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Sec. 931. Navigable rivers as public highways. 931a. Authority of Attorney General to grant easements and rights-of-way to States, etc. 931b. Repealed. 931c. Permits, leases, or easements; authorization to grant; payment; limitation. 931d. Additional authority of department or agency head. 932, 933. Repealed. 934. Right of way through public lands granted to railroads. 935. Several roads through canyons. 936. Condemnation of private land. 937. Filing profile of road; forfeiture of rights. 938. Lands excepted. 939. Alteration, amendment, or repeal. 940. Forfeiture of rights where railroad not constructed in five years after location. 941. Railroad stations on rights of way granted. 942. Omitted. 942–1. Rights of way in Alaska; railroad rights of way; reservations; water transportation connections; State title to submerged lands; Federal repossession as trustee; “navigable waters” defined; posting schedules of rates; changes in rates. 942–2. Rights of several roads through canyons. 942–3. Condemnation of land. 942–4. Filing preliminary survey, map and profile of road. 942–5. Filing map and profile of road section; forfeiture of rights; reversion of grant. 942–6. Rights of way for Alaskan wagon roads, wire rope, aerial, or other tramways; reservations; filing preliminary survey and map of location; alteration, amendment, repeal, or grant of equal rights; forfeiture of rights; reversion of grant; liens. 942–7. Military park, Indian or other reservation. 942–8. Reservation of right of alteration, amendment, or repeal; assignment of right of way. 942–9. Map location of road. 943. Right of way for railroads; reserved lands in Minnesota. 944. Right of way in Oklahoma and Arizona. 945. Reservation in patents of right of way for ditches or canals. 945a. Compensation for rights-of-way for certain reclamation projects. 945b. Jurisdiction; procedure. 946. Right of way to canal ditch companies and irrigation or drainage districts for irrigation or drainage purposes and operation and maintenance of reservoirs, canals, and laterals. 947. Map; damages to settlers. 948. Application to existing and future canals. 949. Use for canal or ditch only. 950. Right of way to canal and ditch companies for irrigation purposes; additional grants. 951. Right of way for water transportation, domestic purposes, or development of power. 952. Reservoir sites for water for livestock. 953. Declaratory statement as to reservoirs. 954. Survey; map of reservoirs. 955. Amendment, alteration, or repeal. 956. Right of way for tramroads, canals, or reservoirs. 957. Right of way to electric power companies. 958. Rights of way for wagon roads or railroads. 959. Rights of way for electrical plants, etc. 961. Rights-of-way through public lands, Indian, and other reservations for power and communications facilities. 962. Right of way in Colorado and Wyoming to pipeline companies. 963. Applications for Colorado and Wyoming pipeline right of way. 964. Limit of time for completion of Colorado and Wyoming pipelines; forfeiture. 965. Restriction on use of Colorado and Wyoming pipeline right of way. 966. Right of way in Arkansas to pipe-line companies. 967. Applications for Arkansas pipeline right of way. 968. Restriction on use of Arkansas pipeline right of way. 969. Forfeiture of Arkansas pipeline right of way for nonuser, etc. 970. Forfeiture of Arkansas pipeline right of way for violation of antitrust law. 971. Bathhouses, hotels, etc., adjacent to mineral, medicinal, etc., springs on public lands. 971a. Alaskan lands within highway, telephone, and pipeline withdrawals; disposal; amendment of land description of claim or entry on adjoining lands. 971b. Sale of restored Alaskan lands; preference rights; consent of Federal agency. 971c. Utilization or occupancy of Alaskan easements; consent of agency. 971d. Effect on valid existing Alaskan rights. 971e. Definition of restored Alaskan lands. 975 to 975g. Repealed.


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