42 U.S. Code Chapter 82 - SOLID WASTE DISPOSAL

SUBCHAPTER I—GENERAL PROVISIONS Sec. 6901. Congressional findings. 6901a. Congressional findings: used oil recycling. 6902. Objectives and national policy. 6903. Definitions. 6904. Governmental cooperation. 6905. Application of chapter and integration with other Acts. 6906. Financial disclosure. 6907. Solid waste management information and guidelines. 6908. Small town environmental planning. 6908a. Agreements with Indian tribes. SUBCHAPTER II—OFFICE OF SOLID WASTE; AUTHORITIES OF THE ADMINISTRATOR 6911. Office of Solid Waste and Interagency Coordinating Committee. 6911a. Assistant Administrator of Environmental Protection Agency; appointment, etc. 6912. Authorities of Administrator. 6913. Resource Recovery and Conservation Panels. 6914. Grants for discarded tire disposal. 6914a. Labeling of lubricating oil. 6914b. Degradable plastic ring carriers; definitions. 6914b–1. Regulation of plastic ring carriers. 6915. Annual report. 6916. General authorization. 6917. Office of Ombudsman. SUBCHAPTER III—HAZARDOUS WASTE MANAGEMENT 6921. Identification and listing of hazardous waste. 6922. Standards applicable to generators of hazardous waste. 6923. Standards applicable to transporters of hazardous waste. 6924. Standards applicable to owners and operators of hazardous waste treatment, storage, and disposal facilities. 6925. Permits for treatment, storage, or disposal of hazardous waste. 6926. Authorized State hazardous waste programs. 6927. Inspections. 6928. Federal enforcement. 6929. Retention of State authority. 6930. Effective date. 6931. Authorization of assistance to States. 6932. Transferred. 6933. Hazardous waste site inventory. 6934. Monitoring, analysis, and testing. 6935. Restrictions on recycled oil. 6936. Expansion during interim status. 6937. Inventory of Federal agency hazardous waste facilities. 6938. Export of hazardous wastes. 6939. Domestic sewage. 6939a. Exposure information and health assessments. 6939b. Interim control of hazardous waste injection. 6939c. Mixed waste inventory reports and plan. 6939d. Public vessels. 6939e. Federally owned treatment works. 6939f. Long-term storage. 6939g. Hazardous waste electronic manifest system. SUBCHAPTER IV—STATE OR REGIONAL SOLID WASTE PLANS 6941. Objectives of subchapter. 6941a. Energy and materials conservation and recovery; Congressional findings. 6942. Federal guidelines for plans. 6943. Requirements for approval of plans. 6944. Criteria for sanitary landfills; sanitary landfills required for all disposal. 6945. Upgrading of open dumps. 6946. Procedure for development and implementation of State plan. 6947. Approval of State plan; Federal assistance. 6948. Federal assistance. 6949. Rural communities assistance. 6949a. Adequacy of certain guidelines and criteria. SUBCHAPTER V—DUTIES OF SECRETARY OF COMMERCE IN RESOURCE AND RECOVERY 6951. Functions. 6952. Development of specifications for secondary materials. 6953. Development of markets for recovered materials. 6954. Technology promotion. 6955. Marketing policies, establishment; nondiscrimination requirement. 6956. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER VI—FEDERAL RESPONSIBILITIES 6961. Application of Federal, State, and local law to Federal facilities. 6962. Federal procurement. 6963. Cooperation with Environmental Protection Agency. 6964. Applicability of solid waste disposal guidelines to Executive agencies. 6965. Chief Financial Officer report. 6966. Increased use of recovered mineral component in federally funded projects involving procurement of cement or concrete. 6966a. Increased use of recovered mineral component in federally funded projects involving procurement of cement or concrete. 6966b. Use of granular mine tailings. SUBCHAPTER VII—MISCELLANEOUS PROVISIONS 6971. Employee protection. 6972. Citizen suits. 6973. Imminent hazard. 6974. Petition for regulations; public participation. 6975. Separability. 6976. Judicial review. 6977. Grants or contracts for training projects. 6978. Payments. 6979. Labor standards. 6979a. Transferred. 6979b. Law enforcement authority. SUBCHAPTER VIII—RESEARCH, DEVELOPMENT, DEMONSTRATION, AND INFORMATION 6981. Research, demonstration, training, and other activities. 6982. Special studies; plans for research, development, and demonstrations. 6983. Coordination, collection, and dissemination of information. 6984. Full-scale demonstration facilities. 6985. Special study and demonstration projects on recovery of useful energy and materials. 6986. Grants for resource recovery systems and improved solid waste disposal facilities. 6987. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER IX—REGULATION OF UNDERGROUND STORAGE TANKS 6991. Definitions and exemptions. 6991a. Notification. 6991b. Release detection, prevention, and correction regulations. 6991c. Approval of State programs. 6991d. Inspections, monitoring, testing, and corrective action. 6991e. Federal enforcement. 6991f. Federal facilities. 6991g. State authority. 6991h. Study of underground storage tanks. 6991i. Operator training. 6991j. Use of funds for release prevention and compliance. 6991k. Delivery prohibition. 6991l. Tanks on tribal lands. 6991m. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER X—DEMONSTRATION MEDICAL WASTE TRACKING PROGRAM 6992. Scope of demonstration program for medical waste. 6992a. Listing of medical wastes. 6992b. Tracking of medical waste. 6992c. Inspections. 6992d. Enforcement. 6992e. Federal facilities. 6992f. Relationship to State law. 6992g. Repealed. 6992h. Health impacts report. 6992i. General provisions. 6992j. Effective date. 6992k. Authorization of appropriations.


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