Sec. 17001. Definitions. 17002. Relationship to other law. SUBCHAPTER I—IMPROVED VEHICLE TECHNOLOGY 17011. Transportation electrification. 17012. Advanced battery loan guarantee program. 17013. Advanced technology vehicles manufacturing incentive program. SUBCHAPTER II—ENERGY SECURITY THROUGH INCREASED PRODUCTION OF BIOFUELS
Part A—Renewable Fuel Standard

17021. Biomass-based diesel and biodiesel labeling. 17022. Grants for production of advanced biofuels.
Part B—Biofuels Research and Development

17031. Biodiesel. 17032. Grants for biofuel production research and development in certain States. 17033. Biofuels and biorefinery information center. 17034. Cellulosic ethanol and biofuels research. 17035. University based research and development grant program.
Part C—Biofuels Infrastructure

17051. Renewable fuel dispenser requirements. 17052. Renewable fuel infrastructure grants. 17053. Federal fleet fueling centers. 17054. Biofuels distribution and advanced biofuels infrastructure. SUBCHAPTER III—ENERGY SAVINGS IN BUILDINGS AND INDUSTRY 17061. Definitions.
Part A—Residential Building Efficiency

17071. Energy Code improvements applicable to manufactured housing.
Part B—High-Performance Commercial Buildings

17081. Commercial high-performance green buildings. 17082. Zero Net Energy Commercial Buildings Initiative. 17083. Public outreach.
Part C—High-Performance Federal Buildings

17091. Leasing. 17092. High-performance green Federal buildings. 17093. Federal green building performance. 17094. Storm water runoff requirements for Federal development projects. 17095. Cost-effective technology acceleration program. 17096. Authorization of appropriations.
Part D—Industrial Energy Efficiency

17111. Energy-intensive industries program. 17112. Energy efficiency for data center buildings.
Part E—General Provisions

17121. Demonstration project. 17122. Research and development. 17123. Green Building Advisory Committee. 17124. Advisory Committee on Energy Efficiency Finance. SUBCHAPTER IV—ENERGY SAVINGS IN GOVERNMENT AND PUBLIC INSTITUTIONS
Part A—Energy Savings Performance Contracting

17131. Training Federal contracting officers to negotiate energy efficiency contracts.
Part B—Energy Efficiency in Federal Agencies

17141. Prohibition on incandescent lamps by Coast Guard. 17142. Procurement and acquisition of alternative fuels. 17143. Government efficiency status reports. 17144. OMB Government efficiency reports and scorecards.
Part C—Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grants

17151. Definitions. 17152. Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant Program. 17153. Allocation of funds. 17154. Use of funds. 17155. Requirements for eligible entities. 17156. Competitive grants. 17157. Review and evaluation. 17158. Funding. SUBCHAPTER V—ACCELERATED RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT
Part A—Solar Energy

17171. Thermal energy storage research and development program. 17172. Solar energy curriculum development and certification grants. 17173. Daylighting systems and direct solar light pipe technology. 17174. Solar air conditioning research and development program. 17175. Photovoltaic demonstration program.
Part B—Geothermal Energy

17191. Definitions. 17192. Hydrothermal research and development. 17193. General geothermal systems research and development. 17194. Enhanced geothermal systems research and development. 17195. Geothermal energy production from oil and gas fields and recovery and production of geopressured gas resources. 17196. Cost sharing and proposal evaluation. 17197. Center for Geothermal Technology Transfer. 17198. GeoPowering America. 17199. Educational pilot program. 17200. Reports. 17201. Applicability of other laws. 17202. Authorization of appropriations. 17203. International geothermal energy development. 17204. High cost region geothermal energy grant program.
Part C—Marine and Hydrokinetic Renewable Energy Technologies

17211. Definition. 17212. Marine and hydrokinetic renewable energy research and development. 17213. National Marine Renewable Energy Research, Development, and Demonstration Centers. 17214. Applicability of other laws. 17215. Authorization of appropriations.
Part D—Energy Storage for Transportation and Electric Power

17231. Energy storage competitiveness.
Part E—Miscellaneous Provisions

17241. Lightweight materials research and development. 17242. Commercial insulation demonstration program. 17243. Bright Tomorrow Lighting Prizes. 17244. Renewable Energy Innovation Manufacturing Partnership. SUBCHAPTER VI—CARBON CAPTURE AND SEQUESTRATION
Part A—Carbon Capture and Sequestration Research, Development, and Demonstration

17251. Carbon capture. 17252. Review of large-scale programs. 17253. Geologic sequestration training and research. 17254. Relation to Safe Drinking Water Act. 17255. Safety research. 17256. University based research and development grant program.
Part B—Carbon Capture and Sequestration Assessment and Framework

17271. Carbon dioxide sequestration capacity assessment. 17272. Assessment of carbon sequestration and methane and nitrous oxide emissions from ecosystems. SUBCHAPTER VII—IMPROVED MANAGEMENT OF ENERGY POLICY
Part A—Management Improvements

17281. National media campaign. 17282. Renewable energy deployment. 17283. Coordination of planned refinery outages. 17284. Assessment of resources. 17285. Sense of Congress relating to the use of renewable resources to generate energy. 17286. Geothermal assessment, exploration information, and priority activities.
Part B—Prohibitions on Market Manipulation and False Information

17301. Prohibition on market manipulation. 17302. Prohibition on false information. 17303. Enforcement by the Federal Trade Commission. 17304. Penalties. 17305. Effect on other laws. SUBCHAPTER VIII—INTERNATIONAL ENERGY PROGRAMS 17321. Definitions.
Part A—Assistance to Promote Clean and Efficient Energy Technologies in Foreign Countries

17331. United States assistance for developing countries. 17332. United States exports and outreach programs for India, China, and other countries. 17333. United States trade missions to encourage private sector trade and investment. 17334. Actions by Overseas Private Investment Corporation. 17335. Actions by United States Trade and Development Agency. 17336. Deployment of international clean and efficient energy technologies and investment in global energy markets. 17337. United States-Israel energy cooperation.
Part B—International Clean Energy Foundation

17351. Definitions. 17352. Establishment and management of Foundation. 17353. Duties of Foundation. 17354. Annual report. 17355. Powers of the Foundation; related provisions. 17356. General personnel authorities. 17357. Authorization of appropriations.
Part C—Miscellaneous Provisions

17371. Energy diplomacy and security within the Department of State. 17372. Annual national energy security strategy report. 17373. Convention on Supplementary Compensation for Nuclear Damage contingent cost allocation. 17374. Transparency in extractive industries resource payments. SUBCHAPTER IX—SMART GRID 17381. Statement of policy on modernization of electricity grid. 17382. Smart grid system report. 17383. Smart Grid Advisory Committee and Smart Grid Task Force. 17384. Smart grid technology research, development, and demonstration. 17385. Smart grid interoperability framework. 17386. Federal matching fund for smart grid investment costs.


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