42 U.S. Code Chapter 134 - ENERGY POLICY

Sec. 13201. “Secretary” defined. SUBCHAPTER I—ALTERNATIVE FUELS—GENERAL 13211. Definitions. 13212. Minimum Federal fleet requirement. 13213. Refueling. 13214. Federal agency promotion, education, and coordination. 13215. Agency incentives program. 13216. Recognition and incentive awards program. 13217. Measurement of alternative fuel use. 13218. Reports. 13219. United States Postal Service. 13220. Biodiesel fuel use credits. SUBCHAPTER II—ALTERNATIVE FUELS—NON-FEDERAL PROGRAMS 13231. Public information program. 13232. Labeling requirements. 13233. Data acquisition program. 13234. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission authority to approve recovery of certain expenses in advance. 13235. State and local incentives programs. 13236. Alternative fuel bus program. 13237. Certification of training programs. 13238. Alternative fuel use in nonroad vehicles and engines. 13239. Low interest loan program. SUBCHAPTER III—AVAILABILITY AND USE OF REPLACEMENT FUELS, ALTERNATIVE FUELS, AND ALTERNATIVE FUELED PRIVATE VEHICLES 13251. Mandate for alternative fuel providers. 13252. Replacement fuel supply and demand program. 13253. Replacement fuel demand estimates and supply information. 13254. Modification of goals; additional rulemaking authority. 13255. Voluntary supply commitments. 13256. Technical and policy analysis. 13257. Fleet requirement program. 13258. Credits. 13259. Secretary’s recommendations to Congress. 13260. Effect on other laws. 13261. Prohibited acts. 13262. Enforcement. 13263. Powers of Secretary. 13263a. Alternative compliance. 13264. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER IV—ELECTRIC MOTOR VEHICLES 13271. Definitions.
Part A—Electric Motor Vehicle Commercial Demonstration Program

13281. Program and solicitation. 13282. Selection of proposals. 13283. Discount payments. 13284. Cost-sharing. 13285. Reports to Congress. 13286. Authorization of appropriations.
Part B—Electric Motor Vehicle Infrastructure and Support Systems Development Program

13291. General authority. 13292. Proposals. 13293. Protection of proprietary information. 13294. Compliance with existing law. 13295. Repealed. 13296. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER V—RENEWABLE ENERGY 13311. Purposes. 13312. Renewable energy export technology training. 13313. Renewable Energy Advancement Awards. 13314. Study of tax and rate treatment of renewable energy projects. 13315. Data system and energy technology evaluation. 13316. Innovative renewable energy technology transfer program. 13317. Renewable energy production incentive. SUBCHAPTER VI—COAL
Part A—Research, Development, Demonstration, and Commercial Application

13331. Coal research, development, demonstration, and commercial application programs. 13332. Coal-fired diesel engines. 13333. Clean coal, waste-to-energy. 13334. Nonfuel use of coal. 13335. Coal refinery program. 13336. Coalbed methane recovery. 13337. Metallurgical coal development. 13338. Utilization of coal wastes. 13339. Underground coal gasification. 13340. Low-rank coal research and development. 13341. Magnetohydrodynamics. 13342. Oil substitution through coal liquefaction. 13343. Authorization of appropriations.
Part B—Clean Coal Technology Program

13351. Additional clean coal technology solicitations.
Part C—Other Coal Provisions

13361. Clean coal technology export promotion and interagency coordination. 13362. Innovative clean coal technology transfer program. 13363. Conventional coal technology transfer. 13364. Study of utilization of coal combustion byproducts. 13365. Coal fuel mixtures. 13366. National clearinghouse. 13367. Coal exports. 13368. Ownership of coalbed methane. 13369. Establishment of data base and study of transportation rates. 13370. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER VII—GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE 13381. Report. 13382. Least-cost energy strategy. 13383. Director of Climate Protection. 13384. Assessment of alternative policy mechanisms for addressing greenhouse gas emissions. 13385. National inventory and voluntary reporting of greenhouse gases. 13386. Export of domestic energy resource technologies to developing countries. 13387. Innovative environmental technology transfer program. 13388. Global Climate Change Response Fund. 13389. Greenhouse gas intensity reducing strategies. SUBCHAPTER VIII—REDUCTION OF OIL VULNERABILITY 13401. Goals.
Part A—Oil and Gas Supply Enhancement

13411. Enhanced oil recovery. 13412. Oil shale. 13413. Natural gas supply. 13414. Natural gas end-use technologies. 13415. Midcontinent Energy Research Center.
Part B—Oil and Gas Demand Reduction and Substitution

13431. General transportation. 13432. Advanced automotive fuel economy. 13433. Alternative fuel vehicle program. 13434. Biofuels user facility. 13435. Electric motor vehicles and associated equipment research and development. 13436. Repealed. 13437. Advanced diesel emissions program. 13438. Telecommuting study. SUBCHAPTER IX—ENERGY AND ENVIRONMENT
Part A—Improved Energy Efficiency

13451. General improved energy efficiency. 13452. Natural gas and electric heating and cooling technologies. 13453. Pulp and paper. 13454. Advanced buildings for 2005. 13455. Electric drives. 13456. Improving efficiency in energy-intensive industries. 13457. Energy efficient environmental program. 13458. Energy efficient lighting and building centers.
Part B—Electricity Generation and Use

13471. Renewable energy. 13472. High efficiency heat engines. 13473. Civilian nuclear waste. 13474. Fusion energy. 13475. Fuel cells. 13476. Environmental restoration and waste management program. 13477. High-temperature superconductivity program. 13478. Electric and magnetic fields research and public information dissemination program. 13479. Spark M. Matsunaga Renewable Energy and Ocean Technology Center.
Part C—Advanced Nuclear Reactors

13491. Purposes and definitions. 13492. Program, goals, and plan. 13493. Commercialization of advanced light water reactor technology. 13494. Prototype demonstration of advanced nuclear reactor technology. 13495. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER X—ENERGY AND ECONOMIC GROWTH 13501. National Advanced Materials Program. 13502. National Advanced Manufacturing Technologies Program. 13503. Supporting research and technical analysis. 13504. Math and science education program. 13505. Integration of research and development. 13506. Definitions. SUBCHAPTER XI—POLICY AND ADMINISTRATIVE PROVISIONS 13521. Policy on major construction projects. 13522. Energy Research, Development, Demonstration, and Commercial Application Advisory Board. 13523. Management plan. 13524. Costs related to decommissioning and storage and disposal of nuclear waste. 13525. Limits on participation by companies. 13526. Uncosted obligations. SUBCHAPTER XII—MISCELLANEOUS
Part A—General Provisions

13541. Research, development, demonstration, and commercial application activities. 13542. Cost sharing.
Part B—Other Miscellaneous Provisions

13551. Repealed. 13552. Use of energy futures for fuel purchases. 13553. Energy subsidy study. 13554. Tar sands. 13555. Consultative Commission on Western Hemisphere Energy and Environment. 13556. Disadvantaged business enterprises. 13557. Sense of Congress on risk assessments. SUBCHAPTER XIII—CLEAN AIR COAL PROGRAM 13571. Purposes. 13572. Authorization of program. 13573. Generation projects. 13574. Air quality enhancement program.


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