42 U.S. Code Chapter 108 - NUCLEAR WASTE POLICY

Sec. 10101. Definitions. 10102. Separability. 10103. Territories and possessions. 10104. Ocean disposal. 10105. Limitation on spending authority. 10106. Protection of classified national security information. 10107. Applicability to atomic energy defense activities. 10108. Applicability to transportation. SUBCHAPTER I—DISPOSAL AND STORAGE OF HIGH-LEVEL RADIOACTIVE WASTE, SPENT NUCLEAR FUEL, AND LOW-LEVEL RADIOACTIVE WASTE 10121. State and affected Indian tribe participation in development of proposed repositories for defense waste.
Part A—Repositories for Disposal of High-Level Radioactive Waste and Spent Nuclear Fuel

10131. Findings and purposes. 10132. Recommendation of candidate sites for site characterization. 10133. Site characterization. 10134. Site approval and construction authorization. 10135. Review of repository site selection. 10136. Participation of States. 10137. Consultation with States and affected Indian tribes. 10138. Participation of Indian tribes. 10139. Judicial review of agency actions. 10140. Expedited authorizations. 10141. Certain standards and criteria. 10142. Disposal of spent nuclear fuel. 10143. Title to material. 10144. Consideration of effect of acquisition of water rights. 10145. Termination of certain provisions.
Part B—Interim Storage Program

10151. Findings and purposes. 10152. Available capacity for interim storage of spent nuclear fuel. 10153. Interim at-reactor storage. 10154. Licensing of facility expansions and transshipments. 10155. Storage of spent nuclear fuel. 10156. Interim Storage Fund. 10157. Transportation.
Part C—Monitored Retrievable Storage

10161. Monitored retrievable storage. 10162. Authorization of monitored retrievable storage. 10163. Monitored Retrievable Storage Commission. 10164. Survey. 10165. Site selection. 10166. Notice of disapproval. 10167. Benefits agreement. 10168. Construction authorization. 10169. Financial assistance.
Part D—Low-Level Radioactive Waste

10171. Financial arrangements for low-level radioactive waste site closure.
Part E—Redirection of Nuclear Waste Program

10172. Selection of Yucca Mountain site. 10172a. Siting a second repository.
Part F—Benefits

10173. Benefits agreements. 10173a. Content of agreements. 10173b. Review Panel. 10173c. Termination.
Part G—Other Benefits

10174. Consideration in siting facilities. 10174a. Report.
Part H—Transportation

10175. Transportation. SUBCHAPTER II—RESEARCH, DEVELOPMENT, AND DEMONSTRATION REGARDING DISPOSAL OF HIGH-LEVEL RADIOACTIVE WASTE AND SPENT NUCLEAR FUEL 10191. Purpose. 10192. Applicability. 10193. Identification of sites. 10194. Siting research and related activities. 10195. Test and evaluation facility siting review and reports. 10196. Federal agency actions. 10197. Research and development on disposal of high-level radioactive waste. 10198. Research and development on spent nuclear fuel. 10199. Payments to States and Indian tribes. 10200. Study of research and development needs for monitored retrievable storage proposal. 10201. Judicial review. 10202. Research on alternatives for permanent disposal of high-level radioactive waste. 10203. Technical assistance to non-nuclear weapon states in field of spent fuel storage and disposal. 10204. Subseabed disposal. SUBCHAPTER III—OTHER PROVISIONS RELATING TO RADIOACTIVE WASTE 10221. Mission plan. 10222. Nuclear Waste Fund. 10223. Alternative means of financing. 10224. Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste Management. 10225. Location of test and evaluation facility. 10226. Nuclear Regulatory Commission training authorization. SUBCHAPTER IV—NUCLEAR WASTE NEGOTIATOR 10241. “State” defined. 10242. Office of Nuclear Waste Negotiator. 10243. Duties of Negotiator. 10244. Environmental assessment of sites. 10245. Site characterization; licensing. 10246. Monitored retrievable storage. 10247. Environmental impact statement. 10248. Administrative powers of Negotiator. 10249. Cooperation of other departments and agencies. 10250. Termination of Office. 10251. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER V—NUCLEAR WASTE TECHNICAL REVIEW BOARD 10261. Definitions. 10262. Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board. 10263. Functions. 10264. Investigatory powers. 10265. Compensation of members. 10266. Staff. 10267. Support services. 10268. Report. 10269. Authorization of appropriations. 10270. Termination of Board.


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