Part A—Volunteers in Service to America

4951. Congressional statement of purpose. 4952. Authority to operate VISTA program. 4953. Selection and assignment of volunteers. 4954. Terms and periods of service. 4955. Support services. 4956. Participation of program beneficiaries. 4957. Participation of younger and older persons. 4958. Limitation on funds appropriated for grants and contracts for direct cost of supporting volunteers in programs or projects. 4959. Repealed. 4960. Applications for assistance.
Part B—University Year for VISTA

4971 to 4974. Repealed.
Part C—Special Volunteer Programs

4991. Congressional statement of purpose. 4992. Authority to establish and operate special volunteer and demonstration programs. 4993. Technical and financial assistance. 4994, 4995. Repealed. SUBCHAPTER II—NATIONAL SENIOR SERVICE CORPS 5000. Statement of purpose.
Part A—Retired and Senior Volunteer Program

5001. Grants and contracts for volunteer service projects.
Part B—Foster Grandparent Program

5011. Grants and contracts for individual service projects. 5012. Repealed.
Part C—Senior Companion Program

5013. Grants and contracts for volunteer service projects.
Part D—General Provisions

5021. Promotion of National Senior Service Corps. 5022. Payments; adjustments; advances or reimbursement; installments; conditions. 5023. Minority population participation. 5024. Use of locally generated contributions in National Senior Service Corps. 5025. Programs of national significance. 5026. Adjustments to Federal financial assistance. 5027. Multiyear grants or contracts. 5027a. Acceptance of donations.
Part E—Demonstration Programs

5028. Authority of Director. 5028a. Prohibition. SUBCHAPTER III—NATIONAL VOLUNTEER PROGRAMS TO ASSIST SMALL BUSINESSES AND PROMOTE VOLUNTEER SERVICE BY PERSONS WITH BUSINESS EXPERIENCE 5031, 5032. Repealed. SUBCHAPTER IV—ADMINISTRATION AND COORDINATION 5041, 5042. Repealed. 5043. Political activities. 5044. Special limitations. 5045. Repealed. 5046. Labor standards for federally assisted projects, buildings, and works. 5047. Repealed. 5048. Joint funding; single non-Federal share requirement; grant or contract requirement waiver. 5049. Prohibition of Federal control of educational institution or school system. 5050. Coordination with other programs. 5051. Performance of functions by existing departments or offices rather than new departments or offices. 5052. Suspension and termination of financial assistance; procedures; notice and hearing; emergency situations; refunding applications. 5053. Repealed. 5054. Distribution of benefits between rural and urban areas. 5055. Application of Federal law. 5056. Evaluation of programs and projects. 5057. Nondiscrimination provisions. 5058. Eligibility for other benefits. 5059. Legal expenses. 5060. Repealed. 5061. Definitions. 5062. Audit. 5063. Reduction of paperwork. 5064. Review of project renewals. 5065. Protection against improper use. 5066. Provisions under the National and Community Service Act of 1990. SUBCHAPTER V—AUTHORIZATION OF APPROPRIATIONS 5081. National Volunteer Antipoverty Programs. 5082. National Senior Service Corps. 5083. Repealed. 5084. Administration and coordination. 5085. Availability of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER VI—YOUTHBUILD PROJECTS 5091 to 5091n. Repealed.


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