42 U.S. Code Chapter 77 - ENERGY CONSERVATION

Sec. 6201. Congressional statement of purpose. 6202. Definitions. SUBCHAPTER I—DOMESTIC SUPPLY AVAILABILITY
Part A—Domestic Supply

6211. Repealed. 6212. Domestic use of energy supplies and related materials and equipment. 6213. Certain lease bidding arrangements prohibited. 6214. Repealed. 6215. Major fuel burning stationary source. 6216. Annual Home Heating Readiness Reports. 6217. Scientific inventory of oil and gas reserves.
Part B—Strategic Petroleum Reserve

6231. Congressional finding and declaration of policy. 6232. Definitions. 6233. Repealed. 6234. Strategic Petroleum Reserve. 6235 to 6238. Repealed. 6239. Development, operation, and maintenance of the Reserve. 6240. Petroleum products for storage, transport, or exchange. 6241. Drawdown and sale of petroleum products. 6242. Coordination with import quota system. 6243. Records and accounts. 6244. Repealed. 6245. Annual report. 6246. Authorization of appropriations. 6247. SPR Petroleum Account. 6247a. Use of underutilized facilities. 6247b. Purchase of oil from marginal wells.
Part C—Authority To Contract for Petroleum Product Not Owned by United States

6249. Contracting for petroleum product and facilities. 6249a. Implementation. 6249b. Repealed. 6249c. Contracts for which implementing legislation is needed.
Part D—Northeast Home Heating Oil Reserve

6250. Establishment. 6250a. Authority. 6250b. Conditions for release; plan. 6250c. Northeast Home Heating Oil Reserve Account. 6250d. Exemptions. 6250e. Repealed. 6250f. Limit on amount of petroleum distillate.
Part E—Expiration

Part A—General Emergency Authorities

6261 to 6264. Repealed.
Part B—Authorities With Respect to International Energy Program

6271. International oil allocations. 6272. International voluntary agreements. 6273. Advisory committees. 6274. Exchange of information with International Energy Agency. 6275. Relationship between standby emergency authorities and international energy program. 6276. Domestic renewable energy industry and related service industries.
Part C—Summer Fill and Fuel Budgeting Programs

6283. Summer fill and fuel budgeting programs.
Part D—Expiration

Part A—Energy Conservation Program for Consumer Products Other Than Automobiles

6291. Definitions. 6292. Coverage. 6293. Test procedures. 6294. Labeling. 6294a. Energy Star program. 6295. Energy conservation standards. 6296. Requirements of manufacturers. 6297. Effect on other law. 6298. Rules. 6299. Authority to obtain information. 6300. Exports. 6301. Imports. 6302. Prohibited acts. 6303. Enforcement. 6304. Injunctive enforcement. 6305. Citizen suits. 6306. Administrative procedure and judicial review. 6307. Consumer education. 6308. Annual report. 6309. Authorization of appropriations.
Part A–1—Certain Industrial Equipment

6311. Definitions. 6312. Purposes and coverage. 6313. Standards. 6314. Test procedures. 6315. Labeling. 6316. Administration, penalties, enforcement, and preemption. 6317. Energy conservation standards for high-intensity discharge lamps, distribution transformers, and small electric motors.
Part B—State Energy Conservation Plans

6321. Congressional findings and declaration of purpose. 6322. State energy conservation plans. 6323. Federal assistance to States. 6323a. Matching State contributions. 6324. State energy efficiency goals. 6325. General provisions. 6326. Definitions. 6327. Repealed.
Part C—Industrial Energy Efficiency

6341. Definitions. 6342. Survey and Registry. 6343. Waste energy recovery incentive grant program. 6344. Additional incentives for recovery, use, and prevention of industrial waste energy. 6345. Clean Energy Application Centers. 6346, 6347. Repealed or Omitted. 6348. Energy efficiency in industrial facilities. 6349. Process-oriented industrial energy efficiency. 6350. Industrial insulation and audit guidelines. 6351. Coordination of research and development of energy efficient technologies for industry.
Part D—Other Federal Energy Conservation Measures

6361. Federal energy conservation programs. 6362. Energy conservation policies and practices. 6363. Federal actions with respect to recycled oil.
Part E—Energy Conservation Program for Schools and Hospitals

6371. Definitions. 6371a. Guidelines. 6371b. Preliminary energy audits and energy audits. 6371c. State plans. 6371d. Applications for financial assistance. 6371e. Grants for project costs and technical assistance. 6371f. Authorization of appropriations. 6371g. Allocation of grants. 6371h. Administration; detailed description in annual report. 6371h–1. Energy sustainability and efficiency grants and loans for institutions. 6371i. Records. 6371j. Application of sections 3141–3144, 3146, and 3147 of title 40.
Part F—Energy Conservation Program for Buildings Owned by Units of Local Government and Public Care Institutions

6372. Definitions. 6372a. Guidelines. 6372b. Preliminary energy audits and energy audits. 6372c. State plans. 6372d. Applications for grants for technical assistance. 6372e. Grants for technical assistance. 6372f. Authorization of appropriations. 6372g. Allocation of grants. 6372h. Administration; detailed description in annual report. 6372i. Records.
Part G—Off-Highway Motor Vehicles

6373. Off-highway motor vehicles.
Part H—Encouraging Use of Alternative Fuels

6374. Alternative fuel use by light duty Federal vehicles. 6374a. Alternative fuels truck commercial application program. 6374b. Alternative fuels bus program. 6374c. Omitted. 6374d. Studies and reports. 6374e. Federal fleet conservation requirements. SUBCHAPTER IV—GENERAL PROVISIONS
Part A—Energy Data Base and Energy Information

6381. Verification examinations. 6382. Powers and duties of Comptroller General. 6383. Accounting practices. 6384. Enforcement. 6385. Petroleum product information.
Part B—General Provisions

6391. Prohibited actions. 6392. Repealed. 6393. Administrative procedure and judicial review. 6394. Prohibited acts. 6395. Enforcement. 6396. State laws or programs. 6397. Repealed. 6398. Authorization of appropriations. 6399. Intrastate natural gas. 6400. Limitation on loan guarantees. 6401. Repealed.
Part C—Congressional Review

6421. Procedure for Congressional review of Presidential requests to implement certain authorities. 6422. Expedited procedure for Congressional consideration of certain authorities.


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