SUBCHAPTER I—LOCAL PUBLIC WORKS Sec. 6701. Definitions. 6702. Direct grants; Federal share. 6703. Grants supplementing Federal contributions under other Federal laws; Federal share. 6704. Grants providing State or local contributions required under State or local law. 6705. Limitations on use of grants. 6706. Implementing rules, regulations, and procedures; criteria; employment of disabled and Vietnam-era veterans; determination of applications for grants. 6707. Priority and amounts of projects. 6708. Wage standards for laborers and mechanics; enforcement. 6709. Sex discrimination; prohibition; enforcement. 6710. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER II—ANTIRECESSION PROVISIONS 6721. Congressional findings of fact and declaration of policy. 6722. Financial assistance. 6723. Allocation of amounts. 6724. Uses of payments. 6725. Statement of assurances as prerequisite for payments; rules governing time and manner of filing; contents of statement. 6726. Repealed. 6727. Nondiscrimination. 6728. Wage standards for laborers and mechanics; enforcement. 6729. Reports to Secretary by States and local governments; contents. 6730. Payments. 6731. Economization by State and local governments; statement of assurances, etc., required. 6732. Withholding of payments for failure to comply with statement of assurances; procedures applicable. 6733. Repealed. 6734. Administration; rules; authorization of appropriations. 6735. Program studies and recommendations; evaluation; countercyclical study. 6736. Authorization of appropriations for Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa, and Virgin Islands.


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