Sec. 12501. Findings and purpose. SUBCHAPTER I—NATIONAL AND COMMUNITY SERVICE STATE GRANT PROGRAM Division A—General Provisions 12511. Definitions. 12512. Repealed. 12513. Study of program effectiveness. Division B—School-Based and Community-Based Service-Learning Programs
Part I—Programs for Elementary and Secondary School Students

12521. Purpose. 12522. Definitions. 12523. Assistance to States, territories, and Indian tribes. 12524. Allotments. 12525. Applications. 12526. Consideration of applications. 12527. Participation of students and teachers from private schools. 12528. Federal, State, and local contributions. 12529. Limitations on uses of funds. 12530, 12531, 12541 to 12547, 12551. Omitted.
Part II—Higher Education Innovative Programs for Community Service

12561. Higher education innovative programs for community service. 12561a. Campuses of Service.
Part III—Innovative and Community-Based Service-Learning Programs and Research

12563. Innovative and community-based service-learning programs and research.
Part IV—Service-Learning Impact Study

12565. Study and report. Division C—National Service Trust Program
Part I—Investment in National Service

12571. Authority to provide assistance and approved national service positions. 12572. National service programs eligible for program assistance. 12573. Types of national service positions eligible for approval for national service educational awards. 12574. Types of program assistance. 12575. Repealed. 12576. Other special assistance.
Part II—Application and Approval Process

12581. Provision of assistance and approved national service positions. 12581a. Educational awards only program. 12582. Application for assistance and approved national service positions. 12583. National service program assistance requirements. 12584. Ineligible service categories. 12584a. Prohibited activities and ineligible organizations. 12585. Consideration of applications.
Part III—National Service Participants

12591. Description of participants. 12592. Selection of national service participants. 12593. Terms of service. 12594. Living allowances for national service participants. 12595. National service educational awards. Division D—National Service Trust and Provision of Educational Awards 12601. Establishment of the National Service Trust. 12601a. Transfer of funds; notice to Congress. 12602. Individuals eligible to receive an educational award from the Trust. 12602a. Certifications of successful completion of terms of service. 12603. Determination of the amount of the educational award. 12604. Disbursement of educational awards. 12605. Repealed. 12606. Approval process for approved positions. Division E—National Civilian Community Corps 12611. Purpose. 12612. Establishment of National Civilian Community Corps Program. 12613. National service program. 12614. Summer national service program. 12615. National Civilian Community Corps. 12616. Training. 12617. Service projects. 12618. Authorized benefits for Corps members. 12619. Administrative provisions. 12620. Status of Corps members and Corps personnel under Federal law. 12621. Contract and grant authority. 12622. Responsibilities of Department of Defense. 12623. Advisory Board. 12624. Evaluations. 12625. Repealed. 12626. Definitions. Division F—Administrative Provisions 12631. Family and medical leave. 12632. Reports. 12633. Supplementation. 12634. Prohibition on use of funds. 12635. Nondiscrimination. 12636. Notice, hearing, and grievance procedures. 12637. Nonduplication and nondisplacement. 12638. State Commissions on National and Community Service. 12639. Evaluation. 12639a. Civic Health Assessment and volunteering research and evaluation. 12640. Engagement of participants. 12641. Contingent extension. 12642. Partnerships with schools. 12643. Rights of access, examination, and copying. 12644. Drug-free workplace requirements. 12644a. Availability of assistance. 12644b. Consolidated application and reporting requirements. 12645. Sustainability. 12645a. Grant periods. 12645b. Generation of volunteers. 12645c. Limitation on program grant costs. 12645d. Matching funds for severely economically distressed communities. 12645e. Audits and reports. 12645f. Restrictions on Federal Government and use of Federal funds. 12645g. Criminal history checks. Division G—Corporation for National and Community Service 12651. Corporation for National and Community Service. 12651a. Board of Directors. 12651b. Authorities and duties of the Board of Directors. 12651c. Chief Executive Officer. 12651d. Authorities and duties of the Chief Executive Officer. 12651e. Officers. 12651f. Employees, consultants, and other personnel. 12651g. Administration. 12651h. Corporation State offices. 12651i. VISTA Advance Payments Revolving Fund. 12651j. Assignment to State Commissions. 12651k. Study of involvement of veterans. Division H—Investment for Quality and Innovation
Part I—Additional Corporation Activities To Support National Service

12653. Additional Corporation activities to support national service. 12653a. Presidential awards for service. 12653b. ServeAmerica Fellowships. 12653c. Silver Scholarships and Encore Fellowships. 12653d. Repealed.
Part II—National Service Reserve Corps

12653h. National Service Reserve Corps.
Part III—Social Innovation Funds Pilot Program

12653k. Funds.
Part IV—National Service Programs Clearinghouses; Volunteer Generation Fund

12653o. National service programs clearinghouses. 12653p. Volunteer generation fund.
Part V—Nonprofit Capacity Building Program

12653s. Nonprofit capacity building. Division I—American Conservation and Youth Service Corps 12655. General authority. 12655a. Limitation on purchase of capital equipment. 12655b. State application. 12655c. Focus of programs. 12655d. Related programs. 12655e. Public lands or Indian lands. 12655f. Training and education services. 12655g. Repealed. 12655h. Preference for certain projects. 12655i. Age and citizenship criteria for enrollment. 12655j. Use of volunteers. 12655k. Repealed. 12655l. Living allowance. 12655m. Joint programs. 12655n. Federal and State employee status. Division J—Miscellaneous 12656. Urban Youth Corps. Division K—Training and Technical Assistance 12657. Training and technical assistance. SUBCHAPTER II—POINTS OF LIGHT FOUNDATION 12661 to 12664. Repealed. SUBCHAPTER III—PROJECTS HONORING VICTIMS OF TERRORIST ATTACKS 12671. Projects. SUBCHAPTER IV—AUTHORIZATION OF APPROPRIATIONS 12681. Authorization of appropriations. 12682. Actions under national service laws to be subject to availability of appropriations.


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