42 U.S. Code Chapter 71 - SOLAR ENERGY

SUBCHAPTER I—HEATING AND COOLING Sec. 5501. Congressional findings and declaration of policy. 5502. Definitions. 5503. Development and demonstration of solar heating systems for use in residential dwellings. 5504. Development and demonstration of combined solar heating and cooling systems for use in residential dwellings. 5504a, 5505. Repealed or Omitted. 5506. Test procedures and definitive performance criteria for solar heating and combined solar heating and cooling components and systems and suitable dwellings; determination, consultation and publication in Federal Register. 5507. Arrangements with Federal agencies for development and demonstration of solar heating and combined heating and cooling systems for commercial buildings. 5508. Program of applied research by Secretary of Energy for improvement and development of heating systems for commercial application; transmission of results to Secretary and Administrator. 5509. Supervision of systems and programs by Secretary. 5510. Dissemination of information to promote practical use of solar heating and cooling technologies. 5511. Federally assisted or federally constructed housing. 5511a. Solar Assistance Financing Entity. 5512. Small business concerns’ opportunities to participate in programs. 5513. Priorities and criteria of demonstration programs. 5514. Regulations. 5515. Use of publicly assisted housing by Secretary in demonstrations. 5516. Transfer of functions. 5517. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER II—RESEARCH, DEVELOPMENT, AND DEMONSTRATION 5551. Congressional declaration of findings and policy. 5552. Definitions. 5553. Solar Energy Coordination and Management Project. 5554. Solar energy resource determination and assessment program; objectives; implementation. 5555. Research and development program. 5556. Solar energy demonstration facilities program. 5556a. Solar photovoltaic energy systems studies and acquisitions by Secretary of Energy; scope, contents, and submission dates for reports; acquisition authority and requirements; authorization of appropriations. 5557. Solar Energy Information Data Bank. 5558. Scientific and technical education programs. 5559. Solar Energy Research Institute; establishment; functions; location. 5560. International cooperation in solar energy research and programs of education. 5561. Regulations. 5562. Summary in annual report. 5563. Project information to Congressional committees. 5564. Comprehensive program definition; preparation; utilization of and consultation with other agencies; transmittal to the President and Congress; time of transmittal. 5565. Transfer of functions. 5566. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER III—SOLAR PHOTOVOLTAIC ENERGY RESEARCH, DEVELOPMENT AND DEMONSTRATION 5581. Congressional findings and declaration of policy. 5582. Definitions. 5583. Establishment and promotion of research, development, and demonstration programs. 5584. Federal assistance application procedures; selection of applicants; agreements; financial assistance; observation and monitoring of photovoltaic systems; reports; projects and activities. 5585. Contracts, grants and arrangements. 5586. Test procedures and performance criteria. 5587. Supervision of research, development, and demonstration programs. 5588. Solar Photovoltaic Energy Advisory Committee. 5589. Promotion and facilitation of practical use of photovoltaic energy. 5590. Submittal to Congressional committees of plan for demonstrating applications of photovoltaic systems and facilitating use in other nations; encouragement of international participation and cooperation; coordination and consistency of plan and international activities with similar activities and programs. 5591. Participation of small business concerns. 5592. Priorities. 5593. Construction with National Energy Conservation Policy Act. 5594. Authorization of appropriations.


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