42 U.S. Code Chapter 20 - ELECTIVE FRANCHISE

SUBCHAPTER I—GENERALLY Sec. 1971. Voting rights. 1972. Interference with freedom of elections. SUBCHAPTER I–A—ENFORCEMENT OF VOTING RIGHTS 1973. Denial or abridgement of right to vote on account of race or color through voting qualifications or prerequisites; establishment of violation. 1973a. Proceeding to enforce the right to vote. 1973b. Suspension of the use of tests or devices in determining eligibility to vote. 1973c. Alteration of voting qualifications; procedure and appeal; purpose or effect of diminishing the ability of citizens to elect their preferred candidates. 1973d, 1973e. Repealed. 1973f. Use of observers. 1973g. Repealed. 1973h. Poll taxes. 1973i. Prohibited acts. 1973j. Civil and criminal sanctions. 1973k. Termination of assignment of observers. 1973l. Enforcement proceedings. 1973m. Omitted. 1973n. Impairment of voting rights of persons holding current registration. 1973o. Authorization of appropriations. 1973p. Separability. 1973q. Construction. SUBCHAPTER I–B—SUPPLEMENTAL PROVISIONS 1973aa. Application of prohibition to other States; “test or device” defined. 1973aa–1. Residence requirements for voting. 1973aa–1a. Bilingual election requirements. 1973aa–2. Judicial relief; civil actions by the Attorney General; three-judge district court; appeal to Supreme Court. 1973aa–3. Penalty. 1973aa–4. Separability. 1973aa–5. Survey to compile registration and voting statistics. 1973aa–6. Voting assistance for blind, disabled or illiterate persons. SUBCHAPTER I–C—EIGHTEEN-YEAR-OLD VOTING AGE 1973bb. Enforcement of twenty-sixth amendment. 1973bb–1. “State” defined. 1973bb–2 to 1973bb–4. Repealed. SUBCHAPTER I–D—FEDERAL ABSENTEE VOTING ASSISTANCE
Part I—Recommendation to States

1973cc to 1973cc–3. Repealed.
Part II—Responsibilities of Federal Government

1973cc–11 to 1973cc–15. Repealed.
Part III—General Provisions

1973cc–21 to 1973cc–26. Repealed. SUBCHAPTER I–E—VOTING RIGHTS OF OVERSEAS CITIZENS 1973dd to 1973dd–6. Repealed. SUBCHAPTER I–F—VOTING ACCESSIBILITY FOR THE ELDERLY AND HANDICAPPED 1973ee. Congressional declaration of purpose. 1973ee–1. Selection of polling facilities. 1973ee–2. Selection of registration facilities. 1973ee–3. Registration and voting aids. 1973ee–4. Enforcement. 1973ee–5. Relationship to Voting Rights Act of 1965. 1973ee–6. Definitions. SUBCHAPTER I–G—REGISTRATION AND VOTING BY ABSENT UNIFORMED SERVICES VOTERS AND OVERSEAS VOTERS IN ELECTIONS FOR FEDERAL OFFICE 1973ff. Federal responsibilities. 1973ff–1. State responsibilities. 1973ff–2. Federal write-in absentee ballot in general elections for Federal office for absent uniformed services voters and overseas voters. 1973ff–2a. Procedures for collection and delivery of marked absentee ballots of absent overseas uniformed services voters. 1973ff–2b. Federal Voting Assistance Program Improvements. 1973ff–3. Prohibition of refusal of applications on grounds of early submission. 1973ff–4. Enforcement. 1973ff–4a. Reporting requirements. 1973ff–5. Effect on certain other laws. 1973ff–6. Definitions. 1973ff–7. Technology pilot program. SUBCHAPTER I–H—NATIONAL VOTER REGISTRATION 1973gg. Findings and purposes. 1973gg–1. Definitions. 1973gg–2. National procedures for voter registration for elections for Federal office. 1973gg–3. Simultaneous application for voter registration and application for motor vehicle driver’s license. 1973gg–4. Mail registration. 1973gg–5. Voter registration agencies. 1973gg–6. Requirements with respect to administration of voter registration. 1973gg–7. Federal coordination and regulations. 1973gg–8. Designation of chief State election official. 1973gg–9. Civil enforcement and private right of action. 1973gg–10. Criminal penalties. SUBCHAPTER II—FEDERAL ELECTION RECORDS 1974. Retention and preservation of records and papers by officers of elections; deposit with custodian; penalty for violation. 1974a. Theft, destruction, concealment, mutilation, or alteration of records or papers; penalties. 1974b. Demand for records or papers by Attorney General or representative; statement of basis and purpose. 1974c. Disclosure of records or papers. 1974d. Jurisdiction to compel production of records or papers. 1974e. “Officer of election” defined.


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