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Sec. 3701. Repealed. 3702. State and local governments to consider courts. SUBCHAPTER I—OFFICE OF JUSTICE PROGRAMS 3711. Establishment of Office of Justice Programs. 3712. Duties and functions of Assistant Attorney General. 3712a. Office of Weed and Seed Strategies. 3712b. Weed and Seed strategies. 3712c. Inclusion of Indian tribes. 3712d. Transferred. 3712e. Community Capacity Development Office. 3712f. Division of Applied Law Enforcement Technology. 3712g. Availability of funds. 3712h. Office of Audit, Assessment, and Management. 3713. State grant program for training and prosecution of computer crimes. 3713a. Local law enforcement grants. 3713b. Improved investigative and forensic resources for enforcement of laws related to intellectual property crimes. 3713c. Additional funding for resources to investigate and prosecute intellectual property crimes and other criminal activity involving computers. 3713d. Annual reports. 3714. Grant program for State and local domestic preparedness support. 3714a. Grants to States for threat assessment databases. 3715. Office of Justice Programs grants, cooperative agreements, and contracts. 3715a. Consolidation of financial management systems of Office of Justice Programs. 3716. Support for criminal investigations and prosecutions by State, local, and tribal law enforcement officials. 3716a. Grant program. SUBCHAPTER II—NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF JUSTICE 3721. Statement of purpose. 3722. National Institute of Justice. 3723. Authority for 100 per centum grants. 3724. Repealed. SUBCHAPTER III—BUREAU OF JUSTICE STATISTICS 3731. Statement of purpose. 3732. Bureau of Justice Statistics. 3733. Authority for 100 per centum grants. 3734. Repealed. 3735. Use of data. SUBCHAPTER IV—ESTABLISHMENT OF BUREAU OF JUSTICE ASSISTANCE 3741. Establishment of Bureau of Justice Assistance. 3742. Duties and functions of Director. 3743. Grants for young witness assistance. SUBCHAPTER V—BUREAU OF JUSTICE ASSISTANCE GRANT PROGRAMS
Part A—Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant Program

3750. Name of program. 3751. Description. 3752. Applications. 3753. Review of applications. 3754. Rules. 3755. Formula. 3756. Reserved funds. 3757. Interest-bearing trust funds. 3758. Authorization of appropriations.
Part B—Discretionary Grants

subpart 1—grants to public and private entities

3760 to 3762. Repealed.
subpart 2—grants to public agencies

3762a. Correctional options grants. 3762b. Allocation of funds; administrative provisions.
subpart 3—general requirements

3763. Application requirements. 3764. Period of award.
subpart 4—grants to private entities

3765. Crime prevention campaign grant.
Part C—Administrative Provisions

3766. Evaluation. 3766a. General provisions. 3766b. Reports. SUBCHAPTER VI—CRIMINAL JUSTICE FACILITY CONSTRUCTION: PILOT PROGRAM 3769 to 3769d. Repealed. SUBCHAPTER VII—FBI TRAINING OF STATE AND LOCAL CRIMINAL JUSTICE PERSONNEL 3771. Training and manpower development. SUBCHAPTER VIII—ADMINISTRATIVE PROVISIONS 3781. Repealed. 3782. Rules, regulations, and procedures; consultations and establishment. 3783. Notice and hearing on denial or termination of grant. 3784. Finality of determinations. 3785. Repealed. 3786. Delegation of functions. 3787. Subpoena power; employment of hearing officers; authority to hold hearings. 3788. Personnel and administrative authority. 3789. Title to personal property. 3789a to 3789c. Repealed. 3789d. Prohibition of Federal control over State and local criminal justice agencies; prohibition of discrimination. 3789e. Report to President and Congress. 3789f. Other administrative provisions. 3789g. Confidentiality of information. 3789h. Repealed. 3789i. Administration of juvenile delinquency programs. 3789j. Prohibition on land acquisition. 3789k. Prohibition on use of Central Intelligence Agency services. 3789l. Indian liability waiver. 3789m. District of Columbia matching fund source. 3789n. Limitation on civil justice matters. 3789o. Repealed. 3789p. Accountability and oversight. SUBCHAPTER IX—DEFINITIONS 3791. General provisions. SUBCHAPTER X—FUNDING 3793. Authorization of appropriations. 3793a, 3793b. Repealed. SUBCHAPTER XI—CRIMINAL PENALTIES 3795. Misuse of Federal assistance. 3795a. Falsification or concealment of facts. 3795b. Conspiracy to commit offense against United States. SUBCHAPTER XII—PUBLIC SAFETY OFFICERS’ DEATH BENEFITS
Part A—Death Benefits

3796. Payment of death benefits. 3796a. Limitations on benefits. 3796a–1. National programs for families of public safety officers who have sustained fatal or catastrophic injury in the line of duty. 3796b. Definitions. 3796c. Administrative provisions. 3796c–1. Expedited payment for public safety officers involved in the prevention, investigation, rescue, or recovery efforts related to a terrorist attack. 3796c–2. Funds available for appeals and expenses of representation of hearing examiners.
Part B—Educational Assistance to Dependents of Civilian Federal Law Enforcement Officers Killed or Disabled in Line of Duty

