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SUBCHAPTER I—GENERAL PROVISIONS Sec. 371. Definitions. 372. Water right as appurtenant to land and extent of right. 373. General authority of Secretary of the Interior. 373a. Commissioner of Reclamation; appointment. 373a–1. Repealed. 373b. Law enforcement authority at Bureau of Reclamation facilities. 373c. Definitions. 373d. Grants and cooperative agreements with Indian tribes and organizations. 373e. Bureau of Reclamation site security. 374. Sale of lands acquired in connection with irrigation project. 375. Sale of land improved at expense of reclamation fund. 375a. Sale under sections 374 and 375 of lands appraised at not exceeding $300. 375b. Disposal of tracts too small to be classed farm units. 375c. Sales of small tracts to resident farm owners and entrymen; price; terms; acreage purchasable. 375d. Issuance of patent for small tracts; reservations. 375e. Moneys from sale of small tracts covered into reclamation fund; credit. 375f. Rules and regulations. 376. Return of land donations not needed. 377. General expenses of Bureau of Reclamation chargeable to general reclamation fund. 377a. Limitation on use of funds where organizations or individuals are in arrears on contract charges. 377b. Availability of appropriations for Bureau of Reclamation. 378. Omitted. 379. Purchase of scientific books, law books, etc. 380 to 382. Repealed or Omitted. 383. Vested rights and State laws unaffected. 384. Extension of time for payment of charges accrued prior to March 2, 1924, and January 1, 1925. 385. Repealed. 385a. Payments to school districts for education of dependents of construction personnel; cooperative arrangements; chargeable to project. 385b, 385c. Repealed or Omitted. 386. Application of excess-land provisions of reclamation laws to certain lands. 387. Removal of sand, gravel, etc.; leases, easements, etc. 388. Contracts for materials; liability of United States. 389. Relocation of highways, railroads, transmission lines, etc., exchange of water, water rights or electric energy. 390. Utilization of dams and reservoir projects for irrigation purposes; additional construction; necessity of authorization; apportionment of cost; limitation. 390a. Repealed. 390b. Development of water supplies for domestic, municipal, industrial, and other purposes. 390c. Water reservoirs; interests of States and local agencies in storage space. 390d. Dams and reservoirs wherein costs thereof, or rights thereto, have been acquired by local interests. 390e. Rights, acquisition and availability of; obligation for operation and maintenance; costs for reconstruction, rehabilitation, or replacement; use during Government operation or by contract. 390f. Revision of leases or agreements to evidence conversion of rights to use of storage rights. 390g. Groundwater recharge of aquifers; demonstration program. 390g–1. Phase I of groundwater recharge demonstration program. 390g–2. Phase II of groundwater recharge demonstration program. 390g–3. Evaluation of water quality impacts. 390g–4. Authorization of appropriations to carry out phase I. 390g–5. Authorization of appropriations to carry out phase II. 390g–6. Matching basis for funding phase II from non-Federal sources. 390g–7. New spending authority. 390g–8. Interstate transfer of water from Arkansas. 390h. Program to investigate reclamation and reuse of wastewater and groundwater; general authority. 390h–1. Appraisal investigations. 390h–2. Feasibility studies. 390h–3. Research and demonstration projects. 390h–4. Southern California comprehensive water reclamation and reuse study. 390h–5. San Jose area water reclamation and reuse program. 390h–6. Phoenix metropolitan water reclamation study and program. 390h–7. Tucson area water reclamation study. 390h–8. Lake Cheraw water reclamation and reuse study. 390h–9. San Francisco area water reclamation study. 