Sec. 3121. Findings and declarations. 3122. Definitions. 3123. Discrimination on basis of sex prohibited in federally assisted programs. SUBCHAPTER I—ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT PARTNERSHIPS COOPERATION AND COORDINATION 3131. Establishment of economic development partnerships. 3132. Cooperation of Federal agencies. 3133. Coordination. SUBCHAPTER II—GRANTS FOR PUBLIC WORKS AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT 3141. Grants for public works and economic development. 3142. Base closings and realignments. 3143. Grants for planning and grants for administrative expenses. 3144. Cost sharing. 3145. Supplementary grants. 3146. Regulations on relative needs and allocations. 3147. Grants for training, research, and technical assistance. 3148. Repealed. 3149. Grants for economic adjustment. 3150. Changed project circumstances. 3151. Use of funds in projects constructed under projected cost. 3152. Reports by recipients. 3153. Prohibition on use of funds for attorney’s and consultant’s fees. 3154. Special impact areas. 3154a. Performance awards. 3154b. Planning performance awards. 3154c. Direct expenditure or redistribution by recipient. 3154d. Brightfields demonstration program. SUBCHAPTER III—ELIGIBILITY; COMPREHENSIVE ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT STRATEGIES 3161. Eligibility of areas. 3162. Comprehensive economic development strategies. SUBCHAPTER IV—ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT DISTRICTS 3171. Designation of economic development districts. 3172. Termination or modification of economic development districts. 3173. Repealed. 3174. Provision of comprehensive economic development strategies to Regional Commissions. 3175. Assistance to parts of economic development districts not in eligible areas. SUBCHAPTER V—ADMINISTRATION 3191. Assistant Secretary for Economic Development. 3192. Economic development information clearinghouse. 3193. Consultation with other persons and agencies. 3194. Administration, operation, and maintenance. 3195. Repealed. 3196. Performance evaluations of grant recipients. 3197. Notification of reorganization. SUBCHAPTER VI—MISCELLANEOUS 3211. Powers of Secretary. 3212. Maintenance of standards. 3213. Annual report to Congress. 3214. Delegation of functions and transfer of funds among Federal agencies. 3215. Penalties. 3216. Employment of expediters and administrative employees. 3217. Maintenance and public inspection of list of approved applications for financial assistance. 3218. Records and audits. 3219. Relationship to assistance under other law. 3220. Acceptance of certifications by applicants. 3221. Brownfields redevelopment report. 3222. Savings clause. SUBCHAPTER VII—FUNDING 3231. General authorization of appropriations. 3232. Authorization of appropriations for defense conversion activities. 3233. Authorization of appropriations for disaster economic recovery activities. 3234. Funding for grants for planning and grants for administrative expenses.


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