SUBCHAPTER I—GENERAL PROVISIONS Sec. 2301. Congressional declaration of policy. 2302. Congressional findings. 2303. Purpose of chapter. 2304. Definitions. 2305. Powers of Atomic Energy Commission. 2306. Qualification to purchase. 2307. Form and contents of contracts, mortgages, and other instruments. 2308. Conclusive evidence of compliance with chapter. 2309. Administrative review. 2310. Repossession of property; powers of Commission. 2311. Community Disposal Operations Fund. 2312. Authorization of appropriations. 2313. Transfer of functions. 2314, 2315. Repealed. SUBCHAPTER II—LOTS, APPRAISALS, AND PRICES 2321. Lots; establishment of boundaries. 2322. Appraisal of property. 2323. Basis of appraisal. 2324. Posting of lists showing appraised value. 2325. Sales price. 2326. Deductions from sales price. SUBCHAPTER III—CLASSIFICATION OF PROPERTY AND PRIORITIES 2331. Classification of property. 2332. Priorities; uniformity; preferences; impairment of rights. 2333. Transfer of priorities. SUBCHAPTER IV—SALES OF PROPERTY FOR PRIVATE USE 2341. Applicability of subchapter. 2342. Disposal of property. 2343. Sales. 2344. Cash sales. 2345. Deeds; form and provisions. 2346. Occupancy by existing tenants. 2347. Sale of lots to lessees or individual owners. 2348. Priority sale of apartment houses. 2349. Hanford project; disposal of property. SUBCHAPTER V—FINANCING 2361. Contract to purchase by priority purchaser. 2362. Financing by Commission. 2363. Indemnity obligation of Commission; incorporation by reference in deed. 2364. Community employment and population. 2365. Amount of indemnity. 2366. Conditions of indemnity; purchase of property by Commission. SUBCHAPTER VI—UTILITIES 2371. Transfer of utilities. 2372. Date of transfer of utilities. 2373. Transfer to governmental or other legal entity; determination of transferee. 2374. Utilities transferable. 2375. Gift of utility to city; charges and terms for utilities transferred to other transferees. SUBCHAPTER VII—MUNICIPALITIES 2381. Assistance in organization. 2382. Transfer of municipal installations. 2383. Date of transfer. 2384. Transfer to governmental entity or private nonprofit organization; determination of transferee. 2385. Installations transferable. 2386. Transfer of installations without charge. SUBCHAPTER VIII—LOCAL ASSISTANCE 2391. Assistance to governmental entities. 2392. Reduction of payments. 2393. Payments in anticipation of services; withholding of payments. 2394. Contract to make payments.


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