390h–10. San Diego area water reclamation program. 390h–11. Los Angeles area water reclamation and reuse project. 390h–12. San Gabriel basin demonstration project. 390h–12a. North San Diego County Area Water Recycling Project. 390h–12b. Calleguas Municipal Water District Recycling Project. 390h–12c. Central Valley Water Recycling Project. 390h–12d. St. George Area Water Recycling Project. 390h–12e. Watsonville Area Water Recycling Project. 390h–12f. Southern Nevada Water Recycling Project. 390h–12g. Albuquerque Metropolitan Area Water Reclamation and Reuse Project. 390h–12h. El Paso Water Reclamation and Reuse Project. 390h–12i. Reclaimed water in Pasadena. 390h–12j. Orange County Regional Water Reclamation Project. 390h–12k. City of West Jordan Water Reuse Project. 390h–12l. Hi-Desert Water District in Yucca Valley, California wastewater collection and reuse facility. 390h–12m. Mission Basin Brackish Groundwater Desalting Demonstration Project. 390h–12n. Treatment of effluent from sanitation districts of Los Angeles County through city of Long Beach. 390h–12o. San Joaquin Area Water Recycling and Reuse Project. 390h–12p. Tooele Wastewater Treatment and Reuse Project. 390h–13. Authorization of appropriations. 390h–14. Groundwater study. 390h–15. Authorization of appropriations. 390h–16. Willow Lake Natural Treatment System Project. 390h–17. Lakehaven, Washington, Water Reclamation and Reuse Project. 390h–17a. Transferred. 390h–18. Irvine basin groundwater and surface water improvement projects. 390h–19. Williamson County, Texas, water recycling and reuse project. 390h–20. Hawaii reclamation projects. 390h–21. Inland Empire regional water recycling project. 390h–22. Cucamonga Valley water recycling project. 390h–23. Southern California desert region integrated water and economic sustainability plan. 390h–24. Eastern Municipal Water District recycled water system pressurization and expansion project, California. 390h–25. Mountain View, Moffett Area reclaimed water pipeline project. 390h–26. Pittsburg recycled water project. 390h–27. Antioch recycled water project. 390h–28. North Coast County Water District recycled water project. 390h–29. Redwood City recycled water project. 390h–30. South Santa Clara County recycled water project. 390h–31. South Bay advanced recycled water treatment facility. 390h–32. Rancho California Water District project, California. 390h–33. Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District projects, California. 390h–34. North Bay Water Reuse Program. 390h–35. Prado Basin natural treatment system project. 390h–36. Lower Chino Dairy Area desalination demonstration and reclamation project. 390h–37. Oxnard, California, water reclamation, reuse, and treatment project. 390h–38. Yucaipa Valley regional water supply renewal project. 390h–39. City of Corona Water Utility, California, water recycling and reuse project. SUBCHAPTER I–A—RECLAMATION REFORM 390aa. Congressional declaration of purpose; short title. 390bb. Definitions. 390cc. New or amended contracts. 390dd. Limitation on ownership. 390ee. Pricing. 390ff. Certification of compliance. 390gg. Equivalency. 390hh. Operation and maintenance charges. 390ii. Disposition of excess lands. 390jj. Water conservation. 390kk. Residency not required. 390ll. Corps of Engineers projects. 390mm. Repayment of construction charges. 390nn. Trusts. 390oo. Temporary supplies of water. 390pp. Involuntary foreclosure. 390qq. Isolated tracts. 390rr. Central Arizona Project. 390ss. Religious or charitable organizations. 390tt. Contract required. 390uu. Waiver of sovereign immunity. 390vv. Excess crop restrictions. 390ww. Administrative provisions. 390xx. Validation of contracts entered into prior to October 1, 1981. 390yy. Leasing requirements. 390zz. Reporting. 390zz–1. Severability. SUBCHAPTER II—RECLAMATION FUND GENERALLY 391. Establishment of “reclamation fund”. 