SUBCHAPTER I—PAYMENTS TO STATES FOR ELECTION ADMINISTRATION IMPROVEMENTS AND REPLACEMENT OF PUNCH CARD AND LEVER VOTING MACHINES Sec. 15301. Payments to States for activities to improve administration of elections. 15302. Replacement of punch card or lever voting machines. 15303. Guaranteed minimum payment amount. 15304. Authorization of appropriations. 15305. Administration of programs. 15306. Effective date. SUBCHAPTER II—COMMISSION
Part A—Establishment and General Organization

subpart 1—election assistance commission

15321. Establishment. 15322. Duties. 15323. Membership and appointment. 15324. Staff. 15325. Powers. 15326. Dissemination of information. 15327. Annual report. 15328. Requiring majority approval for actions. 15329. Limitation on rulemaking authority. 15330. Authorization of appropriations.
subpart 2—election assistance commission standards board and board of advisors

15341. Establishment. 15342. Duties. 15343. Membership of Standards Board. 15344. Membership of Board of Advisors. 15345. Powers of Boards; no compensation for service. 15346. Status of Boards and members for purposes of claims against Board.
subpart 3—technical guidelines development committee

15361. Technical Guidelines Development Committee. 15362. Process for adoption.
Part B—Testing, Certification, Decertification, and Recertification of Voting System Hardware and Software

15371. Certification and testing of voting systems.
Part C—Studies and Other Activities To Promote Effective Administration of Federal Elections

15381. Periodic studies of election administration issues. 15382. Study, report, and recommendations on best practices for facilitating military and overseas voting. 15383. Report on human factor research. 15384. Study and report on voters who register by mail and use of Social Security information. 15385. Study and report on electronic voting and the electoral process. 15386. Study and report on free absentee ballot postage. 15387. Consultation with Standards Board and Board of Advisors.
Part D—Election Assistance

subpart 1—requirements payments

15401. Requirements payments. 15402. Allocation of funds. 15403. Condition for receipt of funds. 15404. State plan. 15405. Process for development and filing of plan; publication by Commission. 15406. Requirement for public notice and comment. 15407. Authorization of appropriations. 15408. Reports.
subpart 2—payments to states and units of local government to assure access for individuals with disabilities

15421. Payments to States and units of local government to assure access for individuals with disabilities. 15422. Amount of payment. 15423. Requirements for eligibility. 15424. Authorization of appropriations. 15425. Reports.
subpart 3—grants for research on voting technology improvements

15441. Grants for research on voting technology improvements. 15442. Report. 15443. Authorization of appropriations.
subpart 4—pilot program for testing of equipment and technology

15451. Pilot program. 15452. Report. 15453. Authorization of appropriations.
subpart 5—protection and advocacy systems

15461. Payments for protection and advocacy systems. 15462. Authorization of appropriations.
subpart 6—national student and parent mock election

15471. National Student and Parent Mock Election. 15472. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER III—UNIFORM AND NONDISCRIMINATORY ELECTION TECHNOLOGY AND ADMINISTRATION REQUIREMENTS
Part A—Requirements

15481. Voting systems standards. 15482. Provisional voting and voting information requirements. 15483. Computerized statewide voter registration list requirements and requirements for voters who register by mail. 15484. Minimum requirements. 15485. Methods of implementation left to discretion of State.
Part B—Voluntary Guidance

15501. Adoption of voluntary guidance by Commission. 15502. Process for adoption. SUBCHAPTER IV—ENFORCEMENT 15511. Actions by the Attorney General for declaratory and injunctive relief. 15512. Establishment of State-based administrative complaint procedures to remedy grievances. SUBCHAPTER V—HELP AMERICA VOTE COLLEGE PROGRAM 15521. Establishment of program. 15522. Activities under Program. 15523. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER VI—TRANSFER TO COMMISSION OF FUNCTIONS UNDER CERTAIN LAWS 15531. Transfer of functions of Office of Election Administration of Federal Election Commission. 15532. Transfer of functions. 15533. Transfer of property, records, and personnel. 15534. Effective date; transition. SUBCHAPTER VII—MISCELLANEOUS PROVISIONS 15541. State defined. 15542. Audits and repayment of funds. 15543. Review and report on adequacy of existing electoral fraud statutes and penalties. 15544. Other criminal penalties. 15545. No effect on other laws.


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