Sec. 18301. Findings. 18302. Definitions. SUBCHAPTER I—POLICY, GOALS, AND OBJECTIVES FOR HUMAN SPACE FLIGHT AND EXPLORATION 18311. United States human space flight policy. 18312. Goals and objectives. 18313. Assurance of core capabilities. SUBCHAPTER II—EXPANSION OF HUMAN SPACE FLIGHT BEYOND THE INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION AND LOW-EARTH ORBIT 18321. Human space flight beyond low-Earth orbit. 18322. Space Launch System as follow-on launch vehicle to the Space Shuttle. 18323. Multi-purpose crew vehicle. 18324. Utilization of existing workforce and assets in development of Space Launch System and multi-purpose crew vehicle. 18325. NASA launch support and infrastructure modernization program. 18326. Development of technologies and in-space capabilities for beyond near-Earth space missions. 18327. Report requirement. SUBCHAPTER III—DEVELOPMENT AND USE OF COMMERCIAL CREW AND CARGO TRANSPORTATION CAPABILITIES 18341. Commercial Cargo Development program. 18342. Requirements applicable to development of commercial crew transportation capabilities and services. SUBCHAPTER IV—CONTINUATION, SUPPORT, AND EVOLUTION OF THE INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION 18351. Continuation of the International Space Station through 2020. 18352. Maximum utilization of the International Space Station. 18353. Maintenance of the United States segment and assurance of continued operations of the International Space Station. 18354. Management of the ISS national laboratory. SUBCHAPTER V—SPACE SHUTTLE RETIREMENT AND TRANSITION 18361. Sense of Congress on the Space Shuttle program. 18362. Retirement of Space Shuttle orbiters and transition of Space Shuttle program. 18363. Disposition of orbiter vehicles. SUBCHAPTER VI—EARTH SCIENCE 18371. Interagency collaboration implementation approach. 18372. Transitioning experimental research to operations. 18373. Decadal Survey missions implementation for Earth observation. 18374. Instrument test-beds and venture class missions. SUBCHAPTER VII—SPACE SCIENCE 18381. Technology development. 18382. Suborbital research activities. 18383. In-space servicing. 18384. Decadal results. 18385. On-going restoration of radioisotope thermoelectric generator material production. 18386. Collaboration with ESMD and SOMD on robotic missions. 18387. Near-Earth object survey and policy with respect to threats posed. 18388. Space weather. SUBCHAPTER VIII—AERONAUTICS AND SPACE TECHNOLOGY 18401. Aeronautics research goals. 18402. Research collaboration. 18403. Goal for Agency space technology. 18404. National space technology policy. 18405. Commercial Reusable Suborbital Research Program. SUBCHAPTER IX—EDUCATION 18421. Study of potential commercial orbital platform program impact on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. SUBCHAPTER X—RE-SCOPING AND REVITALIZING INSTITUTIONAL CAPABILITIES 18431. Workforce stabilization and critical skills preservation. SUBCHAPTER XI—OTHER MATTERS 18441. National and international orbital debris mitigation. 18442. Reports on program and cost assessment and control assessment. 18443. Eligibility for service of individual currently serving as Administrator of NASA. 18444. Counterfeit parts. 18445. Information security.


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