391a. Advances to reclamation fund. 391a–1. Increase in reclamation fund; reimbursement of advances from Treasury. 391b. Omitted. 392. Payments into reclamation fund of moneys received from entrymen and water right applicants. 392a. Payment into reclamation fund of receipts from irrigation projects; transfer of power revenues to General Treasury after repayment of construction costs. 393. Proceeds from sale of materials, etc. 394. Proceeds from sale of products of or leases of withdrawn or reserved lands. 395. Contributions by State, municipality, etc. 396. Return of contributions to cooperative investigations of projects. 397. Advances by Government for completion of projects initiated prior to June 25, 1910. 397a. Advances for operation and maintenance of projects. 398. Sales of Government certificates to obtain funds for advances. 399. Omitted. 400. Advances as item of cost of construction and maintenance of project. 401. Amounts collected from defaulting contractors and their sureties. 402 to 404. Omitted or Repealed. SUBCHAPTER II–A—RECLAMATION WATER SETTLEMENTS FUND 407. Reclamation Water Settlements Fund. SUBCHAPTER III—INSTITUTION AND CONSTRUCTION OF PROJECTS 411. Surveys for, location, and construction of irrigation works generally. 411a. Repealed. 411a–1. Authorization of appropriations for investigations of feasibility of reclamation projects. 411b. Employment of engineers, geologists, appraisers and economists for reclamation consultation work; compensation; retired Army and Navy officers as consulting engineers. 412. Prerequisites to initiation of project or division of project. 413. Approval of project by President. 414. Appropriation for projects essential. 415. Receipts applicable to project generally. 416. Laws applicable to withdrawn lands; restoration to entry. 417. Reservation of easements in public lands for reclamation projects. 418. Private lands within project; agreement as to disposal of excess over farm unit. 419. Contract for irrigation project; notice as to lands irrigable, unit of entry, and construction charges. 420. Use of earth, timber, etc., from other public lands. 421. Acquisition of lands for irrigation project; eminent domain. 421a. Construction of distribution and drainage systems by irrigation districts or public agencies. 421b. Loans for construction of distribution and drainage systems; repayment contract; time period for repayment of loan; “irrigation district or other public agency” defined. 421c. Conditions of loan for distribution and drainage systems; reconveyance by Secretary of lands, interests in lands, and distribution works heretofore conveyed to the United States; conditions of reconveyance; rights of way. 421d. Effect on existing laws. 421e. Municipal and industrial water supply delivery and distribution; allocation of loan funds; loan repayment contract requirements; rate of interest. 421f. Existing loan contracts; negotiation by Secretary of amendments. 421g. Existing rights unaffected. 421h. Procedural and substantive requirements applicable to works financed by loans pursuant to sections 421a to 421h of this title. 422. Construction of dams across Yellowstone River. SUBCHAPTER IV—CONSTRUCTION OF SMALL PROJECTS 422a. Declaration of purpose. 422b. Definitions. 422c. Proposals; submission; payment for cost of examination. 422d. Contents of proposals. 422e. Contract requirements. 422f. Proposals for projects previously authorized; waiver of requirements; approval; negotiation of contract. 422g. Information from Federal agencies; costs. 422h. Planning and construction; transfer of funds. 422i. Rules and regulations. 422j. Appropriations; notice to Congress of receipt of proposal; funds to initiate proposal; availability of appropriations; reimbursement; limitations on expenditures in any single State; waiver. 422k. Supplement to Federal reclamation laws; short title. 422k–1. Loan contracts for deferment of repayment installments; amendment or supplementation. 