3796d. Purposes. 3796d–1. Basic eligibility. 3796d–2. Applications; approval. 3796d–3. Regulations. 3796d–4. Discontinuation for unsatisfactory conduct or progress. 3796d–5. Special rule. 3796d–6. Definitions. 3796d–7. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER XII–A—REGIONAL INFORMATION SHARING SYSTEMS 3796h. Regional information sharing systems grants. SUBCHAPTER XII–B—GRANTS FOR CLOSED-CIRCUIT TELEVISING OF TESTIMONY OF CHILDREN WHO ARE VICTIMS OF ABUSE 3796aa. Function of Director. 3796aa–1. Description of grant program. 3796aa–2. Applications to receive grants. 3796aa–3. Review of applications. 3796aa–4. Repealed. 3796aa–5. Reports. 3796aa–6. Expenditure of grants; records. 3796aa–7. Repealed. 3796aa–8. Definitions. SUBCHAPTER XII–C—RURAL DRUG ENFORCEMENT 3796bb. Rural drug enforcement assistance. 3796bb–1. Other requirements. SUBCHAPTER XII–D—CRIMINAL CHILD SUPPORT ENFORCEMENT 3796cc. Grant authorization. 3796cc–1. State applications. 3796cc–2. Review of State applications. 3796cc–3. Local applications. 3796cc–4. Distribution of funds. 3796cc–5. Evaluation. 3796cc–6. “Local entity” defined. SUBCHAPTER XII–E—PUBLIC SAFETY AND COMMUNITY POLICING; “COPS ON THE BEAT” 3796dd. Authority to make public safety and community policing grants. 3796dd–1. Applications. 3796dd–2. Renewal of grants. 3796dd–3. Limitation on use of funds. 3796dd–4. Performance evaluation. 3796dd–5. Revocation or suspension of funding. 3796dd–6. Access to documents. 3796dd–7. General regulatory authority. 3796dd–8. Definitions. SUBCHAPTER XII–F—JUVENILE ACCOUNTABILITY BLOCK GRANTS 3796ee. Program authorized. 3796ee–1. Tribal grant program authorized. 3796ee–2. Grant eligibility. 3796ee–3. Allocation and distribution of funds. 3796ee–4. Guidelines. 3796ee–5. Payment requirements. 3796ee–6. Utilization of private sector. 3796ee–7. Administrative provisions. 3796ee–8. Assessment reports. 3796ee–9. Definitions. 3796ee–10. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER XII–G—RESIDENTIAL SUBSTANCE ABUSE TREATMENT FOR STATE PRISONERS 3796ff. Grant authorization. 3796ff–1. State applications. 3796ff–2. Review of State applications. 3796ff–3. Allocation and distribution of funds. 3796ff–4. Evaluation. SUBCHAPTER XII–H—GRANTS TO COMBAT VIOLENT CRIMES AGAINST WOMEN 3796gg. Purpose of program and grants. 3796gg–0. Establishment of Violence Against Women Office. 3796gg–0a. Director of Violence Against Women Office. 3796gg–0b. Duties and functions of Director of Violence Against Women Office. 3796gg–0c. Staff of Violence Against Women Office. 3796gg–0d. Authorization of appropriations. 3796gg–1. State grants. 3796gg–2. Definitions and grant conditions. 3796gg–3. General terms and conditions. 3796gg–4. Rape exam payments. 3796gg–5. Costs for criminal charges and protection orders. 3796gg–6. Legal assistance for victims. 3796gg–7. Education, training, and enhanced services to end violence against and abuse of women with disabilities. 3796gg–8. Polygraph testing prohibition. 3796gg–9. Repealed. 3796gg–10. Grants to Indian tribal governments. 3796gg–11. Tribal Deputy. SUBCHAPTER XII–I—GRANTS TO ENCOURAGE ARREST POLICIES AND ENFORCEMENT OF PROTECTION ORDERS 3796hh. Grants. 3796hh–1. Applications. 3796hh–2. Reports. 3796hh–3. Regulations or guidelines. 3796hh–4. Definitions and grant conditions. 3796hh–5. Repealed. SUBCHAPTER XII–J—MENTAL HEALTH COURTS 3796ii. Grant authority. 3796ii–1. Definitions. 3796ii–2. Administration. 3796ii–3. Applications. 3796ii–4. Federal share. 3796ii–5. Geographic distribution. 3796ii–6. Report. 3796ii–7. Technical assistance, training, and evaluation. SUBCHAPTER XII–K—FAMILY SUPPORT 3796jj. Duties. 3796jj–1. General authorization. 3796jj–2. Uses of funds. 3796jj–3. Applications. 3796jj–4. Award of grants; limitation. 3796jj–5. Discretionary research grants. 3796jj–6. Reports. 3796jj–7. Definitions. SUBCHAPTER XII–L—DNA IDENTIFICATION GRANTS 3796kk. Grant authorization. 3796kk–1. Applications. 3796kk–2. Application requirements. 3796kk–3. Administrative provisions. 