42 U.S. Code Chapter 84 - DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY

Sec. 7101. Definitions. SUBCHAPTER I—DECLARATION OF FINDINGS AND PURPOSES 7111. Congressional findings. 7112. Congressional declaration of purpose. 7113. Relationship with States. SUBCHAPTER II—ESTABLISHMENT OF DEPARTMENT 7131. Establishment. 7132. Principal officers. 7133. Assistant Secretaries; appointment and confirmation; identification of responsibilities. 7134. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission; compensation of Chairman and members. 7135. Energy Information Administration. 7135a. Delegation by Secretary of Energy of energy research, etc., functions to Administrator of Energy Information Administration; prohibition against required delegation; utilization of capabilities by Secretary. 7136. Economic Regulatory Administration; appointment of Administrator; compensation; qualifications; functions. 7137. Functions of Comptroller General. 7138. Repealed. 7139. Office of Science; establishment; appointment of Director; compensation; duties. 7140. Leasing Liaison Committee; establishment; composition. 7141. Office of Minority Economic Impact. 7142. National Atomic Museum and National Atomic Testing Museum. 7142a. Designation of American Museum of Science and Energy. 7142b. Authority. 7142c. Museum volunteers. 7142d. Definitions. 7143. Repealed. 7144. Establishment of policy for National Nuclear Security Administration. 7144a. Establishment of security, counterintelligence, and intelligence policies. 7144b. Office of Counterintelligence. 7144c. Office of Intelligence. 7144d. Office of Arctic Energy. 7144e. Office of Indian Energy Policy and Programs. SUBCHAPTER III—TRANSFERS OF FUNCTIONS 7151. General transfers. 7151a. Jurisdiction over matters transferred from Energy Research and Development Administration. 7152. Transfers from Department of the Interior. 7153. Administration of leasing transfers. 7154. Transfers from Department of Housing and Urban Development. 7155. Repealed. 7156. Transfers from Department of the Navy. 7156a. Repealed. 7157. Transfers from Department of Commerce. 7158. Naval reactor and military application programs. 7159. Transfer to Department of Transportation. SUBCHAPTER IV—FEDERAL ENERGY REGULATORY COMMISSION 7171. Appointment and administration. 7172. Jurisdiction of Commission. 7173. Initiation of rulemaking procedures before Commission. 7174. Referral of other rulemaking proceedings to Commission. 7175. Right of Secretary to intervene in Commission proceedings. 7176. Reorganization. 7177. Access to information. 7178. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission fees and annual charges. SUBCHAPTER V—ADMINISTRATIVE PROCEDURES AND JUDICIAL REVIEW 7191. Procedures for issuance of rules, regulations, or orders. 7192. Judicial review. 7193. Remedial orders. 7194. Requests for adjustments. 7195. Report to Congress; contents. SUBCHAPTER VI—ADMINISTRATIVE PROVISIONS
Part A—Conflict of Interest Provisions

7211 to 7218. Repealed.
Part B—Personnel Provisions

7231. Officers and employees. 7232. Senior positions. 7233. Experts and consultants. 7234. Advisory committees. 7235. Armed services personnel. 7236. Transferred. 7237. Priority placement, job placement, retraining, and counseling programs for United States Department of Energy employees affected by reduction in force. 7238. Temporary appointments for scientific and technical experts in Department of Energy research and development programs. 7239. Transferred.
Part C—General Administrative Provisions