422l. Application of this subchapter to Hawaii. SUBCHAPTER V—ADMINISTRATION OF EXISTING PROJECTS 423. Permanently unproductive lands; exclusion from project; disposition of water right. 423a. Construction charges on permanently unproductive lands already paid; disposition. 423b. Suspension of payment of construction charges against areas temporarily unproductive. 423c. Exchange of unpatented entries; entries, farms or private lands, eliminated from project; rights not assignable; rights of lienholders; preference to ex-service men. 423d. Amendment of existing water right contracts by Secretary of the Interior. 423e. Completion of new projects or new division; execution of contract with district as condition precedent to delivery of water; contents of contract; cooperation of States with United States; limitations on sale of land. 423f. Purpose of sections 423 to 423g and 610. 423g. Adjustment of water right charges as final adjudication on projects and divisions named. 423h. Delivery of water to excess lands upon death of spouse. 424. Disposal of lands classified as temporarily or permanently unproductive; persons who may take. 424a. Sale of unproductive lands; terms; area purchasable; tracts included. 424b. Application of certain statutes to lands sold. 424c. Issuance of patents; recitals in patents; reservations. 424d. Use of moneys collected from sales, project construction charges and water rentals respecting unproductive lands. 424e. Authority of Secretary of the Interior; rules and regulations. 425. Exemption of lands owned by States, etc., from acreage limitation on receipt of irrigation benefits; determination of exempt status. 425a. Eligibility of transferred lands owned by States, etc., for receipt of water from a Federal reclamation project, division, or unit; conditions of eligibility; purchase price. 425b. Receipt of project water by lessees of irrigable lands owned by States, etc.; time limitation; applicability of acreage limitations. SUBCHAPTER VI—WATER RIGHT APPLICATIONS AND LAND ENTRIES 431. Limitation as to amount of water; qualifications of applicant. 432. Entry under homestead laws generally. 433. Character and capital qualification of entrymen. 433a. Preference of needy families. 434. Amount of land for which entry may be made; farm unit; subdivision of lands. 435. Entries in excess of farm unit. 436. Time when entry may be made generally. 437. Lands as to which entries made prior to June 25, 1910, have been relinquished. 438. Repealed. 439. Cultivation requirement as to entrymen. 440. Regulations as to use of water and requirements as to cultivation and reclamation of land; cancellation for noncompliance with requirements. 441. Assignment of entries generally. 442. Assignment between June 23, 1910, and January 1, 1913, confirmed. 443. Limitation of amount of land holdable under assignment of entry. 444, 445. Omitted. 446. Right to make entry on relinquishment of former entry under land laws. 447. Relinquishment of homestead entry and making new entry. 448. Desert-land entries within reclamation project generally. 449. Assignment of desert-land entry within project. SUBCHAPTER VII—EXCHANGE AND AMENDMENT OF FARM UNITS 451. Conditions necessary for exchange; terms; credits; rights nonassignable. 451a. Persons eligible for benefits. 451b. Irrigation construction charges. 451c. Cancellation of charges or liens; credits. 451d. Disposal of improvements; water rights; revertibility of relinquished land. 451e. Amendment of farm unit; application; amount of land; exchange; waiver. 451f. Exchanges subject to mortgage contracts. 451g. Preferences; veterans; timely applicants. 451h. Establishment of farm units; size; contiguous or noncontiguous. 451i. “Federal irrigation project” defined. 451j. Rules and regulations. 451k. Availability of appropriations; expenses as nonreimbursable. SUBCHAPTER VIII—TAXATION 455. State taxation; lands of homestead entryman. 