42 U.S. Code Chapter 8 - LOW-INCOME HOUSING

Sec. 1401 to 1404. Omitted. 1404a. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; right to sue; expenses. 1405, 1406. Omitted. 1406a. Expenses of management and operation of transferred projects as nonadministrative; payment. 1406b. Expenses of uncompensated advisers serving United States Housing Authority away from home. 1406c to 1433. Omitted or Repealed. 1434. Records; contents; examination and audit. 1435. Access to books, documents, etc., for purpose of audit. 1436. Repealed. 1436a. Restriction on use of assisted housing by non-resident aliens. 1436b. Financial assistance in impacted areas. 1436c. Insurance for public housing agencies and Indian housing authorities. 1436d. Consultation with affected areas in settlement of litigation. SUBCHAPTER I—GENERAL PROGRAM OF ASSISTED HOUSING 1437. Declaration of policy and public housing agency organization. 1437a. Rental payments. 1437a–1. Repealed. 1437b. Loans and commitments to make loans for low-income housing projects. 1437c. Contributions for low-income housing projects. 1437c–1. Public housing agency plans. 1437d. Contract provisions and requirements; loans and annual contributions. 1437e. Designated housing for elderly and disabled families. 1437f. Low-income housing assistance. 1437g. Public housing Capital and Operating Funds. 1437h. Implementation of provisions by Secretary. 1437i. Obligations of public housing agencies; contestability; full faith and credit of United States pledged as security; tax exemption. 1437j. Labor standards and community service requirement. 1437j–1. Repealed. 1437k. Consortia, joint ventures, affiliates, and subsidiaries of public housing agencies. 1437l. Repealed. 1437m. Payment of non-Federal share. 1437n. Eligibility for assisted housing. 1437o. Repealed. 1437p. Demolition and disposition of public housing. 1437q. Financing limitations. 1437r. Public housing resident management. 1437s. Public housing homeownership and management opportunities. 1437t. Authority to convert public housing to vouchers. 1437u. Family Self-Sufficiency program. 1437v. Demolition, site revitalization, replacement housing, and tenant-based assistance grants for projects. 1437w. Transfer of management of certain housing to independent manager at request of residents. 1437x. Environmental reviews. 1437y. Provision of information to law enforcement and other agencies. 1437z. Exchange of information with law enforcement agencies. 1437z–1. Civil money penalties against section 1437f owners. 1437z–2. Public housing mortgages and security interests. 1437z–3. Pet ownership in public housing. 1437z–4. Resident homeownership programs. 1437z–5. Required conversion of distressed public housing to tenant-based assistance. 1437z–6. Services for public and Indian housing residents. 1437z–7. Mixed-finance public housing. 1437z–8. Collection of information on tenants in tax credit projects. SUBCHAPTER II—ASSISTED HOUSING FOR INDIANS AND ALASKA NATIVES 1437aa to 1437ee. Repealed. 1437ff. Transferred. SUBCHAPTER II–A—HOPE FOR PUBLIC HOUSING HOMEOWNERSHIP 1437aaa. Program authority. 1437aaa–1. Planning grants. 1437aaa–2. Implementation grants. 1437aaa–3. Homeownership program requirements. 1437aaa–4. Other program requirements. 1437aaa–5. Definitions. 1437aaa–6. Relationship to other homeownership opportunities. 1437aaa–7. Limitation on selection criteria. 1437aaa–8. Annual report. SUBCHAPTER II–B—HOME RULE FLEXIBLE GRANT DEMONSTRATION 1437bbb. Purpose. 1437bbb–1. Flexible grant program. 1437bbb–2. Program allocation and covered housing assistance. 1437bbb–3. Applicability of requirements under programs for covered housing assistance. 1437bbb–4. Program requirements. 1437bbb–5. Application. 1437bbb–6. Training. 1437bbb–7. Accountability. 1437bbb–8. Definitions. 1437bbb–9. Termination and evaluation. SUBCHAPTER III—MISCELLANEOUS PROVISIONS 1438. Repealed. 1439. Local housing assistance plan. 1440. State housing finance and development agencies.


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