SUBCHAPTER I—GENERAL PROVISIONS Sec. 8301. Findings; statement of purposes. 8302. Definitions. 8303. Territorial application. SUBCHAPTER II—NEW FACILITIES
Part A—Prohibitions

8311. Coal capability of new electric powerplants; certification of compliance. 8312. Repealed.
Part B—Exemptions

8321. Temporary exemptions. 8322. Permanent exemptions. 8323. General requirements for exemptions. 8324. Terms and conditions; compliance plans. SUBCHAPTER III—EXISTING FACILITIES
Part A—Prohibitions

8341. Existing electric powerplants. 8342. Repealed. 8343. Rules relating to case-by-case and category prohibitions.
Part B—Exemptions

8351. Temporary exemptions. 8352. Permanent exemptions. 8353. General requirements for exemptions. 8354. Terms and conditions; compliance plans. SUBCHAPTER IV—ADDITIONAL PROHIBITIONS; EMERGENCY AUTHORITIES 8371, 8372. Repealed 8373. Conservation in Federal facilities, contracts, and financial assistance programs. 8374. Emergency authorities. 8375. Repealed. SUBCHAPTER V—SYSTEM COMPLIANCE OPTION 8391. Repealed. SUBCHAPTER VI—FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE 8401. Assistance to areas impacted by increased coal or uranium production. 8401a. “Local government” defined. 8402. Loans to assist powerplant acquisitions of air pollution control equipment. SUBCHAPTER VII—ADMINISTRATION AND ENFORCEMENT
Part A—Procedures

8411. Administrative procedures. 8412. Judicial review.
Part B—Information and Reporting

8421. Information. 8422. Compliance report.
Part C—Enforcement

8431. Notice of violation; other general provisions. 8432. Criminal penalties. 8433. Civil penalties. 8434. Injunctions and other equitable relief. 8435. Citizens suits.
Part D—Preservation of Contractual Rights

8441. Preservation of contractual interest.
Part E—Studies

8451. National coal policy study. 8452. Repealed. 8453. Impact on employees. 8454. Study of compliance problem of small electric utility systems. 8455. Repealed. 8456. Socioeconomic impacts of increased coal production and other energy development. 8457. Use of petroleum and natural gas in combustors.
Part F—Appropriations Authorization

8461. Authorization of appropriations.
Part G—Coordination With Other Provisions of Law

8471. Effect on environmental requirements. 8472. Effect of orders under section 792 of title 15. 8473. Environmental impact statements under section 4332 of this title. SUBCHAPTER VIII—MISCELLANEOUS PROVISIONS 8481, 8482. Repealed. 8483. Submission of reports. 8484. Electric utility conservation plan.


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