455a. State taxation; lands of desert-land entryman. 455b. State tax as lien upon lands; prior lien of United States; rights of holder of tax title. 455c. Extinguishment of liens and tax titles on reversion of lands to United States. SUBCHAPTER IX—CONSTRUCTION CHARGES 461. Determination of construction charges generally. 462. Classification of irrigable lands and equitable apportionment of charges. 463. Repealed. 464. Increases of charges on failure to make water-right application. 465. Charges for water service prior to notice of construction charge. 466. Surveys to correct errors or inequalities in original basis of project. 467. Repealed. 468. Withdrawal of notice given and modification of applications and contracts made prior to February 13, 1911. 469. Increase in construction charges. 470. When work increasing construction charge may be undertaken. 471. Initial payment and annual installments of charges generally. 472. Installments on entries or applications made after August 13, 1914, and prior to December 5, 1924. 473, 474. Repealed. 475. Annual installments on entries and contracts prior to August 13, 1914. 476. Repealed. 477. Association or irrigation district as fiscal agent of Government. 478. Pecuniary penalty for nonpayment of installments of construction charges. 479. Shutting off water for nonpayment of construction charge. 480. Cancellation of water right or entry for nonpayment of construction charge. 481. Action to recover construction charges and penalties. 482. Omitted. SUBCHAPTER X—PAYMENT OF CONSTRUCTION CHARGES 485. Declaration of policy. 485a. Definitions. 485b. Amendment of existing repayment contracts. 485b–1. Deferment of installments under repayment contracts; determination of undue burden; conditions; supplemental contract; report to Congress. 485c. Repealed. 485d. Time of payments to the United States. 485e. Maintenance and operation of project works; delinquency penalties. 485f. Negotiation of equitable contracts by Secretary. 485g. Classification of lands. 485h. New projects; sale of water and electric power; lease of power privileges. 485h–1. Administration of repayment contracts and long-term contracts to furnish water; renewal and conversion; credit for payments; right to available water supply; rates; construction component. 485h–2. Amendments to existing contracts. 485h–3. “Long-term contract” defined. 485h–4. Application of State laws. 485h–5. Supplement to Federal reclamation laws. 485h–6. Repayment contracts; amendment for provision, addition or modification of irrigation blocks. 485h–7. Amendment of repayment contract for payment of annual installments in two parts. 485i. Rules and regulations. 485j. Effect on existing laws. 485k. Short title. SUBCHAPTER XI—MAINTENANCE AND OPERATION OF WORKS GENERALLY 491. Authority of Secretary to operate works. 492. Operation and maintenance charges generally. 493. Operation charges; date of payment; discount; advance payment. 493a. Omitted. 494. Pecuniary penalty for nonpayment of operation charge. 495. Shutting off water for nonpayment of operation charge. 496. Cancellation of entry or water right for nonpayment of operation charge. 497. Action to recover operation charge and penalty. 498. Transfer of management and operation of works to water users generally. 499. Discretionary power to transfer management. 499a. Transfer of title to movable property; use of appropriations. 499b. Transfer to municipal corporations or other organizations of care, operation, and maintenance of works supplying water for municipal, domestic, or industrial use. 500. Duty of association or district to take over management. 501. Disposition of profits of project taken over by water users. 502. Emergency fund to assure continuous operation of projects and project facilities governed by Federal reclamation law. 503. “Unusual or emergency conditions” defined. 