7251. General authority. 7252. Delegation. 7253. Reorganization. 7254. Rules and regulations. 7255. Subpoena. 7256. Contracts, leases, etc., with public agencies and private organizations and persons. 7256a, 7256b. Transferred. 7257. Acquisition, construction, etc., of laboratories, research and testing sites, etc. 7257a to 7257c. Transferred. 7257d. Expanded research by Secretary of Energy. 7258. Facilities construction. 7259. Use of facilities. 7259a. Activities of Department of Energy facilities. 7260. Field offices. 7261. Acquisition of copyrights, patents, etc. 7261a. Protection of sensitive technical information. 7261b. Technology transfer to small businesses. 7261c. Technology partnerships ombudsman. 7262. Repealed. 7263. Capital fund. 7264. Seal of Department. 7265. Regional Energy Advisory Boards. 7266. Designation of conservation officers. 7267. Annual report. 7268. Leasing report. 7269. Transfer of funds. 7269a. Repealed. 7269b. Transfer of unexpended appropriation balances. 7269c. Funding for Department of Energy activities not included in Fossil Energy account. 7270. Authorization of appropriations. 7270a. Guards for Strategic Petroleum Reserve facilities. 7270b. Trespass on Strategic Petroleum Reserve facilities. 7270c. Annual assessment and report on vulnerability of facilities to terrorist attack. 7271 to 7273a. Transferred or Repealed. 7273b. Security investigations. 7273c. Transferred. 7274. Environmental impact statements relating to defense facilities of Department of Energy. 7274a to 7274d. Transferred. 7274e. Scholarship and fellowship program for environmental restoration and waste management. 7274f. Transferred. 7274g. Environmental restoration and waste management five-year plan and budget reports. 7274h to 7274k. Transferred or Repealed. 7274l. Authority to transfer certain Department of Energy property. 7274m to 7274s. Transferred. 7275. Definitions. 7276. Regulations to require integrated resource planning. 7276a. Technical assistance. 7276b. Integrated resource plans. 7276c. Miscellaneous provisions. 7276d. Property protection program for power marketing administrations. 7276e. Provision of rewards. 7276f. Western Area Power Administration; deposit and availability of discretionary offsetting collections. 7276g. Western Area Power Administration; deposit and availability of funds related to Falcon and Amistad Dams. 7277. Report concerning review of United States coal imports. 7278. Availability of appropriations for Department of Energy for transportation, uniforms, security, and price support and loan guarantee programs; transfer of funds; acceptance of contributions. 7279. Identification in budget materials of amounts for certain Department of Energy pension obligations. 7279a. Future-years energy program annual submission and budgeting. SUBCHAPTER VII—TRANSITIONAL, SAVINGS, AND CONFORMING PROVISIONS 7291. Transfer and allocations of appropriations and personnel. 7292. Effect on personnel. 7293. Agency terminations. 7294. Incidental transfers. 7295. Savings provisions. 7296. Separability. 7297. Cross references. 7298. Presidential authority. 7299. Transition. 7300. Report to Congress; effect on personnel. 7301. Environmental impact statements. SUBCHAPTER VIII—ENERGY PLANNING 7321. National Energy Policy Plan. 7322. Congressional review. SUBCHAPTER IX—EFFECTIVE DATE AND INTERIM APPOINTMENTS 7341. Effective date. 7342. Interim appointments. SUBCHAPTER X—SUNSET PROVISIONS 7351. Submission of comprehensive review. 7352. Contents of review. SUBCHAPTER XI—ENERGY TARGETS 7361 to 7364. Repealed. SUBCHAPTER XII—RENEWABLE ENERGY INITIATIVES 7371. Statement of purpose. 7372. “Secretary” and “renewable energy resource” defined. 7373. Coordinated dissemination of information on renewable energy resources and conservation. 7374. Energy self-sufficiency initiatives. 7375. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER XIII—DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY SCIENCE EDUCATION PROGRAMS 7381. Findings and purposes.
Part A—Science Education Enhancement

7381a. Science education programs. 7381b. Laboratory cooperative science centers and other authorized education activities. 7381c. Education partnerships. 7381c–1. Partnerships with historically Black colleges and universities, Hispanic-serving institutions, and tribal colleges. 7381d. Definitions. 7381e. Authorization of appropriations.
Part B—Science, Engineering, and Mathematics Education Programs

7381g. Definitions.
subpart 1—[repealed]

