SUBCHAPTER I—GENERAL PROVISIONS Sec. 1701. Congressional declaration of policy. 1702. Definitions. 1703. Cooperative action and sharing of resources by Secretaries of the Interior and Agriculture. SUBCHAPTER II—LAND USE PLANNING AND LAND ACQUISITION AND DISPOSITION 1711. Continuing inventory and identification of public lands; preparation and maintenance. 1712. Land use plans. 1713. Sales of public land tracts. 1714. Withdrawals of lands. 1715. Acquisitions of public lands and access over non-Federal lands to National Forest System units. 1716. Exchanges of public lands or interests therein within the National Forest System. 1717. Qualifications of conveyees. 1718. Documents of conveyance; terms, covenants, etc. 1719. Mineral interests; reservation and conveyance requirements and procedures. 1720. Coordination by Secretary of the Interior with State and local governments. 1721. Conveyances of public lands to States, local governments, etc. 1722. Sale of public lands subject to unintentional trespass. 1723. Temporary revocation authority. SUBCHAPTER III—ADMINISTRATION 1731. Bureau of Land Management. 1732. Management of use, occupancy, and development of public lands. 1733. Enforcement authority. 1734. Fees, charges, and commissions. 1734a. Availability of excess fees. 1735. Forfeitures and deposits. 1736. Working capital fund. 1736a. Revolving fund derived from disposal of salvage timber. 1737. Implementation provisions. 1738. Contracts for surveys and resource protection; renewals; funding requirements. 1739. Advisory councils. 1740. Rules and regulations. 1741. Annual reports. 1742. Search, rescue, and protection forces; emergency situations authorizing hiring. 1743. Disclosure of financial interests by officers or employees. 1744. Recordation of mining claims. 1745. Disclaimer of interest in lands. 1746. Correction of conveyance documents. 1747. Loans to States and political subdivisions; purposes; amounts; allocation; terms and conditions; interest rate; security; limitations; forebearance for benefit of borrowers; recordkeeping requirements; discrimination prohibited; deposit of receipts. 1748. Funding requirements. 1748a. FLAME Wildfire Suppression Reserve Funds. 1748b. Cohesive wildfire management strategy. SUBCHAPTER IV—RANGE MANAGEMENT 1751. Grazing fees; feasibility study; contents; submission of report; annual distribution and use of range betterment funds; nature of distributions. 1752. Grazing leases and permits. 1753. Grazing advisory boards. SUBCHAPTER V—RIGHTS-OF-WAY 1761. Grant, issue, or renewal of rights-of-way. 1762. Roads. 1763. Right-of-way corridors; criteria and procedures applicable for designation. 1764. General requirements. 1765. Terms and conditions. 1766. Suspension or termination; grounds; procedures applicable. 1767. Rights-of-way for Federal departments and agencies. 1768. Conveyance of lands covered by right-of-way; terms and conditions. 1769. Existing right-of-way or right-of-use unaffected; exceptions; rights-of-way for railroad and appurtenant communication facilities; applicability of existing terms and conditions. 1770. Applicability of provisions to other Federal laws. 1771. Coordination of applications. SUBCHAPTER VI—DESIGNATED MANAGEMENT AREAS 1781. California Desert Conservation Area. 1781a. Acceptance of donation of certain existing permits or leases. 1782. Bureau of Land Management Wilderness Study. 1783. Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area. 1784. Lands in Alaska; designation as wilderness; management by Bureau of Land Management pending Congressional action. 1785. Fossil Forest Research Natural Area. 1786. Piedras Blancas Historic Light Station. 1787. Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse Outstanding Natural Area.


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