504. Rehabilitation and betterment of Federal reclamation projects, including small reclamation projects; return of costs; interest; definitions; performance of work. 505. Drainage facilities and minor construction in irrigation works; contracts with repayment organizations; limitation on costs; submission of contract to Congress. SUBCHAPTER XI–A—RECLAMATION SAFETY OF DAMS 506. Authority of Secretary to make modifications. 507. Construction for dam safety. 508. Costs incurred in the modification of structures. 509. Authorization of appropriations; report to Congress. 509a. Project beneficiaries. SUBCHAPTER XI–B—AGING INFRASTRUCTURE 510. Definitions. 510a. Guidelines and inspection of project facilities and technical assistance to transferred works operating entities. 510b. Extraordinary operation and maintenance work performed by the Secretary. 510c. Relationship to Twenty-First Century Water Works Act. 510d. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER XII—CONTRACTS WITH STATE IRRIGATION DISTRICTS FOR PAYMENT OF CHARGES 511. Authority to contract with irrigation district. 512. Release of Government liens after contract with irrigation districts. 513. Lands in project subject to provisions of chapter; after contract with irrigation district. SUBCHAPTER XIII—SALE OR LEASE OF SURPLUS WATERS, WATER POWER, STORAGE CAPACITY, AND WATER TRANSPORTATION FACILITIES 521. Sale of surplus waters generally. 522. Lease of water power. 523. Storage and transportation of water for irrigation districts, etc. 524. Cooperation with irrigation districts, etc., in construction of reservoirs and canals. 525. Covering proceeds into reclamation fund. 526. Credit of proceeds to particular project. SUBCHAPTER XIV—PATENTS AND FINAL WATER-RIGHT CERTIFICATES 541. When patent or final certificate issued. 542. Reservation of lien for charges; enforcement of lien; redemption. 543. Certificate of final payment and release of lien. 544. Limitation as to holdings prior to final payment of charges; forfeiture of excess holding. 545. Appointment of agents to receive payments; record of payments and amounts owing. 546. Jurisdiction of district court for enforcement of this subchapter. 547. Patent to desert-land entryman. SUBCHAPTER XV—TOWN SITES, PARKS, PLAYGROUNDS, AND SCHOOL SITES 561. Survey and subdivision of land for town sites; reservation for public purposes. 562. Appraisal and sale of town lots. 563. Disposal of town sites set apart prior to June 27, 1906. 564. Reappraisal of town lots for sale. 565. Terms of sale of town lots; installments of price. 566. Maintenance of public reservations and conveyance to municipality. 567. Water rights for towns and cities; charges. 568. Use of reclamation fund for expenses of and disposal of proceeds of sale of town sites. 569. Reservation of land for park, playground, or community center. 569a. Extension of section 569 to tract of land in Idaho. 570. Conveyance of land to school district. 571. Sale of unplatted portions of Government town sites; authorization. 572. Disposition of net proceeds; fixing project construction charges. 573. Expenses of appraisement and sale; rules and regulations. SUBCHAPTER XVI—REFUNDS TO WAR VETERANS 581 to 586. Omitted. SUBCHAPTER XVII—LEGISLATION APPLICABLE TO PARTICULAR PROJECTS GENERALLY 591. Omitted. 591a. Boise project, Idaho; Arrowrock Dam; installment payments of costs of repairs, resurfacing, improvement, etc. 592. Omitted. 593. Flathead irrigation project, Montana. 593a. Construction, operation, and maintenance of Hungry Horse Dam. 593b. Construction of additional works for irrigation purposes. 594. Omitted. 595. King Hill project, Idaho. 596. Omitted. 597. Riverton project, Wyoming. 597a. Easements for Bull Lake Dam and Reservoir. 597b. Compensation for easements. 597c. Reservation of Indians’ right to use lands. 597d. Regulations. 598. Salt River project, Arizona; sale of water power. 