SUBCHAPTER I—GENERAL PROVISIONS AND POLICIES Sec. 12701. National housing goal. 12702. Objective of national housing policy. 12703. Purposes of Cranston-Gonzalez National Affordable Housing Act. 12704. Definitions. 12705. State and local housing strategies. 12705a. Purposes of Removal of Regulatory Barriers to Affordable Housing Act. 12705b. Definition of regulatory barriers to affordable housing. 12705c. Grants for regulatory barrier removal strategies and implementation. 12705d. Regulatory barriers clearinghouse. 12706. Certification. 12707. Citizen participation. 12708. Compliance. 12709. Energy efficiency standards. 12710. Capacity study. 12711. Protection of State and local authority. 12712. 5-year energy efficiency plan. 12713. Eligibility under first-time homebuyer programs. 12714. Repealed. SUBCHAPTER II—INVESTMENT IN AFFORDABLE HOUSING 12721. Findings. 12722. Purposes. 12723. Coordinated Federal support for housing strategies. 12724. Authorization. 12725. Notice.
Part A—HOME Investment Partnerships

12741. Authority. 12742. Eligible uses of investment. 12743. Development of model programs. 12744. Income targeting. 12745. Qualification as affordable housing. 12746. Participation by States and local governments. 12747. Allocation of resources. 12748. HOME Investment Trust Funds. 12749. Repayment of investment. 12750. Matching requirements. 12751. Private-public partnership. 12752. Distribution of assistance. 12753. Penalties for misuse of funds. 12754. Limitation on jurisdictions under court order. 12755. Tenant and participant protections. 12756. Monitoring of compliance.
Part B—Community Housing Partnership

12771. Set-aside for community housing development organizations. 12772. Project-specific assistance to community housing development organizations. 12773. Housing education and organizational support. 12774. Other requirements.
Part C—Other Support for State and Local Housing Strategies

12781. Authority. 12782. Priorities for capacity development. 12783. Conditions of contracts. 12784. Research in housing affordability. 12785. REACH: asset recycling information dissemination.
Part D—Specified Model Programs

12801. General authority. 12802. Rental housing production. 12803. Rental rehabilitation. 12804. Rehabilitation loans. 12805. Sweat equity model program. 12806. Home repair services grants for older and disabled homeowners. 12807. Low-income housing conservation and efficiency grant programs. 12808. Second mortgage assistance for first-time homebuyers. 12809. Rehabilitation of State and local government in rem properties. 12810. Cost-saving building technologies and construction techniques.
Part E—Other Assistance

12821. Downpayment assistance initiative.
Part F—General Provisions

12831. Equal opportunity. 12832. Nondiscrimination. 12833. Audits by Comptroller General. 12834. Uniform recordkeeping and reports to Congress. 12835. Citizen participation. 12836. Labor. 12837. Interstate agreements. 12838. Environmental review. 12839. Termination of existing housing programs. 12840. Suspension of requirements for disaster areas. SUBCHAPTER III—NATIONAL HOMEOWNERSHIP TRUST DEMONSTRATION 12851. National Homeownership Trust. 12852. Assistance for first-time homebuyers. 12853. National Homeownership Trust Fund. 12854. Definitions. 12855. Regulations. 12856. Report. 12857. Authorization of appropriations. 12858. Transition. 12859. Termination. SUBCHAPTER IV—HOPE FOR HOMEOWNERSHIP OF MULTIFAMILY AND SINGLE FAMILY HOMES 12870. Authorization of appropriations.
Part A—HOPE for Homeownership of Multifamily Units

12871. Program authority. 12872. Planning grants. 12873. Implementation grants. 12874. Homeownership program requirements. 12875. Other program requirements. 12876. Definitions. 12877. Exemption. 12878. Limitation on selection criteria. 12879. Implementation. 12880. Report.
Part B—HOPE for Homeownership of Single Family Homes

12891. Program authority. 12892. Planning grants. 12893. Implementation grants. 12894. Homeownership program requirements. 12895. Other program requirements. 12896. Definitions. 12897. Limitation on selection criteria. 12898. Implementation. 12898a. Enterprise zone homeownership opportunity grants.
Part C—HOPE for Youth: Youthbuild

12899 to 12899i. Repealed.


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