SUBCHAPTER I—IMMEDIATE ACTIONS TO PRESERVE AND EXPAND COVERAGE Sec. 18001. Immediate access to insurance for uninsured individuals with a preexisting condition. 18002. Reinsurance for early retirees. 18003. Immediate information that allows consumers to identify affordable coverage options. SUBCHAPTER II—OTHER PROVISIONS 18011. Preservation of right to maintain existing coverage. 18012. Rating reforms must apply uniformly to all health insurance issuers and group health plans. 18013. Annual report on self-insured plans. SUBCHAPTER III—AVAILABLE COVERAGE CHOICES FOR ALL AMERICANS
Part A—Establishment of Qualified Health Plans

18021. Qualified health plan defined. 18022. Essential health benefits requirements. 18023. Special rules. 18024. Related definitions.
Part B—Consumer Choices and Insurance Competition Through Health Benefit Exchanges

18031. Affordable choices of health benefit plans. 18032. Consumer choice. 18033. Financial integrity.
Part C—State Flexibility Relating To Exchanges

18041. State flexibility in operation and enforcement of Exchanges and related requirements. 18042. Federal program to assist establishment and operation of nonprofit, member-run health insurance issuers. 18043. Funding for the territories. 18044. Level playing field.
Part D—State Flexibility To Establish Alternative Programs

18051. State flexibility to establish basic health programs for low-income individuals not eligible for medicaid. 18052. Waiver for State innovation. 18053. Provisions relating to offering of plans in more than one State. 18054. Multi-State plans.
Part E—Reinsurance and Risk Adjustment

18061. Transitional reinsurance program for individual market in each State. 18062. Establishment of risk corridors for plans in individual and small group markets. 18063. Risk adjustment. SUBCHAPTER IV—AFFORDABLE COVERAGE CHOICES FOR ALL AMERICANS
Part A—Premium Tax Credits and Cost-Sharing Reductions

18071. Reduced cost-sharing for individuals enrolling in qualified health plans.
Part B—Eligibility Determinations

18081. Procedures for determining eligibility for Exchange participation, premium tax credits and reduced cost-sharing, and individual responsibility exemptions. 18082. Advance determination and payment of premium tax credits and cost-sharing reductions. 18083. Streamlining of procedures for enrollment through an Exchange and State medicaid, CHIP, and health subsidy programs. 18084. Premium tax credit and cost-sharing reduction payments disregarded for Federal and federally-assisted programs. SUBCHAPTER V—SHARED RESPONSIBILITY FOR HEALTH CARE
Part A—Individual Responsibility

18091. Requirement to maintain minimum essential coverage; findings. 18092. Notification of nonenrollment.
Part B—Employer Responsibilities

18101. Repealed. SUBCHAPTER VI—MISCELLANEOUS PROVISIONS 18111. Definitions. 18112. Transparency in Government. 18113. Prohibition against discrimination on assisted suicide. 18114. Access to therapies. 18115. Freedom not to participate in Federal health insurance programs. 18116. Nondiscrimination. 18117. Oversight. 18118. Rules of construction. 18119. Small business procurement. 18120. Application. 18121. Implementation funding.


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