599. Omitted. 600. Minidoka project, Idaho; sales of water from American Falls Reservoir. 600a. Arch Hurley Conservancy District project, New Mexico. 600b. Canadian River project, Texas. 600c. Nonreimbursable costs. 600d. Sanford Reservoir recreation facilities; allocation of water, reservoir capacity, or joint project costs of Canadian River project; municipal water use priorities; agreements for operation, maintenance, or additional development of project lands or facilities; disposal of project lands or facilities; nonreimbursable costs; cognizance of effect of fish and wildlife plan. 600e. Authorization of appropriations for public recreation facilities. SUBCHAPTER XVIII—CIBOLO PROJECT, TEXAS 600f to 600f–4. Omitted. SUBCHAPTER XIX—NUECES RIVER PROJECT, TEXAS 600g to 600g–4. Omitted. SUBCHAPTER XX—KLAMATH PROJECT, OREGON-CALIFORNIA 601 to 612. Omitted or Repealed. SUBCHAPTER XXI—GILA PROJECT, ARIZONA 613 to 613e. Omitted. SUBCHAPTER XXII—WASHOE PROJECT, NEVADA-CALIFORNIA 614 to 614d. Omitted. SUBCHAPTER XXIII—WASHITA RIVER BASIN PROJECT, OKLAHOMA 615 to 615e. Omitted. SUBCHAPTER XXIV—CROOKED RIVER PROJECT, OREGON 615f to 615j–1. Omitted. SUBCHAPTER XXV—LITTLE WOOD RIVER PROJECT, IDAHO 615k to 615n. Omitted. SUBCHAPTER XXVI—SAN ANGELO PROJECT, TEXAS 615o to 615r. Omitted. SUBCHAPTER XXVII—SPOKANE VALLEY PROJECT, WASHINGTON AND IDAHO 615s to 615u. Omitted. SUBCHAPTER XXVIII—DALLAS PROJECT, OREGON 615v to 615x. Omitted. SUBCHAPTER XXIX—NORMAN PROJECT, OKLAHOMA 615aa to 615hh. Omitted. SUBCHAPTER XXX—NAVAJO IRRIGATION PROJECT, NEW MEXICO; SAN JUAN-CHAMA PROJECT, COLORADO-NEW MEXICO 615ii to 615zz. Omitted. SUBCHAPTER XXXI—CLOSED BASIN DIVISION; SAN LUIS VALLEY PROJECT, COLORADO 615aaa to 615iii. Omitted. SUBCHAPTER XXXII—BRANTLEY PROJECT, PECOS RIVER BASIN, NEW MEXICO 615jjj to 615ooo. Omitted. SUBCHAPTER XXXIII—SALMON FALLS DIVISION, UPPER SNAKE RIVER PROJECT, IDAHO 615ppp to 615www. Omitted. SUBCHAPTER XXXIV—O’NEILL UNIT, PICK-SLOAN MISSOURI BASIN PROGRAM, NEBRASKA 615xxx to 615cccc. Omitted. SUBCHAPTER XXXV—NORTH LOUP DIVISION, PICK-SLOAN MISSOURI BASIN PROGRAM, NEBRASKA 615dddd to 615jjjj. Omitted. SUBCHAPTER XXXVI—POLECAT BENCH AREA, SHOSHONE EXTENSIONS UNIT, PICK-SLOAN MISSOURI BASIN PROGRAM, WYOMING 615kkkk to 615kkkk–6. Omitted. SUBCHAPTER XXXVII—POLLOCK-HERREID UNIT, PICK-SLOAN MISSOURI BASIN PROGRAM, SOUTH DAKOTA 615llll to 615llll–6. Omitted or Repealed. SUBCHAPTER XXXVIII—FRYINGPAN-ARKANSAS PROJECT, COLORADO 616 to 616f. Omitted. SUBCHAPTER XXXIX—MANN CREEK PROJECT, IDAHO 616g to 616j. Omitted. SUBCHAPTER XL—ARBUCKLE PROJECT, OKLAHOMA 616k to 616s. Omitted. SUBCHAPTER XLI—BAKER PROJECT, OREGON 616t to 616w. Omitted. SUBCHAPTER XLII—DIXIE PROJECT, UTAH 616aa to 616hh. Omitted. SUBCHAPTER XLIII—SAVERY-POT HOOK PROJECT, COLORADO-WYOMING; BOSTWICK PARK AND FRUITLAND MESA PROJECTS, COLORADO 616ii to 616mm. Omitted. SUBCHAPTER XLIV—LOWER TETON DIVISION OF TETON BASIN PROJECT, IDAHO 616nn to 616rr. Omitted. SUBCHAPTER XLV—WHITESTONE COULEE UNIT, CHIEF JOSEPH DAM PROJECT, WASHINGTON 616ss to 616vv–5. Omitted. SUBCHAPTER XLVI—McKAY DAM AND RESERVOIR, UMATILLA PROJECT, OREGON 616ww to 616ww–5. Omitted. SUBCHAPTER XLVII—AUBURN-FOLSOM SOUTH UNIT; SAN FELIPE DIVISION: CENTRAL VALLEY PROJECT, CALIFORNIA 616aaa to 616fff–7. Omitted. SUBCHAPTER XLVIII—SOUTHERN NEVADA PROJECT, NEVADA 616ggg to 616mmm. Omitted. SUBCHAPTER XLIX—TUALATIN PROJECT, OREGON 616nnn to 616sss. Omitted. SUBCHAPTER L—MISSOURI RIVER BASIN PROJECT, SOUTH DAKOTA 616ttt to 616yyy. Omitted. SUBCHAPTER LI—MOUNTAIN PARK PROJECT, OKLAHOMA 616aaaa to 616ffff–2. Omitted. SUBCHAPTER LII—PALMETTO BEND PROJECT, TEXAS 616gggg to 616llll. Omitted. SUBCHAPTER LIII—MERLIN DIVISION; ROGUE RIVER BASIN PROJECT, OREGON 616mmmm to 616ssss. Omitted. SUBCHAPTER LIV—TOUCHET DIVISION; WALLA WALLA PROJECT, OREGON-WASHINGTON 616tttt to 616yyyy. Omitted.


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