Sec. 1962. Congressional statement of policy. 1962–1. Effect on existing laws. 1962–2. Congressional statement of objectives. 1962–3. Water resources principles and guidelines. SUBCHAPTER I—WATER RESOURCES COUNCIL 1962a. Establishment; composition; other Federal agency participation; designation of Chairman. 1962a–1. Powers and duties. 1962a–2. Principles, standards, and procedures for Federal projects. 1962a–3. Review of river basin commission plans; report to President and Congress. 1962a–4. Administrative provisions. SUBCHAPTER II—RIVER BASIN COMMISSIONS 1962b. Creation of commissions; powers and duties. 1962b–1. Membership of commissions; appointment of chairman. 1962b–2. Organization of commissions. 1962b–3. Duties of commissions. 1962b–4. Administrative provisions. 1962b–5. Compensation of members and chairmen. 1962b–6. Expenses of commissions. SUBCHAPTER III—FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE TO STATES FOR COMPREHENSIVE PLANNING GRANT AUTHORIZATIONS 1962c. Authorization of appropriations; coordination of related Federal planning assistance programs; utilization of Federal agencies administering programs contributing to water resources planning. 1962c–1. Allotments to States: basis, population and land area determinations; payments to States: amount. 1962c–2. State programs; approval by Council; submission; requirements; notice and hearing prior to disapproval. 1962c–3. Noncompliance; curtailing of payments. 1962c–4. Payments to States; computation of amount. 1962c–5. “State” defined. 1962c–6. Records; audit and examination. SUBCHAPTER IV—MISCELLANEOUS PROVISIONS 1962d. Authorization of appropriations to the Water Resources Council. 1962d–1. Rules and regulations. 1962d–2. Delegation of functions. 1962d–3. Utilization of personnel. 1962d–4. Northeastern United States water supply. 1962d–5. Water resources development projects involving navigation, flood control, and shore protection. 1962d–5a. Reimbursement to States. 1962d–5b. Written agreement requirement for water resources projects. 1962d–5c. Non-Federal public bodies, installment construction payments. 1962d–5d. Authorization of Secretary of the Army to contract with States and political subdivisions for increased law enforcement services during peak visitation periods; authorization of appropriations. 1962d–5e. Wetland areas. 1962d–5f. Beach nourishment. 1962d–5g. Hydroelectric power resources. 1962d–6. Feasibility studies; acceleration; advancement of costs by non-Federal sources. 1962d–7. Delmarva Peninsula hydrologic study; duties of Secretary of the Interior. 1962d–8. Reports on Delmarva Peninsula hydrologic study. 1962d–9. Information from Federal agencies for Delmarva Peninsula study. 1962d–10. Cooperation with agencies on Delmarva Peninsula study. 1962d–11. Authorization of appropriation for Delmarva Peninsula study. 1962d–11a. Potomac River water diversion structure. 1962d–11b. Dalecarlia Reservoir; delivery of water to metropolitan Maryland; expenses; payments; purchase of water from State or local authorities in Maryland or Virginia. 1962d–12 to 1962d–14. Repealed. 1962d–14a. Alaska hydroelectric power development. 1962d–15. Protection of United States from liability for damages; exception of damages due to fault or negligence of United States. 1962d–16. Comprehensive plans for development, utilization, and conservation of water and related resources. 1962d–17. Regional or river basin plans and Federal water and related land resources projects; preparation, formulation, and evaluation. 1962d–18. Study of depletion of natural resources of regions of Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, and Nebraska utilizing Ogallala aquifer; plans; reports to Congress; authorization of appropriation. 1962d–19. Cooperation of Secretary of the Interior with State and local regulatory and law enforcement officials in enforcement of laws or ordinances in connection with Federal resource protection, etc., within Federal water resource development project; funding. 1962d–20. Prohibition on Great Lakes diversions. 1962d–21. John Glenn Great Lakes basin program. 1962d–22. Great Lakes fishery and ecosystem restoration.


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