Division A—Atomic Energy SUBCHAPTER I—GENERAL PROVISIONS Sec. 2011. Congressional declaration of policy. 2012. Congressional findings. 2013. Purpose of chapter. 2014. Definitions. 2015. Transfer of property. 2015a. Cold standby. 2015b. Scholarship and fellowship program. 2015c. Partnership program with institutions of higher education. 2016. Repealed. 2017. Authorization of appropriations. 2017a to 2017b. Omitted. 2018. Agency jurisdiction. 2019. Applicability of Federal Power Act. 2020. Licensing of Government agencies. 2021. Cooperation with States. 2021a. Storage or disposal facility planning. 2021b. Definitions. 2021c. Responsibilities for disposal of low-level radioactive waste. 2021d. Regional compacts for disposal of low-level radioactive waste. 2021e. Limited availability of certain regional disposal facilities during transition and licensing periods. 2021f. Emergency access. 2021g. Responsibilities of Department of Energy. 2021h. Alternative disposal methods. 2021i. Licensing review and approval. 2021j. Radioactive waste below regulatory concern. 2022. Health and environmental standards for uranium mill tailings. 2023. State authority to regulate radiation below level of regulatory concern of Nuclear Regulatory Commission. SUBCHAPTER II—ORGANIZATION 2031, 2032. Repealed. 2033. Principal office. 2034. General Manager, Deputy and Assistant General Managers. 2035. Divisions, offices, and positions. 2036, 2037. Repealed. 2038. Appointment of Army, Navy, or Air Force officer as Assistant General Manager for Military Application; Chairman of Military Liaison Committee; compensation. 2039. Advisory Committee on Reactor Safeguards; composition; tenure; duties; compensation. 2040. Fellowship program of Advisory Committee on Reactor Safeguards; selection of fellowships. SUBCHAPTER III—RESEARCH 2051. Research and development assistance. 2052. Research by Commission. 2053. Research for others; charges. SUBCHAPTER IV—PRODUCTION OF SPECIAL NUCLEAR MATERIAL 2061. Production facilities. 2062. Irradiation of materials. 2063. Acquisition of production facilities. 2064. Disposition of energy; regulation on sale. 2065. Improving the reliability of domestic medical isotope supply. SUBCHAPTER V—SPECIAL NUCLEAR MATERIAL 2071. Determination of other material as special nuclear material; Presidential assent; effective date. 2072. Repealed. 2073. Domestic distribution of special nuclear material. 2074. Foreign distribution of special nuclear material. 2075. Acquisition of special nuclear material; payments; just compensation. 2076. Guaranteed purchase prices. 2077. Unauthorized dealings in special nuclear material. 2078. Congressional review of guaranteed purchase price, guaranteed purchase price period, and criteria for waiver of charges. SUBCHAPTER VI—SOURCE MATERIAL 2091. Determination of source material. 2092. License requirements for transfers. 2093. Domestic distribution of source material. 2094. Foreign distribution of source material. 2095. Reports. 2096. Acquisition of source material; payments. 2097. Operations on lands belonging to United States. 2098. Public and acquired lands. 2099. Prohibitions against issuance of license. SUBCHAPTER VII—BYPRODUCT MATERIALS 2111. Domestic distribution. 2112. Foreign distribution of byproduct material. 2113. Ownership and custody of certain byproduct material and disposal sites. 2114. Authorities of Commission respecting certain byproduct material. SUBCHAPTER VIII—MILITARY APPLICATION OF ATOMIC ENERGY 2121. Authority of Commission. 2122. Prohibitions governing atomic weapons. 2122a. Repealed. 2123. Transferred. SUBCHAPTER IX—ATOMIC ENERGY LICENSES 2131. License required. 2132. Utilization and production facilities for industrial or commercial purposes. 2133. Commercial licenses. 2134. Medical, industrial, and commercial licenses. 2135. Antitrust provisions governing licenses. 2136. Classes of facilities. 2137. Operators’ licenses. 2138. Suspension of licenses during war or national emergency. 2139. Component and other parts of facilities. 2139a. Regulations implementing requirements relating to licensing for components and other parts of facilities. 2140. Exclusions from license requirement. 2141. Licensing by Nuclear Regulatory Commission of distribution of special nuclear material, source material, and byproduct material by Department of Energy. 2142. Domestic medical isotope production. SUBCHAPTER X—INTERNATIONAL ACTIVITIES 2151. Effect of international arrangements. 