42 U.S. Code Chapter 119 - HOMELESS ASSISTANCE

SUBCHAPTER I—GENERAL PROVISIONS Sec. 11301. Findings and purpose. 11302. General definition of homeless individual. 11303. Funding availability and limitations. 11304. Evaluation by Comptroller General. SUBCHAPTER II—UNITED STATES INTERAGENCY COUNCIL ON HOMELESSNESS 11311. Establishment. 11312. Membership. 11313. Functions. 11314. Director and staff. 11315. Powers. 11316. Transfer of functions. 11317. Definitions. 11318. Authorization of appropriations. 11319. Termination. 11320. Encouragement of State involvement. SUBCHAPTER III—FEDERAL EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT FOOD AND SHELTER PROGRAM
Part A—Administrative Provisions

11331. Emergency Food and Shelter Program National Board. 11332. Local boards. 11333. Role of Federal Emergency Management Agency. 11334. Records and audit of National Board and recipients of assistance. 11335. Annual report.
Part B—Emergency Food and Shelter Grants

11341. Grants by Director. 11342. Retention of interest earned. 11343. Purposes of grants. 11344. Limitation on certain costs. 11345. Disbursement of funds. 11346. Program guidelines.
Part C—General Provisions

11351. Definitions. 11352. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER IV—HOUSING ASSISTANCE
Part A—General Provisions

11360. Definitions. 11360a. Collaborative applicants. 11361. Housing affordability strategy. 11361a. Preventing involuntary family separation. 11361b. Technical assistance. 11362. Discharge coordination policy. 11363. Protection of personally identifying information by victim service providers. 11364. Authorization of appropriations.
Part B—Emergency Solutions Grants Program

11371. Definitions. 11372. Grant assistance. 11372a. Amount and allocation of assistance. 11373. Allocation and distribution of assistance. 11374. Eligible activities. 11375. Responsibilities of recipients. 11376. Administrative provisions. 11377. Repealed. 11378. Administrative costs.
Part C—Continuum of Care Program

11381. Purposes. 11382. Continuum of care applications and grants. 11383. Eligible activities. 11384. Incentives for high-performing communities. 11385. Supportive services. 11386. Program requirements. 11386a. Selection criteria. 11386b. Allocation of amounts and incentives for specific eligible activities. 11386c. Renewal funding and terms of assistance for permanent housing. 11386d. Matching funding. 11386e. Appeal procedure. 11387. Regulations. 11388. Reports to Congress. 11389. Repealed.
Part D—Rural Housing Stability Assistance Program

11408. Rural housing stability grant program. 11408a. Use of FMHA inventory for transitional housing for homeless persons and for turnkey housing. SUBCHAPTER V—IDENTIFICATION AND USE OF SURPLUS FEDERAL PROPERTY 11411. Use of unutilized and underutilized public buildings and real property to assist the homeless. 11412. Making surplus personal property available to nonprofit agencies. SUBCHAPTER VI—EDUCATION AND TRAINING
Part A—Adult Education for Homeless

11421. Repealed.
Part B—Education for Homeless Children and Youths

11431. Statement of policy. 11432. Grants for State and local activities for the education of homeless children and youths. 11433. Local educational agency subgrants for the education of homeless children and youths. 11434. Secretarial responsibilities. 11434a. Definitions. 11435. Authorization of appropriations.
Part C—Job Training for Homeless

11441 to 11450. Repealed.
Part D—Emergency Community Services Homeless Grant Program

11461 to 11466. Repealed.
Part E—Miscellaneous Provisions

11471, 11472. Repealed.
Part F—Family Support Centers

11481 to 11489. Repealed.


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