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Sec. 1451. Establishment. 1452. Deputy Secretary of the Interior; appointment. 1453. Assistant Secretaries of the Interior. 1453a. Additional Assistant Secretary of the Interior; appointment; duties; compensation. 1454. Duties of Assistant Secretary and assistant to Secretary. 1455. Solicitor; appointment; duties. 1456. Chief clerk. 1456a. Repealed. 1457. Duties of Secretary. 1457a. Authorization of appropriations for particular programs. 1457b. Use of cooperative agreements. 1458. Secretary to exercise certain powers over Territories. 1459. Expenditures of department. 1460. Copies of records, documents, etc.; charges; disposition of receipts. 1461. Rules and regulations governing inspection and copying. 1462. Attestation of copies by official seal. 1463. Disposition of receipts. 1464. Agents or attorneys representing claimants before department. 1465. Annual reports of department and its bureaus. 1466. Administration of oaths, affirmations, etc., by employees of Division of Investigations; force and effect. 1467. Working capital fund; establishment; uses; reimbursement. 1467a. Working capital fund; credit card refunds or rebates. 1468. Working capital fund; availability for uniforms or allowances therefor. 1469. Employment and compensation of personnel to perform work occasioned by emergencies. 1470. Appropriations; availability for certain administrative expenses. 1471. Appropriations; availability for payment of property damages. 1471a. Availability of appropriations for emergency repair or replacement of damaged or destroyed facilities and equipment. 1471b. Availability of appropriations for suppression and emergency prevention of forest and range fires. 1471c. Availability of appropriations for operation of warehouses, garages, shops, and similar facilities. 1471c–1. Availability of appropriations for operation of warehouses, garages, shops, and similar facilities. 1471d. Availability of appropriations for transportation, reprint, telephone, and library membership expenses. 1471e. Reimbursement of employee license costs and certification fees. 1471f. Availability of appropriations for incremental funding of research work orders for cooperative agreements. 1471g. Availability of appropriations to support Memorial Day and Fourth of July ceremonies and activities in National Capital Region. 1471h. Availability of appropriations for uniforms or allowances. 1471i. Availability of appropriations for services or rentals. 1472. Bureau of Reclamation working capital fund. 1473. Acceptance of contributions from private and public sources by Mineral Management Service. 1473a. Acceptance of contributions by Secretary; cooperation with prosecution of projects. 1473b. Awards for contributions to Department of the Interior programs. 1473c. Payment of costs incidental to services contributed by volunteers. 1473d. Insurance costs covering vehicles, aircraft, and boats operated by Department of the Interior in Canada and Mexico. 1473e. Acceptance of donations and bequests for Natural Resources Library. 1474. Availability of receipts from administrative fees for program operations in Mining Law Administration. 1474a. Emergency Department of the Interior Firefighting Fund; amounts considered “emergency requirements”. 1474b. Natural Resource Damage Assessment and Restoration Fund; availability of assessments. 1474b–1. Transfer of funds from Natural Resource Damage Assessment and Restoration Fund. 1474c. North American Wetlands Conservation Fund; availability of fines or forfeitures. 1474d. Environmental Improvement and Restoration Fund. 1474e. Sums received by the Bureau of Land Management for the sale of seeds. 1474f. Sums received by the Bureau of Land Management from vendors under enterprise information technology-procurements. 1475. Bureau of Reclamation acceptance of services of volunteers. 1475a. Participation of non-Federal entities in contract negotiations and source selection proceedings. 1475b Volunteer authority.


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