2152. Policies contained in international arrangements. 2153. Cooperation with other nations. 2153a. Approval for enrichment after export of source or special nuclear material; export of major critical components of enrichment facilities. 2153b. Export policies relating to peaceful nuclear activities and international nuclear trade. 2153c. Renegotiation of agreements for cooperation. 2153d. Authority to continue agreements for cooperation entered into prior to March 10, 1978. 2153e. Protection of environment. 2153e–1. Effectiveness of rule, regulation, or procedure with regard to exports subject to Nuclear Non-Proliferation Act of 1978. 2153f. Savings clause; Nuclear Non-Proliferation Act of 1978. 2154. International atomic pool. 2155. Export licensing procedures. 2155a. Regulations establishing Commission procedures covering grant, suspension, revocation, or amendment of nuclear export licenses or exemptions. 2156. Criteria governing United States nuclear exports. 2156a. Regulations establishing levels of physical security to protect facilities and material. 2157. Additional export criterion and procedures. 2158. Conduct resulting in termination of nuclear exports. 2159. Congressional review procedures. 2160. Subsequent arrangements. 2160a. Review of Nuclear Proliferation Assessment Statements. 2160b. Authority to suspend nuclear cooperation with nations which have not ratified the Convention on the Physical Security of Nuclear Material. 2160c. Consultation with Department of Defense concerning certain exports and subsequent arrangements. 2160d. Further restrictions on exports. SUBCHAPTER XI—CONTROL OF INFORMATION 2161. Policy of Commission. 2162. Classification and declassification of Restricted Data. 2163. Access to Restricted Data. 2164. International cooperation. 2165. Security restrictions. 2166. Applicability of other laws. 2167. Safeguards information. 2168. Dissemination of unclassified information. 2169. Fingerprinting for criminal history record checks. SUBCHAPTER XII—PATENTS AND INVENTIONS 2181. Inventions relating to atomic weapons, and filing of reports. 2182. Inventions conceived during Commission contracts; ownership; waiver; hearings. 2183. Nonmilitary utilization. 2184. Injunctions; measure of damages. 2185. Prior art. 2186. Commission patent licenses. 2187. Compensation, awards, and royalties. 2188. Monopolistic use of patents. 2189. Federally financed research. 2190. Saving clause for prior patent applications. SUBCHAPTER XIII—GENERAL AUTHORITY OF COMMISSION 2201. General duties of Commission. 2201a. Use of firearms by security personnel. 2202. Contracts. 2203. Advisory committees. 2204. Electric utility contracts; authority to enter into; cancellation; submission to Energy Committees. 2204a. Fission product contracts. 2205. Contract practices. 2205a. Repealed. 2206. Comptroller General audit. 2207. Claim settlements; reports to Congress. 2208. Payments in lieu of taxes. 2209. Subsidies. 2210. Indemnification and limitation of liability. 2210a. Conflicts of interest relating to contracts and other arrangements. 2210b. Uranium supply. 2210c. Elimination of pension offset for certain rehired Federal retirees. 2210d. Security evaluations. 2210e. Design basis threat rulemaking. 2210f. Recruitment tools. 2210g. Expenses authorized to be paid by the Commission. 2210h. Radiation source protection. 2210i. Secure transfer of nuclear materials. 2211. Payment of claims or judgments for damage resulting from nuclear incident involving nuclear reactor of United States warship; exception; terms and conditions. 2212, 2213. Repealed or Transferred. 2214. NRC user fees and annual charges. SUBCHAPTER XIV—COMPENSATION FOR PRIVATE PROPERTY ACQUIRED 2221. Just compensation for requisitioned property. 2222. Condemnation of real property. 2223. Patent application disclosures. 2224. Attorney General approval of title. SUBCHAPTER XV—JUDICIAL REVIEW AND ADMINISTRATIVE PROCEDURE 2231. Applicability of administrative procedure provisions; definitions. 2232. License applications. 2233. Terms of licenses. 2234. Inalienability of licenses. 2235. Construction permits and operating licenses. 2236. Revocation of licenses. 2237. Modification of license. 2238. Continued operation of facilities. 2239. Hearings and judicial review. 2240. Licensee incident reports as evidence. 