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Sec. 1601. Congressional findings and declaration of policy. 1602. Definitions. 1603. Declaration of settlement. 1604. Enrollment. 1605. Alaska Native Fund. 1606. Regional Corporations. 1607. Village Corporations. 1608. Revenue sharing. 1609. Limitation of actions. 1610. Withdrawal of public lands. 1611. Native land selections. 1612. Surveys. 1613. Conveyance of lands. 1613a. ANCSA amendment. 1614. Timber sale contracts; modification; timber from contingency area. 1615. Withdrawal and selection of public lands; funds in lieu of acreage. 1616. Joint Federal-State Land Use Planning Commission for Alaska. 1617. Revocation of Indian allotment authority in Alaska. 1618. Revocation of reserved rights; excepted reserve; acquisition of title to surface and subsurface estates in reserve; election of Village Corporations; restoration of land to Elim Native Corporation. 1619. Attorney and consultant fees. 1620. Taxation. 1621. Miscellaneous provisions. 1622. Annual reports to Congress until 1984; submission in 1985 of report of status of Natives, summary of actions taken, and recommendations. 1623. Authorization of appropriations. 1624. Regulations; issuance; publication in Federal Register. 1625. Securities laws exemption. 1626. Relation to other programs. 1627. Merger of Native corporations. 1628. Assignments by Regional Corporations of rights to receive payments from Fund. 1629. Cape Krusenstern National Monument land exchange between United States and NANA Regional Corporation, Inc. 1629a. Relinquishment by NANA Regional Corporation, Inc., of lands compact and contiguous to public lands in Cape Krusenstern National Monument. 1629b. Procedures for considering amendments and resolutions. 1629c. Duration of alienability restrictions. 1629d. Dissenters rights. 1629e. Settlement Trust option. 1629f. Claims arising from contamination of transferred lands. 1629g. Open season for certain Alaska Native veterans for allotments. 1629h. Kake Tribal Corporation land transfer.


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