SUBCHAPTER I—GENERALLY Sec. 5601. Findings. 5602. Purposes. 5603. Definitions. SUBCHAPTER II—PROGRAMS AND OFFICES
Part A—Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Office

5611. Establishment. 5612. Personnel. 5613. Voluntary and uncompensated services. 5614. Concentration of Federal efforts. 5615. Joint funding; non-Federal share requirements. 5616. Coordinating Council on Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention. 5617. Annual report. 5618, 5619. Repealed.
Part B—Federal Assistance for State and Local Programs

5631. Authority to make grants and contracts. 5632. Allocation of funds. 5633. State plans. 5634 to 5639. Repealed.
Part C—Juvenile Delinquency Prevention Block Grant Program

5651. Authority to make grants. 5652. Allocation. 5653. Eligibility of States. 5654. Grants for local projects. 5655. Eligibility of entities. 5656. Grants to Indian tribes.
Part D—Research; Evaluation; Technical Assistance; Training

5661. Research and evaluation; statistical analyses; information dissemination. 5662. Training and technical assistance.
Part E—Developing, Testing, and Demonstrating Promising New Initiatives and Programs

5665. Grants and projects. 5666. Grants for technical assistance. 5667. Eligibility. 5668. Reports.
Part F—General and Administrative Provisions

5671. Authorization of appropriations. 5672. Administrative authority. 5673. Withholding. 5674. Use of funds. 5675. Payments. 5676. Confidentiality of program records. 5677. Limitations on use of funds. 5678. Rules of construction. 5679. Leasing surplus Federal property. 5680. Issuance of rules. 5681. Content of materials. SUBCHAPTER III—RUNAWAY AND HOMELESS YOUTH 5701. Findings. 5702. Promulgation of rules.
Part A—Basic Center Grant Program

5711. Authority to make grants. 5712. Eligibility; plan requirements. 5712a to 5712d. Repealed. 5713. Approval of applications. 5714. Grants to private entities; staffing.
Part B—Transitional Living Grant Program

5714–1. Authority for program. 5714–2. Eligibility.
Part C—National Communications System

5714–11. Authority to make grants.
Part D—Coordinating, Training, Research, and Other Activities

5714–21. Coordination. 5714–22. Grants for technical assistance and training. 5714–23. Authority to make grants for research, evaluation, demonstration, and service projects. 5714–24. Demonstration projects to provide services to youth in rural areas. 5714–25. Periodic estimate of incidence and prevalence of youth homelessness.
Part E—Sexual Abuse Prevention Program

5714–41. Authority to make grants.
Part F—General Provisions

5714a. Assistance to potential grantees. 5714b. Lease of surplus Federal facilities for use as runaway and homeless youth centers or as transitional living youth shelter facilities. 5715. Reports. 5716. Federal and non-Federal share; methods of payment. 5731. Restrictions on disclosure and transfer. 5731a. Consolidated review of applications. 5732. Evaluation and information. 5732–1. Performance standards. 5732a. Definitions. 5733. Repealed. 5741. Repealed. 5751. Authorization of appropriations. 5752. Restriction on use of funds. SUBCHAPTER IV—MISSING CHILDREN 5771. Findings. 5772. Definitions. 5773. Duties and functions of the Administrator. 5774. Repealed. 5775. Grants. 5776. Criteria for grants. 5776a. Oversight and accountability. 5777. Authorization of appropriations. 5778. Repealed. 5779. Reporting requirement. 5780. State requirements. 5780a. Authority of Inspectors General. SUBCHAPTER V—INCENTIVE GRANTS FOR LOCAL DELINQUENCY PREVENTION PROGRAMS 5781. Definition. 5782. Duties and functions of the Administrator. 5783. Grants for delinquency prevention programs. 5784. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER VI—PUBLIC OUTREACH
Part A—AMBER Alert

5791. National coordination of AMBER Alert communications network. 5791a. Minimum standards for issuance and dissemination of alerts through AMBER Alert communications network. 5791b. Grant program for notification and communications systems along highways for recovery of abducted children. 5791c. Grant program for support of AMBER Alert communications plans. 5791d. Limitation on liability.
Part B—Missing Children Procedures in Public Buildings

5792. Definitions. 5792a. Procedures in public buildings regarding a missing or lost child.


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