SUBCHAPTER I—GENERAL PROVISIONS Sec. 1441. Congressional declaration of national housing policy. 1441a. National housing goals. 1441b. Plan for elimination of all substandard housing and realization of national housing goal; report by President to Congress. 1441c. Omitted. 1442. Repealed. 1443. Provisions as controlling over other laws. 1444. Separability. 1445, 1446. Repealed or Transferred. SUBCHAPTER II—SLUM CLEARANCE AND URBAN RENEWAL
Part A—Urban Renewal Projects, Demolition Programs, and Code Enforcement Programs

1450 to 1452b. Omitted or Repealed. 1452c. Nullification of right of redemption of single family mortgagors under rehabilitation loan program. 1453. Omitted. 1453a. Administrative priority for applications relating to activities in areas affected by base closings. 1454 to 1468a. Omitted or Repealed.
Part B—Neighborhood Development Programs

1469 to 1469c. Omitted. SUBCHAPTER III—FARM HOUSING 1471. Financial assistance by Secretary of Agriculture. 1472. Loans for housing and buildings on adequate farms. 1473. Loans for housing and buildings on potentially adequate farms; conditions and terms. 1474. Loans and grants for repairs or improvements of rural dwellings. 1474a. Security for direct or insured rural housing loans to farmer applicants. 1475. Loan payment moratorium and foreclosure procedures. 1476. Buildings and repairs. 1477. Preferences for veterans and families of deceased servicemen. 1478. Local committees to assist Secretary. 1479. General powers of Secretary. 1480. Administrative powers of Secretary. 1481. Issuance of notes and obligations for loan funds; amount; limitation; security; form and denomination; interest; purchase and sale by Treasury; public debt transaction. 1482. Repealed. 1483. Program levels and authorizations. 1484. Insurance of loans for housing and related facilities for domestic farm labor. 1485. Housing and related facilities for elderly persons and families or other persons and families of low income. 1486. Financial assistance to provide low-rent housing for domestic farm labor. 1487. Rural Housing Insurance Fund. 1488. Repealed. 1489. Transfer of excess funds out of Rural Housing Insurance Fund. 1490. “Rural” and “rural area” defined. 1490a. Loans to provide occupant owned, rental, and cooperative housing for low and moderate income, elderly or handicapped persons or families. 1490b. Housing for rural trainees. 1490c. Mutual and self-help housing. 1490d. Loans to nonprofit organizations to provide building sites for eligible families, nonprofit organizations, public agencies, and cooperatives; interest rates; factors determinative in making loan. 1490e. Programs of technical and supervisory assistance for low-income individuals and families in rural areas. 1490f. Loans and insurance of loans for condominium housing in rural areas. 1490g. Repealed. 1490h. Taxation of property held by Secretary. 1490i. Repealed. 1490j. Conditions on rent increases in projects receiving assistance under other provisions of law. 1490k. FHA insurance. 1490l. Processing of applications. 1490m. Housing preservation grants. 1490n. Review of rules and regulations. 1490o. Reciprocity in approval of housing subdivisions among Federal agencies. 1490p. Accountability. 1490p–1. Office of Rural Housing Preservation. 1490p–2. Loan guarantees for multifamily rental housing in rural areas. 1490q. Disaster assistance. 1490r. Rural housing voucher program. 1490s. Enforcement provisions. 1490t. Indian tribes.


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