2241. Atomic safety and licensing boards; establishment; membership; functions; compensation. 2242. Temporary operating license. 2243. Licensing of uranium enrichment facilities. SUBCHAPTER XVI—JOINT COMMITTEE ON ATOMIC ENERGY 2251 to 2257. Repealed. 2258. Joint Committee on Atomic Energy abolished. 2259. Information and assistance to Congressional committees. SUBCHAPTER XVII—ENFORCEMENT OF CHAPTER 2271. General provisions. 2272. Violation of specific sections. 2273. Violation of sections. 2274. Communication of Restricted Data. 2275. Receipt of Restricted Data. 2276. Tampering with Restricted Data. 2277. Disclosure of Restricted Data. 2278. Statute of limitations. 2278a. Trespass on Commission installations. 2278b. Photographing, etc., of Commission installations; penalty. 2279. Applicability of other laws. 2280. Injunction proceedings. 2281. Contempt proceedings. 2282. Civil penalties. 2282a. Civil monetary penalties for violation of Department of Energy safety regulations. 2282b. Civil monetary penalties for violations of Department of Energy regulations regarding security of classified or sensitive information or data. 2282c. Worker health and safety rules for Department of Energy nuclear facilities. 2283. Protection of nuclear inspectors. 2284. Sabotage of nuclear facilities or fuel. SUBCHAPTER XVII–A—DEFENSE NUCLEAR FACILITIES SAFETY BOARD 2286. Establishment. 2286a. Mission and functions of Board. 2286b. Powers of Board. 2286c. Responsibilities of Secretary of Energy. 2286d. Board recommendations. 2286e. Reports. 2286f. Judicial review. 2286g. “Department of Energy defense nuclear facility” defined. 2286h. Contract authority subject to appropriations. 2286h–1. Transmittal of certain information to Congress. 2286i. Annual authorization of appropriations. 2286j. Procurement of inspector general services. 2286k. Inspector General. SUBCHAPTER XVIII—EURATOM COOPERATION 2291. Definitions. 2292. Authorization of appropriations for research and development program; authority to enter into contracts; period of contracts; equivalent amounts for research and development program. 2293. Omitted. 2294. Authorization for sale or lease of uranium and plutonium; amounts; lien for nonpayment; uranium enrichment services. 2295. Acquisition of nuclear materials. 2296. Nonliability of United States; indemnification. SUBCHAPTER XIX—REMEDIAL ACTION AND URANIUM REVITALIZATION
Part A—Remedial Action at Active Processing Sites

2296a. Remedial action program. 2296a–1. Regulations. 2296a–2. Authorization of appropriations. 2296a–3. Definitions.
Part B—Uranium Revitalization

2296b. Overfeed program. 2296b–1. National Strategic Uranium Reserve. 2296b–2. Sale of remaining DOE inventories. 2296b–3. Responsibility for the industry. 2296b–4. Annual uranium purchase reports. 2296b–5. Uranium inventory study. 2296b–6. Regulatory treatment of uranium purchases. 2296b–7. Definitions. Division B—United States Enrichment Corporation SUBCHAPTER I—GENERAL PROVISIONS 2297, 2297a. Repealed. SUBCHAPTER II—ESTABLISHMENT, POWERS, AND ORGANIZATION OF CORPORATION 2297b to 2297b–15. Repealed. SUBCHAPTER III—RIGHTS, PRIVILEGES, AND ASSETS OF CORPORATION 2297c to 2297c–7. Repealed. SUBCHAPTER IV—PRIVATIZATION OF CORPORATION 2297d, 2297d–1. Repealed. SUBCHAPTER V—AVLIS AND ALTERNATIVE TECHNOLOGIES FOR URANIUM ENRICHMENT 2297e to 2297e–7. Repealed. SUBCHAPTER VI—LICENSING AND REGULATION OF URANIUM ENRICHMENT FACILITIES 2297f. Gaseous diffusion facilities. 2297f–1. Licensing of other technologies. 2297f–2. Regulation of Restricted Data. SUBCHAPTER VII—DECONTAMINATION AND DECOMMISSIONING 2297g. Uranium Enrichment Decontamination and Decommissioning Fund. 2297g–1. Deposits. 2297g–2. Department facilities. 2297g–3. Employee provisions. 2297g–4. Reports to Congress. SUBCHAPTER VIII—UNITED STATES ENRICHMENT CORPORATION PRIVATIZATION 2297h. Definitions. 2297h–1. Sale of Corporation. 2297h–2. Method of sale. 2297h–3. Establishment of private corporation. 2297h–4. Transfers to private corporation. 2297h–5. Leasing of gaseous diffusion facilities. 2297h–6. Transfer of contracts. 2297h–7. Liabilities. 2297h–8. Employee protections. 2297h–9. Ownership limitations. 2297h–10. Uranium transfers and sales. 2297h–10a. Incentives for additional downblending of highly enriched uranium by the Russian Federation. 2297h–11. Low-level waste. 2297h–12. AVLIS. 2297h–13. Application of certain laws.


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