43 U.S. Code § 975, 975a - Repealed.

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Section 975, acts Mar. 12, 1914, ch. 37, § 1,38 Stat. 305; Apr. 10, 1926, ch. 114, 44 Stat. 239; Aug. 4, 1955, ch. 554, 69 Stat. 494; Nov. 1, 1978, Pub. L. 95–565, § 4(a), 92 Stat. 2399; Oct. 10, 1980, Pub. L. 96–423, § 15, 94 Stat. 1817, related to location, construction, and operation of Alaska Railroad and powers and duties of President in connection therewith, and security officers. Section was comprised of first and second paragraphs of section 1 of act Mar. 12, 1914. The first paragraph was included in the Act as originally enacted in 1914 and the second paragraph was added in 1980 by Pub. L. 96–423. Amendment of section 1 of act Mar. 12, 1914, by act Mar. 29, 1940, ch. 74, 54 Stat. 80, relating to Mount McKinley National Park, and providing for accommodations for visitors and residents, was set out as section 353a of Title 16, Conservation. Section was formerly classified to section 301 of Title 48, Territories and Insular Possessions.
Section 975a, act Mar. 12, 1914, ch. 37, § 1,38 Stat. 307, related to telegraph and telephone lines in Alaska. Section was comprised of original second paragraph of section 1 of act Mar. 12, 1914. Section was formerly classified to section 302 of Title 48.
Effective Date of Repeal

Repeal effective on date of transfer of Alaska Railroad to State [Jan. 5, 1985], pursuant to section 1203 of Title 45, Railroads, see section 615(a) ofPub. L. 97–468.
Rental of Alaska Railroad Lands; Report to Congress

Pub. L. 95–611, § 6,Nov. 8, 1978, 92 Stat. 3090, authorized the Secretary of Transportation to conduct an investigation and study to determine equitable rates to be charged for the rental of Alaska Railroad lands, required submission by the Secretary of a report on the results of such study to the Congress not later than one year after Nov. 8, 1978, and provided that, prior to 180 days after the receipt by Congress of such report, rental charges on lands rented by the Alaska Railroad were not to be increased by more than 100 per centum of the amount charged for such land on Jan. 1, 1977.

Act Mar. 12, 1914, ch. 37, § 2,38 Stat. 307, which provided that the cost of the work authorized by sections 975 to 975g should not exceed $35,000,000, and that in executing the authority granted by those sections the President should not expend nor obligate the United States to expend more than that sum, and also appropriated the sum of $1,000,000 to be used for carrying out the provisions of those sections, to continue available until expended, was repealed by section 615(a)(1) ofPub. L. 97–468.


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