Sec. 12101. Findings and purpose. 12102. Definition of disability. 12103. Additional definitions. SUBCHAPTER I—EMPLOYMENT 12111. Definitions. 12112. Discrimination. 12113. Defenses. 12114. Illegal use of drugs and alcohol. 12115. Posting notices. 12116. Regulations. 12117. Enforcement. SUBCHAPTER II—PUBLIC SERVICES
Part A—Prohibition Against Discrimination and Other Generally Applicable Provisions

12131. Definitions. 12132. Discrimination. 12133. Enforcement. 12134. Regulations.
Part B—Actions Applicable to Public Transportation Provided by Public Entities Considered Discriminatory

subpart i—public transportation other than by aircraft or certain rail operations

12141. Definitions. 12142. Public entities operating fixed route systems. 12143. Paratransit as a complement to fixed route service. 12144. Public entity operating a demand responsive system. 12145. Temporary relief where lifts are unavailable. 12146. New facilities. 12147. Alterations of existing facilities. 12148. Public transportation programs and activities in existing facilities and one car per train rule. 12149. Regulations. 12150. Interim accessibility requirements.
subpart ii—public transportation by intercity and commuter rail

12161. Definitions. 12162. Intercity and commuter rail actions considered discriminatory. 12163. Conformance of accessibility standards. 12164. Regulations. 12165. Interim accessibility requirements. SUBCHAPTER III—PUBLIC ACCOMMODATIONS AND SERVICES OPERATED BY PRIVATE ENTITIES 12181. Definitions. 12182. Prohibition of discrimination by public accommodations. 12183. New construction and alterations in public accommodations and commercial facilities. 12184. Prohibition of discrimination in specified public transportation services provided by private entities. 12185. Study. 12186. Regulations. 12187. Exemptions for private clubs and religious organizations. 12188. Enforcement. 12189. Examinations and courses. SUBCHAPTER IV—MISCELLANEOUS PROVISIONS 12201. Construction. 12202. State immunity. 12203. Prohibition against retaliation and coercion. 12204. Regulations by Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board. 12205. Attorney’s fees. 12205a. Rule of construction regarding regulatory authority. 12206. Technical assistance. 12207. Federal wilderness areas. 12208. Transvestites. 12209. Instrumentalities of Congress. 12210. Illegal use of drugs. 12211. Definitions. 12212. Alternative means of dispute resolution. 12213. Severability.


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