation and purposes. 9820. Grants to plan economic development and cooperative programs. 9821. Nondiscrimination provisions. 9822. Availability of certain appropriated funds. SUBCHAPTER II—HEAD START PROGRAMS 9831. Statement of purpose. 9832. Definitions. 9833. Financial assistance for Head Start programs. 9834. Authorization of appropriations. 9835. Allotment of funds. 9835a. Repealed. 9836. Designation of Head Start agencies. 9836a. Standards; monitoring of Head Start agencies and programs. 9837. Powers and functions of Head Start agencies. 9837a. Head Start transition and alignment with K–12 education. 9837b. Head Start collaboration; State early education and care. 9838. Submission of plans to chief executive officer. 9839. Administrative requirements and standards. 9840. Participation in Head Start programs. 9840a. Early Head Start programs. 9841. Appeals, notice, hearing, and mediation; alternative agency for Indian tribe. 9842. Records and audits. 9843. Technical assistance and training. 9843a. Staff qualifications and development. 9844. Research, demonstrations, and evaluation. 9845. Repealed. 9846. Reports. 9846a, 9847. Repealed. 9848. Comparability of wages. 9849. Nondiscrimination provisions. 9850. Limitation with respect to certain unlawful activities. 9851. Political activities. 9852. Advance funding. 9852a. Parental consent requirement for nonemergency intrusive physical examinations. 9852b. Centers of Excellence in Early Childhood. 9852c. General provisions. SUBCHAPTER II–A—HEAD START TRANSITION PROJECT 9855 to 9855g. Repealed. SUBCHAPTER II–B—CHILD CARE AND DEVELOPMENT BLOCK GRANT 9858. Authorization of appropriations. 9858a. Establishment of block grant program. 9858b. Lead agency. 9858c. Application and plan. 9858d. Limitations on State allotments. 9858e. Activities to improve quality of child care. 9858f. Repealed. 9858g. Administration and enforcement. 9858h. Payments. 9858i. Reports and audits. 9858j. Report by Secretary. 9858k. Limitations on use of financial assistance for certain purposes. 9858l. Nondiscrimination. 9858m. Amounts reserved; allotments. 9858n. Definitions. 9858o. Parental rights and responsibilities. 9858p. Severability. 9858q. Miscellaneous provisions. SUBCHAPTER II–C—CHILD CARE SAFETY AND HEALTH GRANTS 9859. Definitions. 9859a. Authorization of appropriations. 9859b. Programs. 9859c. Amounts reserved; allotments. 9859d. State applications. 9859e. Use of funds. 9859f. Reports. SUBCHAPTER III—FOLLOW THROUGH PROGRAMS 9861 to 9869. Repealed. SUBCHAPTER IV—GRANTS TO STATES FOR PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT OF DEPENDENT CARE PROGRAMS AND FOR OTHER PURPOSES 9871. Authorization of appropriations. 9872. Allotments. 9873. Payments under allotments to States. 9874. Use of allotments. 9875. Application and description of activities; requirements. 9876. Report. 9877. Definitions. SUBCHAPTER V—COMPREHENSIVE CHILD DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM 9881 to 9887. Repealed.


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