7381h. Repealed.
subpart 2—[repealed]

7381j. Repealed.
subpart 3—national laboratories centers of excellence in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education

7381l. National Laboratories Centers of Excellence in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics education.
subpart 4—summer institutes

7381n. Summer institutes.
subpart 5—[repealed]

7381p. Repealed.
subpart 6—administration

7381r. Mentoring program. SUBCHAPTER XIV—ALBERT EINSTEIN DISTINGUISHED EDUCATOR FELLOWSHIPS 7382. Findings. 7382a Purpose; designation. 7382b. Definitions. 7382c. Fellowship Program. 7382d. Fellowship awards. 7382e. Waste management education research consortium (WERC). 7382f. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER XV—MATTERS RELATING TO SAFEGUARDS, SECURITY, AND COUNTERINTELLIGENCE 7383. Commission on Safeguards, Security, and Counterintelligence at Department of Energy Facilities. 7383a to 7383d. Transferred. 7383e. Annual report by the President on espionage by the People’s Republic of China. 7383f to 7383h–1. Transferred. 7383i. Definitions of national laboratory and nuclear weapons production facility. 7383j. Definition of Restricted Data. SUBCHAPTER XVI—ENERGY EMPLOYEES OCCUPATIONAL ILLNESS COMPENSATION PROGRAM 7384. Findings; sense of Congress.
Part A—Establishment of Compensation Program and Compensation Fund

7384d. Establishment of Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program. 7384e. Establishment of Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Fund. 7384f. Legislative proposal. 7384g. Authorization of appropriations.
Part B—Program Administration

7384l. Definitions for program administration. 7384m. Expansion of list of beryllium vendors. 7384n. Exposure in the performance of duty. 7384o. Advisory Board on Radiation and Worker Health. 7384p. Responsibilities of Secretary of Health and Human Services. 7384q. Designation of additional members of special exposure cohort. 7384r. Separate treatment of chronic silicosis. 7384s. Compensation and benefits to be provided. 7384t. Medical benefits. 7384u. Separate treatment of certain uranium employees. 7384v. Assistance for claimants and potential claimants. 7384w. Subpoenas; oaths; examination of witnesses. 7384w–1. Completion of site profiles.
Part C—Treatment, Coordination, and Forfeiture of Compensation and Benefits

7385. Offset for certain payments. 7385a. Subrogation of the United States. 7385b. Payment in full settlement of claims. 7385c. Exclusivity of remedy against the United States and against contractors and subcontractors. 7385d. Election of remedy for beryllium employees and atomic weapons employees. 7385e. Certification of treatment of payments under other laws. 7385f. Claims not assignable or transferable; choice of remedies. 7385g. Attorney fees. 7385h. Certain claims not affected by awards of damages. 7385i. Forfeiture of benefits by convicted felons. 7385j. Coordination with other Federal radiation compensation laws. 7385j–1. Social Security earnings information. 7385j–2. Recovery and waiver of overpayments.
Part D—Assistance in State Workers’ Compensation Proceedings

7385o. Repealed.
Part E—Contractor Employee Compensation

7385s. Definitions. 7385s–1. Compensation to be provided. 7385s–2. Compensation schedule for contractor employees. 7385s–3. Compensation schedule for survivors. 7385s–4. Determinations regarding contraction of covered illnesses. 7385s–5. Applicability to certain uranium employees. 7385s–6. Administrative and judicial review. 7385s–7. Physicians services. 7385s–8. Medical benefits. 7385s–9. Attorney fees. 7385s–10. Administrative matters. 7385s–11. Coordination of benefits with respect to State workers compensation. 7385s–12. Maximum aggregate compensation. 7385s–13. Funding of administrative costs. 7385s–14. Payment of compensation and benefits from compensation fund. 7385s–15. Office of Ombudsman. SUBCHAPTER XVII—[Repealed] 7386 to 7386k. Transferred.


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