SUBCHAPTER I—PATENTS FOR PRIVATE LAND CLAIMS Sec. 1151 to 1156. Repealed. SUBCHAPTER II—DISPOSITION OF SUSPENDED ENTRIES AND CLAIMS; INVALID AND DEFECTIVE CLAIMS AND PATENTS THEREFOR 1161. “Suspended entries of public lands” and “suspended preemption land claims”. 1162. Adjudications as to suspended entries; approval. 1163. Patents surrendered and new ones issued. 1164. Extent of foregoing provisions. 1165. Suspension of entries for correction of clerical errors; patents. 1166. Limitations of suits to annul patents. 1167. Entries and final proofs, made out of proper district, confirmed. SUBCHAPTER III—SALES OF ISOLATED TRACTS 1171 to 1177. Repealed. SUBCHAPTER IV—TIMBER CULTURE 1181. Repeal of laws. SUBCHAPTER V—OREGON AND CALIFORNIA RAILROAD AND COOS BAY WAGON ROAD GRANT LANDS 1181a. Conservation management by Department of the Interior; permanent forest production; sale of timber; subdivision. 1181b. Cooperative agreements with other agencies or private owners for coordinated administration. 1181c. Repealed. 1181d. Leasing of lands for grazing; disposition of moneys; rules and regulations covering grazing lands. 1181e. Rules and regulations generally; consultation and agreements with other agencies regarding fire regulations. 1181f. Oregon and California land-grant fund; annual distribution of moneys. 1181f–1. Coos Bay Wagon Road grant fund; annual payments; appraisal and assessment of land and timber; computation of payments. 1181f–2. Appraisal of land and timber; manner and frequency; computation of amounts upon basis of last appraisement; deduction of appraisement expenses. 1181f–3. Additional sum from surplus for meeting payments due from insufficient annual receipts; maximum aggregate of decennial payments; covering of excess receipts into general fund of Treasury. 1181f–4. Amount available for administration of Coos Bay Wagon Road grant lands under sections 1181a to 1181f of this title; covering of unused receipts into general fund of Treasury. 1181g. Unselected and unpatented odd-numbered sections as revested grant lands; administration as national-forest lands; revenues; prohibition against disposition or exchange. 1181h. Exchange of jurisdiction between Secretaries; conditions; publication in Federal Register. 1181i. Designation of national-forest areas within counties; disposition of revenues; approval by court. 1181j. Appropriations to carry out sections 1181h and 1181i. SUBCHAPTER VI—DISPOSAL OF MATERIALS ON PUBLIC LANDS 1185 to 1188. Transferred. SUBCHAPTER VII—EVIDENCES OF TITLE 1191 to 1193. Repealed. SUBCHAPTER VIII—INDIAN LANDS 1195. Negotiations for cession of lands. 1196. Classification and appraisement of unallotted and unreserved lands. 1197. Agreements with Indians not affected. 1198. Condemnation of Sioux lands for dam purposes; negotiation of contracts. 1199. Provisions to be included in contracts for condemnation of Sioux lands for dam purposes. 1200. Judicial determination where compensation for condemnation of Sioux lands for dam purposes rejected. 1200a. Preparation of appraisal schedule in determining just compensation for condemnation of Sioux lands for dam purposes; contents; transmittal to tribal representatives. 1200b. Inclusion of other provisions in contracts for condemnation of Sioux lands for dam purposes. 1200c. Submission of contracts and reports covering disagreements on condemnation of Sioux lands for dam purposes; ratification; effect. 1200d. Effect of condemnation of Sioux lands for dam purposes on construction of Fort Randall Dam. 1200e. Authorization of appropriations for relocating certain Sioux tribe members after condemnation of lands for dam purposes; conditions; title to lands acquired. SUBCHAPTER IX—ENFORCEMENT OF PROVISIONS 1201. Power of Secretary or designated officer. SUBCHAPTER X—OATHS IN CERTAIN LAND MATTERS 1211. Elimination of oaths for written statements; discretion of Secretary of the Interior. 1212. Unsworn written statements subject to penalties of presenting false claims. SUBCHAPTER XI—WISCONSIN RIVER AND LAKE LAND TITLES 1221. Issuance of patents; application. 1222. Notice of opening of lands to purchase. 1223. Valid existing rights unaffected. SUBCHAPTER XII—MOVING EXPENSES RESULTING FROM ACQUISITION OF LANDS BY SECRETARY OF THE INTERIOR 1231 to 1234. Repealed. SUBCHAPTER XIII—STATE CONTROL OF NOXIOUS PLANTS ON GOVERNMENT LANDS 1241. Control of noxious plants on Government lands; State programs; terms of entry. 1242. Reimbursement of States for expenses. 1243. Authorization of appropriations.


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