3796kk–4. Restrictions on use of funds. 3796kk–5. Reports. 3796kk–6. Expenditure records. SUBCHAPTER XII–M—MATCHING GRANT PROGRAM FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT ARMOR VESTS 3796ll. Program authorized. 3796ll–1. Applications. 3796ll–2. Definitions. 3796ll–3. James Guelff and Chris McCurley Body Armor Act of 2002. SUBCHAPTER XIII—TRANSITION; EFFECTIVE DATE; REPEALER 3797. Continuation of rules, authorities, and proceedings. SUBCHAPTER XIV—MATCHING GRANT PROGRAM FOR SCHOOL SECURITY 3797a. Program authorized. 3797b. Applications. 3797c. Annual report to Congress. 3797d. Definitions. 3797e. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER XV—PAUL COVERDELL FORENSIC SCIENCES IMPROVEMENT GRANTS 3797j. Grant authorization. 3797k. Applications. 3797l. Allocation. 3797m. Use of grants. 3797n. Administrative provisions. 3797o. Reports. SUBCHAPTER XV–A—PROSECUTION DRUG TREATMENT ALTERNATIVE TO PRISON PROGRAM 3797q. Grant authority. 3797q–1. Use of grant funds. 3797q–2. Applications. 3797q–3. Federal share. 3797q–4. Geographic distribution. 3797q–5. Reports and evaluations. 3797q–6. Definitions. SUBCHAPTER XV–B—GRANTS FOR FAMILY-BASED SUBSTANCE ABUSE TREATMENT 3797s. Grants authorized. 3797s–1. Use of grant funds. 3797s–2. Program requirements. 3797s–3. Applications. 3797s–4. Reports. 3797s–5. Authorization of appropriations. 3797s–6. Definitions. SUBCHAPTER XVI—DRUG COURTS 3797u. Grant authority. 3797u–1. Prohibition of participation by violent offenders. 3797u–2. Definition. 3797u–3. Administration. 3797u–4. Applications. 3797u–5. Federal share. 3797u–6. Distribution and allocation. 3797u–7. Report. 3797u–8. Technical assistance, training, and evaluation. SUBCHAPTER XVII—OFFENDER REENTRY AND COMMUNITY SAFETY 3797w. Adult and juvenile offender State and local reentry demonstration projects. 3797w–1. State reentry project evaluation. 3797w–2. State, tribal, and local reentry courts. SUBCHAPTER XVIII—CRIME FREE RURAL STATE GRANTS 3797y. Grant authority. 3797y–1. Use of funds. 3797y–2. Statewide strategic prevention plan. 3797y–3. Requirements. 3797y–4. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER XIX—ADULT AND JUVENILE COLLABORATION PROGRAM GRANTS 3797aa Adult and juvenile collaboration programs. SUBCHAPTER XX—CONFRONTING USE OF METHAMPHETAMINE 3797cc. Authority to make grants to address public safety and methamphetamine manufacturing, sale, and use in hot spots. 3797cc–1. Funding. 3797cc–2. Grants for programs for drug-endangered children. 3797cc–3. Authority to award competitive grants to address methamphetamine use by pregnant and parenting women offenders. SUBCHAPTER XX–A—LOAN REPAYMENT FOR PROSECUTORS AND PUBLIC DEFENDERS 3797cc–21. Grant authorization. SUBCHAPTER XX–B—GRANT PROGRAM TO EVALUATE AND IMPROVE EDUCATIONAL METHODS AT PRISONS, JAILS, AND JUVENILE FACILITIES 3797dd. Grant program to evaluate and improve educational methods at prisons, jails, and juvenile facilities. 3797dd–1. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER XXI—SEX OFFENDER APPREHENSION GRANTS; JUVENILE SEX OFFENDER TREATMENT GRANTS 3797ee. Sex offender apprehension grants. 3797ee–1. Juvenile sex offender treatment grants.

Title I of the Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act of 1968, comprising this chapter, was originally enacted by Pub. L. 90–351, June 19, 1968, 82 Stat. 197, and amended by Pub. L. 91–644, Jan. 2, 1971, 84 Stat. 1880; Pub. L. 93–83, Aug. 6, 1973, 87 Stat. 197; Pub. L. 93–415, Sept. 7, 1974, 88 Stat. 1109; Pub. L. 94–237, Mar. 19, 1976, 90 Stat. 241; Pub. L. 94–273, Apr. 21, 1976, 90 Stat. 375; Pub. L. 94–430, Sept. 29, 1976, 90 Stat. 1346; Pub. L. 94–503, Oct. 15, 1976, 90 Stat. 2407; Pub. L. 95–115, Oct. 3, 1977, 91 Stat. 1048. Such title is shown herein, however, as having been added by Pub. L. 96–157, Dec. 27, 1979, 93 Stat. 1167, without reference to such intervening amendments because of the extensive revision of the title’s provisions by Pub. L. 96–157.


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