Sec. 1501. Cooperation between departments; definitions; limitation of projects. 1502. Initiation and development of projects; jurisdiction; acquisition of property; fees of architects, engineers, etc. 1502a. Repealed. 1503. Development of projects by Secretary; financial assistance to public housing agencies. 1504. Rental rates; exemption from limitations of United States Housing Act of 1937. 1505. Funds of Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. 1506. Administration of utilities and utility services; granting of easements. 1507. Omitted. SUBCHAPTER II—DEFENSE HOUSING 1521. Omitted. 1522. Definitions; actions to recover developed property. 1523. Omitted. 1524. Declaration of policy; disposal of housing. SUBCHAPTER III—DEFENSE PUBLIC WORKS 1531 to 1536. Omitted. SUBCHAPTER IV—GENERAL PROVISIONS AFFECTING SUBCHAPTERS II TO VII 1541. Omitted. 1542. Transfer of funds from other Federal agencies to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. 1543. Omitted. 1544. Power of Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to manage, convey, etc., housing properties. 1545. Omitted. 1546. Payment of annual sums to local authorities in lieu of taxes. 1547. Preservation of local civil and criminal jurisdiction and civil rights. 1548. Rules and regulations; standards of safety, convenience, and health. 1549. Laborers and mechanics; wages; preference in employment. 1550. Separability. 1551. Repealed. 1552. Powers of certain agencies designated to provide temporary shelter. 1553. Removal by Secretary of certain housing of temporary character; exceptions for local communities; report to Congress. SUBCHAPTER V—DEFENSE HOUSING AND PUBLIC WORKS FOR DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA 1561 to 1563. Omitted. 1564. Definitions. SUBCHAPTER VI—HOUSING FOR DISTRESSED FAMILIES OF SERVICEMEN AND VETERANS 1571 to 1576. Omitted or Repealed. SUBCHAPTER VII—DISPOSAL OF WAR AND VETERANS’ HOUSING 1581. Housing disposition. 1582. Temporary housing exempted from provisions of section 1553 of this title. 1583. Redetermination of demountable housing as temporary or permanent. 1584. Removal of all dwelling structures on land under Secretary’s control; temporary housing exempted; preference in fulfilling vacancies. 1585. Acquisition of housing sites. 1586. Sale of specific housing projects. 1587. Disposition of other permanent war housing. 1588. Sale of vacant land to local housing authorities; sale of personal property. 1589. Conveyance of land and nondwelling structures thereon to States for National Guard purposes. 1589a. Extension by President of dates for disposal and other actions relating to housing under this subchapter. 1589b. Establishment of income limitations for occupancy of housing; effect on prior tenants. 1589c. Transfer of certain housing to Indians. 1589d. Undisposed housing. 1590. Definitions. SUBCHAPTER VIII—CRITICAL DEFENSE HOUSING AREAS 1591. Determination of critical areas by President; requisite conditions. 1591a. Construction by private enterprise. 1591b. Community facilities or services by local agencies. 1591c. Expiration date; exception. 1591d. Powers as cumulative and additional. SUBCHAPTER IX—DEFENSE HOUSING AND COMMUNITY FACILITIES AND SERVICES 1592. Authority of Secretary. 1592a. Construction of housing. 1592b. Maximum construction costs; determinations by Secretary in certain condemnation proceedings. 1592c. Loans or grants for community facilities or services; conditions; maximum amounts; annual adjustments. 1592d. Secretary’s powers with respect to housing, facilities, and services. 1592e. Interagency transfers of property; application of rules and regulations. 1592f. Preservation of local civil and criminal jurisdiction, and civil rights; jurisdiction of State courts. 1592g. Payment of annual sums to local authorities in lieu of taxes. 1592h. Conditions and requirements as to contracts; utilization of existing facilities; disposition of facilities constructed by United States. 1592i. Laborers and mechanics. 1592j. Disposition of moneys derived from rentals, operation, and disposition of property. 1592k. Determination of fair rentals and classes of occupants by Secretary. 1592l. Authorization of appropriations. 1592m. Transfer of functions and funds in certain cases. 1592n. Definitions. 1592o. Powers of Surgeon General of Public Health Service. SUBCHAPTER X—DEVELOPMENT SITES FOR ISOLATED DEFENSE INSTALLATIONS 1593 to 1593d. Repealed. 1593e. Housing of persons displaced by acquisition of property for defense installations or industries. SUBCHAPTER XI—HOUSING FOR MILITARY PERSONNEL 1594. Contracts for construction. 1594a. Acquisition of military housing financed under Armed Services Housing Mortgage Insurance Fund and rental housing at military bases. 1594a–1, 1594a–2. Repealed. 1594b. Maintenance and operation of housing; use of quarters; payment of principal, interest, and other obligations. 1594c. Services of architects and engineers; use of appropriations; acquisition of sites. 1594d. Appropriations; use of quarters allowances. 1594e. Definitions. 1594f. Net floor area limitations. 1594g to 1594k. Repealed.


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